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Xiaomi news

Xiaomi introduced the fanless outdoor fan

An unusual, stylish and indispensable device in the summer called the Lexiu intelligent leafless fan SS4. The new smart gadget is controlled through the proprietary application Mi.

With a weight of 2.4 kg and a height of 96 cm, Xiaomi Lexiu fan intelligent leafless fan SS4 received a body made of durable ABS plastic, which is not afraid of scratches. The apparatus pumps air through a wide lower part, cools it and blows it through a narrow vertical top. There are 11 modes of blowing and automatic shutdown after eight hours of work.

The unusual “smart” fan is equipped with an energy saving function, it has a control panel, but it also listens to commands issued via a proprietary application.

Xiaomi Lexiu bladed-less fan intelligent leafless fan SS4 is already sold in China for $ 90. The start date of global sales is still unknown.