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How to stop downloading a file on Android

By default, all Android devices use the built-in download manager. Depending on the version of the operating system, it may not support the function of "pause" or resume after a network break.

To avoid such problems, you can install a special third-party download manager on your smartphone. If this is not possible, then we will tell you how to interrupt an already started download or remove a hung icon from the notification panel, which may remain after a system failure.

How to cancel a download

If you started downloading the file, but for some reason you need to immediately stop the download, then follow these steps:

Step 1 . Swipe down to bring up the notification panel. If you download a file through the system manager "Download Manager" , then "Pause" will be absent. Click Cancel to abort the download.

Step 2 . If you download a file through a browser, then the “Pause” button will appear when you call up the notification panel. Click it to pause downloads. Use the “Resume” button to continue downloading the file.

Step 3 . To manage multiple downloadable files, call the download manager. To do this, call the notification panel and click on any of the files.

Step 4 . Here you can also pause or resume downloads. Click the cross icon to cancel the download completely.

After the download is canceled, all associated files will be automatically deleted from the device. In addition, do not forget that if you put download on pause, then after restarting the phone to continue the download will not work.

How to remove a hung download

Sometimes a file uploaded to Android hangs in the notification panel and cannot be removed in the usual ways. In this case, do the following:

Step 1 . Call the notification panel and click "Clear All" . If this does not work, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2 . Open the “Settings” menu and find “Applications” in the list. A list of programs installed on the device opens.

Step 3 . Click on the "Show more" icon in the form of three points and in the opened menu select "Show system processes" .

Step 4 . Locate and select "Download Manager" or "Downloads" (depending on the version of the operating system). In the menu "About Application" tap on the line "Storage" .

Step 5 . Click “Clear data” and confirm with the “OK” button. After that, the hung download icon disappears, and other related data will be deleted from the device.

Now you know how to stop the download on Android or remove the icon hanging in the notification bar. To avoid such problems in the future, we recommend using dedicated download managers from third-party developers.