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Who has not heard of the Svyaznoy chain of salons? Probably anyone made purchases in this company. However, few people know that Svyaznoy has for many years invested heavily in the development of its own online store, which over time brings the company an increasing profit. Consider what the advantages and disadvantages of this portal, and tell you whether to trust him money.

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Among the online stores of electronics "Svyaznoy" is a real "old-timer": it was opened back in 2003. The main task of the portal is to provide a potential buyer with maximum information about the product and the ability to quickly place an order, while avoiding trouble and indicating redundant data. According to statistics, Svyaznoy is not only one of the oldest online stores in Russia, but also one of the most popular. Every month, the site is visited by 13 million people, and the store operators process approximately 200 thousand orders.


How good is the design of the Svyaznoy website?

For the appearance of the site www.svyaznoy.ru its developers deserve the highest rating. On the main page, all elements are placed very tightly and rationally - both advertising and navigation. Without a doubt, even a person who has never completed orders via the Internet will quickly find the information of interest.

You can find the goods through the search line or through the tabs in which all products are strictly classified.

A curious feature of the website of the Svyaznoy online store is that the buyer does not need to exert any effort to search for accessories that match the ordered gadget and other additional products. Smartphones "wrapped in full" at the stage of completion of the order.

It is enough to press the “+ Required Accessories” button , and the service itself will complete the check. The choice of accessories is not accidental - there is no possibility that the service will offer the buyer a pair of covers. Usually, the check is supplemented with a cover and any protective accessory - film or glass.

Of course, the kit can be formed independently.

Through the button "+ Service" to the order are added policies for additional protection of the gadget from damage, as well as insurance for 2 or 3 years.

Another characteristic feature of the site is a large number of product collections . Gadgets are distributed not only by manufacturers, but also by other features:

If the buyer wants, say, to buy a smartphone with a powerful battery, he should select the appropriate menu item. The site will narrow the search, leaving on the screen only those models that correspond to the individual preferences of the buyer.

The simplicity of the procedure for ordering goods is an important advantage of the Svyaznoy online store. Compared with the Chinese portals, where often the devil breaks his leg, the Svyaznoy site is almost perfect.

Assortment and catalog of "Connected"

The number of commodity items in the online store "Svyaznoy" at the end of 2016 exceeds 12,000 - and these are only physical goods without taking into account all sorts of policies for additional services and paid services. The user may be misled by a small number of manufacturer names that appear in the main menu. However, if he clicks on “ Show all ”, he will be convinced that there is indeed almost any modern gadget on the site.

The catalog even presents such exotic as Wileyfox , Caterpillar , Thuraya . The informativeness of the catalog cards does not cause any complaints - moreover, it deserves only flattering words. Description of the goods and specifications here, of course, there is, but that's not all. In the cards there are also such information:

  • Reviews are very similar to real ones, but not purchased from copywriters. Based on the reviews, the average rating of the gadget is formed according to criteria such as convenience , functionality and design .
  • Availability in specific stores .
  • Suitable accessories .
  • Answers to users' questions . This service proves the high customer focus of the online store. A smartphone user can open a product card and ask a question of interest - for example, it is installed on the What's App gadget. The specialist will undoubtedly answer as soon as possible if the question is constructive.

Prices in the "Connected" and available methods of payment for goods

In order to determine how high prices in the retail network are on average, the following method is used:

  1. From the price list selected 20 of the most popular products.
  2. The cost of each product is divided by the price of the same in the store "Yulmart". The choice of “Yulmart” as a guideline is justified by the fact that this particular shop is able to boast a huge amount of commodity items and prices staying at an average level.
  3. From the 20 values ​​obtained, the average is derived, which is further verified by the table:

The average value in the "Connected" - 1.14, which means "very high" prices.

However, this value is mainly due to the prices of accessories and peripheral equipment - these products can be found at half the price. Prices for gadgets in the Svyaznoy online store are slightly higher than other retailers. At the same time, regular customers of the network can seriously save money - for example, through participation in the program "The Connected Club". After each purchase, part of the money (from 1 to 5%) is returned to the virtual card in the form of so-called pluses . When there are a lot of advantages, the client uses them to reduce the cost of the next purchase. Thus, Svyaznoy nurtures loyalty in customers.

You can pay for goods on the Svyaznoy website in one of the following ways:

  • Cash upon receipt of order.
  • Non-cash transfer on the invoice.
  • Card through online payment service . By the way, payment by card is encouraged by a discount of 3% of the value of the goods.
  • Card upon receipt of the goods, even if the gadget was delivered by courier. All Svyaznoy couriers use portable terminals.
  • From the Yandex.Money e-wallet . This method can be resorted to if the amount of the check exceeds 15 thousand rubles.
  • With the help of a loan . There are two options: the buyer either makes an application for a loan online directly on the site, or submits it at the pick-up point. The network cooperates with several banks at once: OTP Bank, Renaissance, Home Credit, Tinkoff, Mail Bank . The most favorable conditions in the Renaissance - this bank offers a fairly low rate and many loan programs.

