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3 reasons to buy wired headphones

The trend towards the possible disappearance of the 3.5 mm headphone jack on smartphones has caused quite a stir among ordinary consumers.

Conventional Bluetooth headsets, and soon on the market completely wireless True Wireless devices, almost immediately took their place. Nevertheless, before you abandon the time-tested wired headphones, you should seriously think again whether it is worth it.

The fact is that wireless technology is still far from ideal. And while they have where to move, we will talk about the reasons why in 2019 it is worth making a choice in favor of buying wired headphones.


Sound quality

Even LDAC codecs, which are currently considered one of the best for Bluetooth equipment, are not able to compete in terms of quality with wired headphones. In addition, according to information from SoundGuys , even codecs such as SBC and aptX are able to provide greater stability than the LDAC 330 .

Of course, if you are not versed in Bluetooth codecs and are sure that you cannot feel the difference between them, then this information is unlikely to mean anything to you. The same applies to those who often use headphones in too noisy places. In such an environment, it is hardly possible to notice the difference in sound. But if you listen to music at home, or just in quieter rooms, then the advantages that wired headphones offer will not disappoint you.

Why? In short, compared with analog audio, the quality of audio transmission via Bluetooth is very limited. The same applies to highly questionable performance. If you see that the specifications for the headphones indicate the maximum data transfer rate in the region of 900 kbps, then remember that it is possible only in the most favorable scenario. Most often, this figure will be much lower.

And we are not at all trying to specifically present wired headphones in a more favorable light. Sound quality depends on the type of codecs and frequency. That is why most often wired headphones are significantly superior in this to their Bluetooth counterparts.

Comfort and Reliability

Wired headphones are much more convenient than we used to think. This does not mean that all Bluetooth models cannot be used. Nevertheless, wireless headphones provoke a huge number of problems that you are unlikely to encounter when using a wired connection.

Firstly, connecting a 3.5 mm TRRS plug is not such a difficult task (provided that the smartphone has a corresponding connector). In this matter, wireless headphones are much more demanding. Most likely, in the process of pairing the headset with a smartphone, you will encounter a lot of different problems. Especially if your device uses an older version of Bluetooth .

Try to remember how many times you tried to set up new Bluetooth headphones on your own, and how quickly gave up and turned to the instructions? It is unlikely that the process of pairing can be called intuitive.

Even if you manage to connect the headphones the first time, there is a possibility that you will have to disconnect and reconnect the headset to the smartphone. For example, due to interference or signal loss.

Moreover, failures and disconnections are the most popular problem. Especially if you use a headset away from the sound source. What is most sad, this ailment is characteristic of headphones of all price ranges.

The fact that the headphones need to be recharged periodically does not add comfort. On average, a Bluetooth headset lasts about 20 hours listening to music. And this is enough for 7-15 days of use.

The main problem is that using Bluetooth consumes the battery of the smartphone, which is why it discharges much faster. And given the fact that the battery capacity of modern mobile devices does not exceed 3,500-4,500 mAh, this is really a serious problem.

Of course, you just can carry an external battery with you , but is it worth the extra cost and extra pounds of weight that you have to carry around with you all the time? After all, all these problems can be avoided much easier - using wired headphones.

Affordable price and the possibility of repair

It is possible that the reasons that we described earlier seem far-fetched to you. But a direct comparison of Bluetooth headphones with their wired counterparts shows that the latter are significantly superior to wireless models in many ways.

For a test, consider the Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones. The Bluetooth model is available at around $ 199, while the wired Bose SoundSport can be found for $ 49. Agree that for the same product it is too big a difference in price. Are Wireless SoundSport Free Worth Paying Four Times More?

Now consider the SoundSport Free headphones. The Bluetooth model has an IPX4 rating, while the wired one is resistant to moisture penetration. As for the design, compared to a wireless headset, they are slightly smaller. If you need Bluetooth headphones for sports, then think about the fact that the wire can simply be held under clothes. And the remaining $ 150 to spend for other purposes.

The high price is far from the only reason why wired headphones can be a better deal. They are much easier to repair. Most often, wired headphones deteriorate precisely the wire, which, as it is used, frays in the area of ​​the plug. This is a rather unpleasant breakdown that can easily be fixed in just half an hour.

As for wireless headphones, because of the more complex design, they have much more reasons for breakdown. Therefore, their repair requires much experience, time and money.

In addition to the fact that wireless headphones can have pairing problems, frequent breakdowns include a failed battery and problems with various modules. And for their repair may require serious investment. Moreover, most of the problems cannot be fixed independently.

Of course, if you buy expensive Bluetooth headphones from a well-known brand, then you need not worry - the package, as a rule, includes excellent warranty repair conditions. For example, V-Moda provides an extended warranty on its products. As for other models and less popular manufacturers, the maximum you can count on is a year or two guarantees.

But, do not think that any wired headphones are absolutely immune to breakdowns. They are only more durable compared to Bluetooth headphones and at the same time boast an affordable price.

Source: www.androidauthority.com

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