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Top iPhone docking stations

Leaving the "apple" gadget for 80 thousand on the floor next to the socket to charge - not the best idea. In addition to the expensive iPhone, it is logical to purchase a docking station from a reputable manufacturer.

Apple fans have long laughed at the fact that the owners of smartphones on Android are forced everywhere to look for a power outlet - but now they themselves are in the unenviable position. Complaints about the fact that the iPhone are sitting on the eyes, the forums are becoming more and more. Especially often complain about the iPhone old versions that have been updated to the latest versions of iOS.

The most obvious way to solve the problem with the rapid battery consumption of the Apple device is to buy an external battery . But then you get two devices instead of one device that you need to constantly charge. Therefore, the acquisition of a docking station capable of simultaneously performing the functions of a stand and a charger can be considered a more efficient way. In this article, we will talk about the best iPhone docking stations available on the market in 2017.

Apple Docking Station with Lightning Connector

Price : from 3 290 rubles

Apple began selling a proprietary docking station with a Lightning plug in 2015. One of the main advantages of the stand is sustainability. The platform has such small dimensions that it seems as if it were enough to touch the gadget installed on it - and it will fall. But in fact, it’s not so easy to lay Apple's docking station on the side - it is made of metal, has a fairly large weight (providing balance) and a rubber base, thanks to which it does not slip at all.

Make-up iPhone is not the only function of the Apple docking station. It can also act as an intermediary between the mobile device and the speakers, which are connected to the connector located in the back of the accessory. This is especially true for the latest versions of iPhones (for example, iPhone 7), devoid of the favorite 3.5M audio connector from music lovers.

Advantages :

  • Laconic design and small dimensions - the docking station can easily be placed even on a cluttered office desk.
  • Music docking station; It is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack for connecting audio equipment.
  • Many color options.
  • The ability to charge the phone directly in the case.

Disadvantages :

  • Branded accessory requires regular maintenance.

Buy Apple Lightning Dock

Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock

Price: from 6 000 rubles

The Belkin product will be a real boon for those users who, in addition to the iPhone, also have the Apple Watch. The docking station is a compact stand with a strict design and well-thought-out ergonomics - the owner of Apple technology does not have to worry about the fact that the platform under the weight of 2 devices can roll over.

The docking station is equipped with 2 seats, which are served 2.4 and 1 A, respectively. Curiously, there are different ways of fixing gadgets: the iPhone connects to the Lightning plug, while the Apple Watch is attached to a magnet.

Advantages :

  • Neat appearance - Belkin Powerhouse will beautify any interior.
  • The ability to adjust the angle of the Apple Watch seat so that the contents of the watch screen can be seen.
  • Existence of the regulator (castor) by means of which it is possible to lift / lower the Lightning plug.
  • A minimum of wires.

Disadvantages :

  • Impressive price - the Belkin accessory costs almost $ 100.

Buy Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock

Native union dock

Price : from 4 990 rubles

The accessory from Native Union is less functional than the Belkin product, but more presentable. This docking station is perfect as a gift to a person who likes to be surrounded by exceptionally luxurious and stylish things.

The platform of Native Union is covered with soft-touch soft plastic and weighted - to increase stability. There is also a metal element - a plate on which the gadget rests. The Native Union Dock comes with a Lightning cable, which is as long as 1.2 meters.

Native Union sells docking stations for Apple Watch, which, although they differ in design from platforms for the iPhone, still look pretty impressive.


  • Stability - on the stand of Native Union you can install not only the iPhone, but also, for example, a 10-inch iPad.
  • Premium appearance.

Disadvantages :

  • Native Union accessories are expensive. There are versions of docking stations made of marble for sale - for such a platform you will have to pay more than 10 thousand rubles.

Buy Native Union Dock

Studio Neat Material Dock

Price : from 2 700 rubles

Stand from Studio Neat, made of walnut, perfectly fit into the interior of any home. The platform is sold in 2 versions: only for iPhone and for iPhone + Apple Watch. The second option, which is logical, is more expensive - you will have to pay as much as $ 70 for it. At the same time, the docking station, not designed for the Apple Watch, costs only $ 45.

A feature of the Studio Neat platform is that there are special suckers in its lower part. Thanks to them, the docking station remains very stable, even with its very modest weight.

Advantages :

  • "Dear" wooden design.
  • The presence of suckers that provide stability.
  • Opportunities for adjustment - and the Lightning plug, and the back, on which the gadget rests, the user is able to move as he sees fit. Due to this, the iPhone can be connected to the docking station, even if it is in a weighty case.
  • Low cost - when compared with other docking stations from our rating.

Disadvantages :

  • Unavailability - a product from Studio Neat is difficult to find on sale in Russia.

Buy Studio Neat Material Dock

Elevation dock 3

Price : from 6 990 rubles

The support Elevation Dock is made on technology Unibody - that is, from a single piece of metal. The accessory is rather heavy, however, the manufacturer considered that considerable weight is not capable of ensuring proper stability and equipped the platform with adhesive rubber substrates. Such a docking station go and tear off the table.

Another advantage of the Elevation Dock is the presence at the base of a special removable panel - so you can charge the iPhone, even if "dressed" in the case. This Elevation Dock differs for the better from a number of other docking stations.

On the official website of the Elevation Lab, the Elevation Dock 4 is already available - a platform that supports charging according to the Qi (wireless) standard.

Advantages :

  • The durability provided with aluminum execution.
  • The minimum angle of deviation of the screen - up to 8%. Thanks to this, the user can track all notifications appearing on the screen of the gadget.
  • Certified Lightning MFI cable included.
  • Reliable grip - iPhone can be removed with one hand, while not holding the platform itself.
  • You can connect speakers to this iPhone docking station. In addition, the Elevation Dock platform is considered acoustic - being in it, the iPhone SE (or other model) sounds better than staying on a flat surface.

Disadvantages :

  • Impressive cost - to spend 7 thousand rubles for an accessory, in which there is no vital necessity, not every domestic user is ready.

Official store Elevation Dock 3


On forums, you can often find reviews in which users express bewilderment: why buy an expensive docking station for an iPhone of a well-known brand (or brand name) if on AliExpress or GearBest Chinese counterparts are sold for a penny?

In fact, the products from China in terms of the quality of workmanship with the branded ones and the number do not stand - and they look so-so, because they are made, as a rule, from the cheapest plastic, and not from walnut or aluminum. Docking stations for iPhone and Apple Watch from our top will not only serve faithfully, without harming the battery of an expensive device, but also will be an excellent addition to the interior of the room.

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