What is chromebook?

Fewer people feel the need for a stationary computer. Today, many people use smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, and those who need a large display to work with text and other tasks choose Chromebooks.


How does a chromebook differ from ordinary laptops?

When searching for a desktop PC or laptop, the choice is limited to two operating systems - Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. However, since 2011, there is a third option - Chrome OS from Google. Chromebooks work on this operating system.

What is Chrome OS?

This is a Linux based distribution with integrated Google services. Many of its functions require an internet connection. In the most primitive sense, Chrome OS is the same Chrome PC browser: everything that is done in it can be done in Chrome OS. Programs designed for Windows or Mac will not run on Chrome OS, unless they have a web version or a mobile counterpart.

In simple terms, Chrome OS is an advanced browser that controls the entire computer. As in Windows, it provides a desktop environment. Some features of Chrome OS are performed without network connections. At the moment there are more than 200 applications for this system that work offline. In addition, many chromabooks have APK support for Android.

What can not do on Chromebook?

Chrome OS-based computer is a compact, inexpensive device designed for a wide range of tasks. Chromebooks have gained immense popularity among Western schoolchildren and students. However, it is worth noting that for some purposes they are not suitable.

First of all, it is gaming. There are Chromebooks with support for Android applications, but mobile and browser games are, perhaps, all the options that digital entertainment lovers can take advantage of. If you hope that by purchasing a Chromebook, you can run the latest PC-shnyi news on it, then you are mistaken. Chromebook for this is not intended.

Chromebooks and various kinds of creatives are not suitable - 3D-modelers, architects, photographers, video editors, etc. They have enough computing power to work with text, in Microsoft Office applications and communicate via Skype, however, they will not be enough to handle 3D graphics. Even to work in Photoshop you will have to change to a stationary computer or look for a mobile editor.

Chrome books do not have high performance (with rare exceptions). Usually their price does not exceed 20 thousand rubles. They use low-power components. In practice, this means that the chromabook will not be able to process 500 browser tabs and perform resource-intensive tasks. Users with modest needs will be satisfied. But if you need to work in Chrome OS with the ability to run applications for Linux, Android and perform complex operations, take a look at Google Pixelbook.

Should I buy a Chromebook?

If your main activity at the computer is Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Internet surfing, chromebook will not disappoint you. He will do everything that you require from him, and the money to buy it will be 2-3 times less than the usual laptop or PC based on Windows. In addition, on it you can run most of your favorite Android applications.

For hardcore gamers, 3D designers and those who work with Mac and Windows applications, a chromebook is definitely not an option.

What are Chromebooks?

Just like Windows computers, Chromebooks come in a variety of form factors. There are models with a large display, and there are compact with a diagonal of 10 inches. Some have a touchscreen and have stylus support. In general, there is something to choose from.

Where to buy chromebook in Russia?

Now you know what a chromebook is and imagine how it fits your needs. Surely you wanted to know where to buy it.

And the snag is that Chromebooks are not officially sold in Russia. In our stores, you are likely to be offered a netbook - a simplified small-sized laptop on Windows. But this is not what is needed.

If you want to purchase a chromebook, visit the official websites of Samsung , HP , Dell, Asus , Acer , Lenovo , Google Store and read their offers. There you will find both detailed characteristics of the models, and delivery terms. This is probably the safest way to purchase a chromebook with a guarantee.

The second option is to use eBay , Amazon, GearBest , AliExpress , etc. trading platforms. They offer both completely new and used devices at a reduced price. In this case, you need to be very careful when choosing a seller.

Chromebooks for sale sometimes appear in regional public and online flea markets. You can search there, but it’s better not to hope for a positive outcome: in Russia, the Chromebooks have not yet gained such popularity as in Western countries.


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