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LG News

LG is working on a transparent folding smartphone

Patents LG on a flexible tablet with transparent sections are published on the Internet.

Judging by the schemes of the patent, the folding smartphone LG is bent in the middle and in the unfolded state looks more like a tablet. Folding is a phablet with displays on both sides. The screens taught to show images that are independent of each other, for example, the menu and running video, and also become transparent. Its degree depends on the bend angle and the running content.

On the front of the folding device, the front camera is also noticeable, and on the back - several main modules with a laser sensor for object recognition.

So far this is only a patent and whether it will appear in development is not yet clear. But since LG has already made the scheme and has thought it all up, then the output of such a device is more than real. Moreover, after the announcement of similar but not transparent Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.