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How to choose a car charger for your phone?

Smartphone users, alas, do not have a sufficiently responsible approach to the choice of car charging - but in vain, because the use of low-quality AMS can even lead to a fire. The article talks about the criteria for the selection of charging and popular models of AMS.

A car charger is a very primitive device consisting of only a few elements and capable of performing only one function: to charge a smartphone from the cigarette lighter when the car engine is running. However, despite the simplicity of car charging for the phone, the choice of this accessory must also be approached very responsibly. A motorist who uses poor-quality memory runs the risk of being out of communication at any time — if the charging fails on a long trip, this will be a real problem for the driver.


How to choose a car charger for a smartphone: the main criteria

First of all, a motorist must decide what he needs: a full car charger or a USB adapter . The adapter is an adapter from a cigarette lighter to a USB cable.

The adapter has a significant drawback: it turns into a completely useless thing if the motorist has forgotten the USB cable at home. Therefore, when contacting the communications salon, it is recommended that the driver take a full-fledged memory device - it costs only slightly more expensive than a USB adapter at retail.

When ordering from China, preference should be given to the USB adapter . You can buy such a “trinket” on GearBest for only 130 rubles.

Among the other criteria for the selection of the ABC include the following:

Current output . To charge smartphones, the current strength of 1 A will suffice, but 2 A will be needed to feed the tablets - this was mentioned in the article devoted to the selection of mains chargers . It is recommended to take the CAM, which gives 2 A - with the help of such an accessory a motorist will be able to recharge both a smartphone and a tablet. You should not worry about the fact that the smartphone will burn from 2 A : modern gadgets are equipped with special charging controllers - with devices that do not allow extra current.

Voltage at the output . There is such a rule: the voltage specified in the specifications of the car charger for the phone should not exceed the value indicated on the battery of the gadget by more than 5%. Otherwise, the AMC will overheat and very soon fail.

The length and type of wire . Experts unanimously advised to take the wire with twisted wire. The likelihood that the twisted wire breaks (and this can cause a fire) is extremely small. In addition, the twisted wire is adjustable in length - a very useful feature, given the diversity of the interior of modern cars.

Fastening wires . It should be ensured that the corrugated sheath was present at the place where the wire exits the adapter. This is what is meant:

The corrugated sheath prevents the wire from breaking at the bend points. The fastening of the wire to the plug must also be protected by it.

Number of ports . This criterion is relevant if the motorist selects a USB adapter. The optimal number of ports is 2 : one with an output current of 2.1 A , and the second with 1 A. A wonderful and inexpensive car adapter with two ports from Remax is sold on the GearBest marketplace :

Buying adapters with a large number of ports is advisable only to those motorists who are heads of large families or simply large families. Otherwise, the driver will senselessly overpay for the accessory, because some ports will stand idle.

Design . The driver should pay attention to the fact that there is no metal ring around the central contact of the CCD.

Since the charging case is made of plastic, the metal ring will sooner or later break loose from the thread and remain in the cigarette lighter of the car. The jammed part is capable of closing the contacts inside the cigarette lighter, and this is fraught with fire. To be fair, it should be noted that metal ring rings are now rarely available for sale, although earlier a significant part of the charge had just such a design.

A useful advantage in terms of design is the presence of an LED, thanks to which the driver can be sure that the AMS is working correctly. This option is sold on AliExpress for only 100 rubles a bit:

If the LED indicator LED is too dim, it indicates a poor connection.

Otherwise, with regard to design, motorists should rely on their own opinions. For example, he may prefer ABC with LED-display , which informs about the state of charge and voltage of the vehicle battery.

However, such an accessory will cost about three times more than a regular adapter.

What to buy: original or Chinese copy?

Buyers of expensive gadgets, as a rule, do not spare money for the best accessories - as long as nothing threatens their new mobile device. Such customers insist that they be provided with original charging, cables and USB adapters, because they believe that universal charging can cause damage to the battery of the device. But are they right?

Rather no than yes . If the iPhone 7 buyer asks to sell him the original AZD, the consultant will probably offer an accessory from Belkin - but not from Apple. By visiting the online store of the official retailer of Apple equipment in Russia Re: Store , the buyer will find in the accessories catalog the APCs of the firms Deppa , MOMAX , Juicies - but there is no charge from Apple again.

On the website of the "apple" company to find the original, too, will not succeed. In fact, this means that Apple does not manufacture its own AZS. Belkin , of course, produces excellent accessories, but in relation to the iPhone, this company is still a third-party manufacturer.

Samsung company on the official website sells only the AMS, which provides fast charging . This accessory is worth more than 1.5 thousand rubles!

Samsung does not produce any other original CAMs.

The user should not close on the search for the original car charger for his gadget - if he finds one, then his price will get his eyes on his forehead. Among the universal AMS (even if made in China) you can find a lot of safe and high-quality accessories that will be even more useful and efficient than the originals. In the next section, we will talk about a few decent options.

