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What is the flight mode in the smartphone and laptop?

Take your Android, iPhone , iPad or laptop on Windows 10 and look at the network settings. You will definitely see there an icon with the image of the aircraft. This refers to the mode, which is called "in the plane" or "flight mode". How does he work? In what cases is it necessary and what benefits can it bring? We will answer all these questions today.


What is flight mode?

Flight mode is a setting that is available on almost all smartphones and laptop computers. When activated, all types of wireless communications are disabled, and a special icon appears in the status bar.

What is it for?

Many airlines prohibit the use of wireless connections in the aircraft, especially during takeoff and landing: there are suggestions that the radio signals of mobile electronics may interfere with the operation of sensitive aircraft. Is it really a question open. History does not know a single case when the crash occurred due to the fact that one of the passengers urgently needed to send a text message. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that anyone would want to risk being on board. And therefore, manufacturers equip mobile devices with a special setting that breaks potentially dangerous connections and, in a sense, limits the functionality of the gadget, but does not disable it completely.

How does the airplane mode work?

Airplane mode disables all wireless connections of a mobile device:

  • Cellular (you can not make calls, send SMS or go online using a mobile network).
  • Wi-Fi (the device will break the connection with the active network, it will not connect to the new ones).
  • Bluetooth (short-range communication required for wireless speakers, headphones, bracelets, etc., will also not work).

With GPS, the situation is a bit different. This is a receiving module, it does not emit radio waves and therefore is not capable of interfering with the aircraft equipment. In flight mode, it can remain active (depending on how the smartphone maker sees fit). Nevertheless, you can hardly find out your exact location: mobile GPS modules are not designed to work in high-speed transport. Even if the smartphone manages to establish a connection with the satellites, the data it receives will already be irrelevant. In addition, some functions of mobile maps (for example, traffic jams in real time) will not work due to the absence of an Internet connection.

How to enable flight mode on Android?

To enable flight mode on your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Open the curtain with quick settings (two swipe down with one finger from the top of the display or one swipe with two fingers).
  • Find an icon in the shape of an airplane among the icons, tap it once. The device switches to the desired mode.

To disable the setting, do the same. Keep in mind: it will take time for your smartphone to restore broken connections. If the required icon in the curtain does not appear, the mode can be activated via settings: settings> wireless networks> flight mode.

How to enable flight mode on the iPhone and iPad?

  • Open the Control Point (on iPad with iOS 12, iPhone X and later models, this is done by swipe down from the top right of the screen, on older versions of iOS, swipe up from the bottom of the screen).
  • In the block with network settings, click on the icon in the form of an airplane.

The mode can be activated through the settings, the desired item is at the top.

How to enable flight mode on Windows?

On Windows 10, this setting can be seen by clicking once on the wireless network icon in the taskbar: it is located at the bottom of the window between the Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot. The second way to find it: click Win + A> network. Third: open the search bar, type the word "plane" and click on the result "mode in the plane."

How to enable flight mode on Mac?

Oddly enough, but in macOS, you can’t turn on airplane mode with a single click, like on the iPhone , it doesn’t work: it simply doesn’t. You can manually break all connections, but it will be more convenient to create a new network profile (location) and assign it the necessary configurations. This is done as follows.

  • Go to system settings> network> placement> edit placement.
  • Click the “+” icon to create a new location. Give it a name, for example, “on the plane.”
  • For each connection, set the parameter “off”.
  • After completing the settings, click "apply". The system will immediately switch to the new mode. To return the device to its normal state, select automatic from the list of locations.

Is it true that flight mode saves battery?

Yes, the “flight” mode definitely helps to extend the autonomy of the device. Wireless connections require constant sending and receiving of data and therefore put a load on the battery. This applies to both cellular and Internet connections, as well as pairing with other devices via Bluetooth and GPS navigation.

Deactivating all communications is a great way to reduce battery consumption. Since, in flight mode, the smartphone will not waste energy on wireless connections, it will also be charged faster.

Can I use Wi-Fi in flight mode?

Depends on the device. In fact, many smartphones allow you to use Wi-Fi in the "flight" mode, but you need to activate it manually.

On Android, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap the Wi-Fi icon. After a few seconds, the function is activated (but only if the smartphone allows it to work). On the iPhone, open the Control Point, tap the Wi-Fi icon.

Many airlines offer on-board Wi-Fi during the flight. Details of its provision, you can find out from the flight attendant. It should be noted that in most cases Internet access is opened only when the plane rises to a height of more than 3 kilometers. Before landing, the connection to Wi-Fi will break.

Can I use Bluetooth in flight mode?

As in the case of Wi-Fi, in flight mode, Bluetooth is turned off, but on most smartphones and laptops it can be activated again manually.

Airlines have different attitudes to the fact that passengers use Bluetooth-enabled devices. The range of this connection is very small, so the likelihood that it will create dangerous interference with avionics is practically impossible. Lufthansa Bluetooth aircraft is allowed, but Russian air carriers prohibit its use during the entire flight time.

If you switch your smartphone into flight mode and activate Bluetooth in normal life, you can listen to music from your local storage or use wireless peripherals while saving battery power.

Is traffic consumed in flight mode?

Not. The device will not be able to connect to your provider's network, so with active flight mode, traffic will not be consumed.

Can I play mobile games while in flight mode?

If an advertisement spoils your gaming experience, you will definitely enjoy the flight mode: it disables the Internet connection, so the advertising windows won't bother you.

But in this mode, you will be available only offline entertainment. Games that require a permanent connection to the network will not start.

Does the alarm clock work in flight mode?

Yes. The alarm will sound as it should be at the appointed time. Internet is not required for its operation.

What about Snapchat?

Not. Snapchat, other instant messengers and mail function exclusively through the Internet. If you do not use the on-board Wi-Fi service, you will have to do without correspondence.

Can I make and answer calls?

Not. The smartphone will not have access to the cellular network. If someone calls you, he will hear a message that the subscriber’s phone is turned off or out of network coverage. You will receive notifications of missed calls and SMS messages after the plane lands and the connection is restored.

How to listen to music in flight mode?

Since there will be no internet connection, streaming music services (Spotify, Yandex Music, etc.) will not work. This means that you need to prepare for listening to music on the plane in advance. You have two options.

Paid subscription to streaming services (Spotify Premium or YouTube Music Premium) allows you to cache tracks to listen offline. In flight mode, they will be available.

Do not want to spend money on a premium service? Then listen to songs from your local repository. No one will limit you in this pleasure, the main thing is to bring along wired headphones and an adapter if your smartphone is deprived of an audio jack.

Source: www.makeuseof.com