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Best quadcopters for beginners

If you decide to take up a new hobby and think about buying a drone “for the first time”, then you have come to the right place.

For you we have collected the best budget quadcopters for the study of air spaces. Moreover, all models are equally well suited to both children and adults. But before moving on to the main point, it’s worth talking about the nuances that should be considered before buying your first drone.


Recommendations before buying

If you are just beginning to be interested in these hobbies, then the choice of drone should be approached with special care. The fact is that they are far from being the most intuitive control. Therefore, it is best to start with a drone, which is easy to lift into the sky.

In addition, we recommend focusing on low-end models. This does not mean that any “cheap stuff” will be suitable for the first classes. Just try not to overpay. If one of the flights fails and you break the expensive drone, it can not only hit the wallet, but also discourage further training.

Try to choose models with autocorrection of flight, good stabilization and other useful features for beginners. For example, some drones can perform various stunts (like a 360-degree turn) with just one touch of a button. All this is extremely important for training at first.

How much is drone

There are a huge number of drones in a variety of price segments. For the first classes, you can without any problems pick up a drone in the range of $ 100.

Of course, such a model will not have some of the useful functions that more serious devices can boast of. But you will be surprised at what even a budget drone can be capable of.

As soon as you become comfortable in management and feel more confident, you can immediately switch to an advanced model. Her purchase will cost around $ 200-400. As for professional UAVs, their cost starts already from $ 1000.

Best drones for beginners

Especially for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 budget drones that are ideal for beginners. All models are priced at up to $ 100, and most importantly, they can boast a huge amount of positive feedback. In addition, we tried to choose only those drones that are most often praised for ease of development.

Holy stone predator

Price: from 2 350 rub.

Holy Stone Predator is a great budget model for a beginner. The drone boasts good stabilization and several levels of sensitivity, which greatly facilitates control in the initial stages of training.

In addition, the model has a so-called “Headless flight mode”, which turns off the front-rear definition for the quadcopter and allows you to control it no matter which side it is to the pilot.

The Battery of the Holy Stone Predator is only enough for six minutes of flight, but this is quite enough for small trainings and learning the basics.

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Price: from 3 600 rub.

If you are willing to spend on buying a little more, then be sure to pay attention to DROCON Ninja . This is one of the best quadcopters for video shooting among the models aimed at beginners.

The device boasts a built-in camera with support for 720p resolution, the image from which is transmitted directly to the control panel. If the appearance of the quadcopter is of fundamental importance to you, then DROCON Ninja is available in different colors.

And although at first glance it may seem that the drone offers too many additional features, it is still great for beginners. DROCON Ninja is able to rise into the sky with just one touch of a button, in addition, he knows how to maintain height at a certain level, which is why it is quite easy to control it at first.

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Holy Stone F181C

Price: from 4 450 rub.

If you plan to perform any tricks on the drone, be sure to pay attention to the Holy Stone F181C . It can rotate 360 ​​degrees with just one touch of a button. This is an interesting trick for novice pilots who still do not know how to do it yourself.

The device has a camera with support for a maximum resolution of 720p, which can be used for both video recording and still photography. Unfortunately, the Holy Stone F181C is not suitable for real-time monitoring. However, this is an excellent quadrocopter for beginners.

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Potensic A20 Mini Drone

Price: from 1 450 rub.

Potensic A20 Mini Drone is an affordable and interesting model, which is ideal for exploring UAVs. The device is aimed at children, but can be used by adults. In total, the mini-drone has three different speeds and support for a special mode, after which it will be turned on, it will gradually increase it, as confidence in management grows.

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Holy stone shadow

Price: from 4 900 rubles.

Holy Stone Shadow is an excellent budget quadcopter capable of transmitting a first-person image in real time. To do this, just download a special application to your smartphone, install it in the controller docking station and watch the surroundings where the drone hovers. Thanks to the folding headlights located on the front panel of the drone, the model is also suitable for night flights.

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Price: from 2 100 rub.

DROCON Mini RC is an excellent gift for children and all those who are young at heart. The drone has three adjustable speeds, a height hold mode and buttons to automatically perform tricks (flipping). In addition, it boasts a lightweight landing and take-off system, which allows you to lift into the air and lower the device to the ground with just one touch. It is quite good for the drone budget segment.

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Holy Stone HS200

Price: from 5 900 rubles.

If you are ready to pay a little more than $ 100 for your first quadcopter, then pay attention to the Holy Stone HS200 . The main feature of the device is the ability to control using a smartphone. To do this, simply download the branded application for it. After that, you can control the drone using a gravity sensor, simply tilting the phone to the sides. In addition, thanks to special navigation lights, the Holy Stone HS200 is also suitable for night flights.

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DBPOWER Camera Drone

Price: from 5 000 rub.

If you are looking for a quadcopter that would be suitable for exploring the surrounding area, then pay attention to the DBPOWER Camera Drone . This is not the cheapest drone, however, it allows you to transfer an image via Wi-Fi from the camera directly to your smartphone.

The drone also works in conjunction with VR headsets. If you have glasses or a virtual reality helmet, then you can use them to immerse yourself in what is happening during the flight.

Quadcopter comes with two batteries, which greatly simplifies the work. While you are using one battery, the second one at that time can be recharged.

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Holy stone nano quadcopter

Price: from 1 950 rub.

Holy Stone Nano Quadcopter is a decent budget quadcopter that perfectly combines low price and easy operation. It is perfect as a gift for a child. However, the Holy Stone Nano Quadcopter is not a toy at all, but a completely decent machine that can be used as the first drone by any adult.

If you have been thinking about buying a quadrocopter for a long time, but you are afraid of their high price and the fact that you can smash it to pieces with just one wrong push, the Holy Stone Nano Quadcopter is designed to dispel all your fears.

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ScharkSpark Beetle Drone

Price: from 4 500 rub.

If you are looking for a quadrocopter for video and photography, then you will definitely like the ScharkSpark Beetle Drone . This is one of the best budget drones for novice pilots photographers. The model is equipped with two cameras: the front with a resolution of 1080p and the bottom with a resolution of 720p, which is used to record from the sky.

The device can recognize gestures. So great for group shots. Especially if you do not want to mess around with controls for a long time.

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Simpler than it seems

Despite its popularity, for many quadcopters are still something complicated and frightening. But do not be afraid. There is a huge variety of models that have been specifically created for use by beginners. Therefore, the most difficult thing you will encounter is to choose the drone that is right for you.

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