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Cheap projectors for smartphone and laptop

Laptops and smartphones with a large display are ideal for watching movies, slideshows and presentations. True, only one or two or three people can do this if they sit side by side. If the content needs to be shown to a large audience, then even the largest laptop will not provide all viewers with comfortable viewing. In this case, do not do without a large screen.

The budget solution to transmit a picture in good quality on a large display will be a projector - a compact device that can be used in combination with a tablet or mobile phone. It is useful in everyday life for watching movies, and in the office for showing presentations and videos.

The tool is unusual. Because of this, many people mistakenly believe that it is expensive. However, it is not necessary to spend hundreds of thousands on a projector with a super-clear image. In this selection you will find the best of low-cost projectors, which for their price offer excellent functionality and durability.


1. ViewSonic PA503W: the best of the cheapest projectors

Price: from 30 000 rubles

ViewSonic PA503W will help out in almost any situation. For a device of this level of 30 thousand - the price is quite low. For it you get a reliable projector with high quality pictures. This is a great choice for both home and corporate use.

Most projectors from well-known brands offer a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels for the same price. The ViewSonic PA503W resolution is much higher: it is WXGA 1280 x 800. It does not reach Full HD, so the display of a smartphone or tablet must have a high enough pixel density so that small details can be distinguished on the projection, for example, numbers in a spreadsheet or notes on a chart . The maximum diagonal of the projection is 3 meters.

When watching a video loss in image quality is almost not felt. In reviews to the model, it is often written that it is suitable for showing films on a flat, clean surface - a special screen or a white wall. This projector has a built-in speaker. Sound is output from the 3.5 mm audio jack. The quality is not high, but quite acceptable.

The ViewSonic PA503W lamp is designed for 15,000 hours of operation in SuperEco energy saving mode. In certain conditions, it allows you to reduce the brightness of the projection in order to save energy consumption and extend the life of the lamp without sacrificing contrast and projection quality.

2. InFocus IN116XV: the best projector for educational institutions

Price: from 25 600 rubles

When showing business presentations, documents and textual training materials, clarity is most important. Therefore, for office, school or educational center, INF6 IN116XV will be an excellent choice. Like the ViewSonic PA503W, this projector has a WXGA resolution and high contrast ratio. Its strongest characteristic is brightness.

The luminous flux of this model reaches 3800 lumens, which is much more than what other projectors can offer at a similar price. InFocus IN116XV can be used in the daytime or in a room with bright light: even in such conditions, the projection will remain bright with clearly visible details. The projector has a dynamic mode that automatically adjusts the brightness depending on the lighting conditions.

The cooler runs quietly. His noise does not interfere with conducting lectures or conversations with the audience. If you need to turn off the image after a certain time, set the sleep timer.

InFocus IN116XV has several presets for projecting pictures on different surfaces: for a white marker board, beige wall, black chalk board, etc. Parameters such as tone and contrast can be adjusted manually.

3. LG PH150G: the best projector for smartphones

Price: 19 000 rubles

The LG PH150G is a small but powerful device. Thanks to its many functions, it is an ideal projector for use with a smartphone. At a very affordable price, you will receive a projector with a lamp life of 30,000 hours, an autonomy of 2.5 hours, a display resolution of 720p and a maximum diagonal of projection of 2.5 meters.

LG PH150G supports Miracast - a wireless way to stream content from an Android or Windows display. It works with small delays, but for presentations or static images, this feature does not matter much. Also, the projector provides audio output to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth.

Wireless connections are complemented by USB and HDMI ports. When using the last lags and delays in the video are excluded. The physical port works seamlessly with Amazon Fire Stick streaming media players, Chromecast and other devices connected via HDMI.

The only disadvantage is the brightness - it is small. Therefore, when using the LG PH150G, it is recommended to darken the room.


4. VANKYO Leisure 510: the best projector is not more expensive than 15 000 rubles

Price: 12 000 rubles

Very inexpensive multifunctional projectors also exist. One of the best in this category is VANKYO Leisure 510. This is one of the few budget devices with a resolution of 1280 x 768 (higher than that of expensive analogs). For home and office use, its capabilities are more than enough.

First of all, I would like to mention a large number of physical outputs: VGA, AV, USB, microSD and two HDMI. All this fits in a very compact package. The manufacturer claims that the lamp life exceeds 50,000 hours. No one has ever had to use the projector for so long, so you should not worry about reliability, it is up to par.

The volume of the built-in speakers is enough for comfortable viewing of the movie. Included with the projector are carrying case and HDMI cable.


5. Nebula Capsule: the best projector for watching videos

Price: 40 000 rubles

The Nebula Capsule projector was created specifically for working with video content, and it copes with this task perfectly. The device has its own operating system based on Android, which allows you to install and run applications from internal memory. The model is compatible with Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services. It also has a built-in speaker.

Inside there is a 5200 mAh battery. It provides up to 4 hours of battery life in video mode. The device can be charged directly during use. Nebula Capsule can act as a wireless Bluetooth-speaker, in this case, the full charge is enough for 40 hours. The projector is very compact and weighs only half a kilo.

Besides the fact that the Nebula Capsule can project content from its operating system, the projector is also equipped with USB OTG , HDMI and the function of wireless access to the screen of Android or Windows.


6. APEMAN Mini LC350: the best projector is not more expensive than 10 thousand

Price: 5 600 rubles

In the category of budget projectors there are quite a lot of proposals, the cost of which does not exceed 10 thousand rubles. Volumetric functionality, they do not differ. If the issue of price is acute, APEMAN Mini LC350 is exactly what you need.

The projector is capable of receiving a 1080p signal, but its native resolution is only 800 x 480 pixels. There is support for screens up to 4.5 meters. Brightness in 3500 lumens is enough to view presentations, slideshows and photos. The model has a good set of ports for physical connections - VGA, HDMI, AV, microSD and USB. Bonus included are HDMI and AV cables.


Source: www.makeuseof.com