Review of the best car chargers for phones

Here are some AMS and USB adapters that motorists should pay attention to:

Anker Power Drive 2 . Charging Anker's Power Drive 2 primarily boasts that it is equipped with the Menas MultiProtect system, which protects the accessory from overheating and over-voltage. The driver will not have to worry about a possible fire and every minute feel the exercises with his hand.

Interesting also technology IQ Power . Thanks to this technology, Anker's AMS recognizes the device and provides exactly such a current that charging is as fast as possible, but does not harm the gadget's battery. The accessory has a very laconic look, is easy to use and is equipped with a small LED that provides additional convenience. The cost of AZU from Anker is about 600 rubles.

Aukey CC-T1 . This option is recommended to consider motorists who own smartphones that support fast charging technology - for example, Samsung Galaxy S7 or YotaPhone 2 . Aukey has 2 ports: one standard, the second Quick Charge .

Charge using a standard port is permissible and a smartphone, and the tablet - the output current is 2.4 A. Included with the adapter is a proprietary USB cable with a Micro USB plug. The cost of the whole set is about 1 thousand rubles.

1byone . Charging 1byone is a great option for those who need a lot of ports and who do not want to pay a huge amount for it. The adapter has 3 USB ports, each of which provides a 2.4 A output current.

The 1byone ACU is also notable for the fact that it is equipped with a special IC chip, thanks to which it is able to determine the connected devices (as well as the accessory from Anker ) and decide what current to apply so that the charging goes as fast as possible. iPhone 6 with 1byone can be charged from 0 to 100% in just 1.5 hours, and iPad Air 2 - in 4 hours. This adapter is worth a little more than 500 rubles.

Unnamed charging with LED screen . The Chinese marketplaces GearBest and AliExpress have already taught their loyal customers to the fact that products of very good quality may not have brands and names. Such a device should be recommended to a motorist who is primarily looking for low cost:

Charging with the simple name Car Charger has two USB ports and delivers up to 3.1 A of power to both. When using one port, the output current is approximately 2 A - therefore, you can successfully recharge tablets and phablets. The LED display shows the temperature of the device and in theory allows the user to prevent overheating. However, for domestic motorists information about the temperature is useless - the Fahrenheit scale is used, which can not be changed to the Celsius scale.

The cost of this “Chinese miracle” is just over 150 rubles.


The driver who chooses the car charger for the gadget, you need to pay attention to the price of the accessory and whether it is original, last . Technical characteristics, as well as a visual inspection of the AMS, will tell the motorist about the quality of the device much more than the manufacturer’s regalia.

You should not refuse to purchase a car adapter just for the reason that it was made by the Chinese. In the review of the best AMS, we mentioned products from China, but the chargers of the dinosaur of the market of mobile accessories - the American firm Belkin - were ignored. Belkin puts a price tag of 1.5–2 thousand rubles on its charges - although neither by the technical characteristics nor the quality of the assembly, the accessories of this company do not exceed the Chinese counterparts worth 200-300 rubles.

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  • I just in case I bought the car and the device and turn the bank on Avito. Found an ad where there was not only a reasonable price, but when buying a set, the discount was 50%. I could not refuse, especially since everything was new and in packages. Now I am prepared not only for traveling in the car, but also on the train, plane, etc.

  • I bought a stock on Avito Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It cost 600 rubles, and took for 350. By God, for this you can give more. For a long time he toiled with adapters, loaded the cigarette lighter, and to sense - in 10 minutes only 5 percent of the charge would run. Now charges all devices with more than 1A at the entrance. I am glad that does not heat up much.

  • I use charging power drive 2, it is here in the list of charge. Immediately drew attention to it, even in past review articles. I liked the fact that it has two connectors and automatic voltage control. We don’t need fires) It is indicated that it costs about 600 rubles. I bought it through Avito for 470 rubles in a completely new condition. They sent it to me on the boxberry. Even gave a look to pay. Charging is excellent, charges quickly, came, as well as possible.

  • Want to charge your smartphone quickly? No car charger can do this. All of them give a current of no more than 500 m / ah, but you need 3-4 times more. From a network of 220 volts will be much faster. Therefore, I chose the "AUTO INVERTER 12 - 220 VOLT" with a capacity of 300 WATT. Powered by cigarette lighter. Think, perhaps, and you will like my decision. Just do not choose very powerful. On the Internet you will find your option.

    • Do not fool people into the head, my Chinese charging hoko z7, bought for 450 rubles, is perfectly able to charge very quickly both the tablet and the phone, delivering the stated 2.4a current to each of the two usb connectors - measured with a multimeter! At the same time, neither the phone nor the s / c heats up, the tablet is quite lightly, and this is normal. And your inverter is worth not less than a thousand, or even several thousand.

    • Almost always the charging current depends on the cable. In the case of an inappropriate cable, the charging controller in the gadget will not take a current greater than 500 mA from the AMS, as it considers it to be a normal USB computer port. At the same time, the AMS can honestly issue both 2000 and 4000 mA.