Delivery of goods from the "Connected"

The choice of how to get the goods from the Svyaznoy online store remains for the buyer. There are many ways:

  • From the courier . Courier service delivers goods to all cities of Russia and, which is especially nice, does it for free (with an order value of more than 2,000 rubles). The client has the right to choose in which part of the day it is convenient for him to receive the goods - the courier delivers from 9 am to 11 pm, prior to contacting the customer 1 hour before arrival.

    When the order is below 2 thousand . rubles delivery costs 200 rubles.

  • Express delivery. If the client chooses this option, he will need to pay 300-350 rubles. But the gadget will be brought to him within 3 hours after placing the order.
  • Pickup The client will have to independently proceed to the office of the online store and pick up the goods from 9:00 to 20:00. Paying for delivery in this case is not necessary. It is worth noting that the goods are stored in the office for 3 days .
  • Pickup from the sales office. This option is even more convenient than the previous one, for two reasons: first , you can pick up the gadget from the point of sale at any time (if only the office itself worked), secondly , the goods are reserved not for 3 days, but for the whole week.
  • Remove from reserve. If the gadget that interests the customer is stored in a specific sales office, the customer can reserve it and pick it up within a couple of hours, having independently followed the point. Why do you need to reserve? The reserve is a guarantee that while the customer gets to the place, the device will not be bought by someone else.

Whatever way the client chooses, he will not have to wait long. Even delivery by courier, which theoretically should be the most long-term, is carried out the next day after placing the order. To order home delivery, the customer must fill out a short form: register the address of residence, specify the preferred time of receipt of the goods.

Pickup can be done in just a few hours. In this case, the customer will also have to indicate on the website the approximate time when he arrives at the office.

As soon as the product is ready for delivery, an SMS is sent to the customer, pleasing with its informational content: it contains all the necessary data, starting with the order number and ending with the address of the office where the goods are located.

Retail Network "Svyaznoy"

Despite the fact that the company has a very efficient online store, Svyaznoy is primarily a network of mobile phone stores. At the end of 2016, there are almost 3,000 outlets located in the most passable places of Russian cities.

What distinguishes the retail "connected" from others? First , the assortment. And the point is not that the choice of smartphones is wider - just in the windows one can find a huge amount of diverse goods, including toy machines and satellite dishes. The second difference is the qualification of consultants. The system of providing paid services in Svyaznoy is better developed than that of competitors, therefore, in order to set up a smartphone, most novice users apply to this network.

Salons of the Svyaznoy network provide significantly more income than competitors, thanks to a strong brand. So, for example, the point “MTS”, located next to the “Svyaznoy”, as a rule, brings 2-3 times less than the commodity revenue. Against this background, the following achievement of the online store looks even more valuable: for the last two years, the revenue provided by www.svyaznoy.ru has been taking up over 20% of the total. Market analysts consider this figure a record.


The online store “Svyaznoy” has been around for almost 15 years, and over the years has managed to work out the interaction with customers and partners to perfection. As advantages of this store can be identified:

  • Convenient site with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • A wide range of goods and additional services.
  • A variety of payment methods , including online credit, is a service offered by a small number of merchants.
  • Free courier delivery . You do not have to pay only on the condition that the amount of the check is higher than 2000 rubles , however, it is easier to exceed this amount when it comes to buying a gadget.
  • Minimum waiting time for order . The courier will bring the goods in one or two days, with self-pickup you can get a smartphone a few hours after the order is issued. The comparison is clearly not in favor of the Chinese portals, where the gadgets "go" for 1.5 months.

We will not be silent about the shortcomings:

  • A rather high average cost of goods is on average 14% higher than at Yulmart . Note that this picture was formed primarily because of the high cost of accessories.
  • Disintegration with electronic payment systems . If Svyaznoy had collaborated with WebMoney and Qiwi, it would have significantly simplified life for customers and would have saved them from the need to spend money on paying commissions when converting conditional WMR into rubles.

High customer focus is the key to the popularity of the Svyaznoy online store. Without a doubt, this portal deserves that you order a gadget on it. But to “put on” a smartphone is better elsewhere — accessories and additional services on the network are quite expensive. Try to leave the sales office with a “bare” gadget, although keep in mind that it will not be easy: sellers are financially interested in keeping your check as long as possible.

Go to www.svyaznoy.ru

Did you order gadgets at Svyaznoy? Write about your experience with this company in the comments! We will be glad to every opinion!

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  • A good choice of smartphones, not like in all Euroset and Know-how, where certain brands are promoted.

  • I got a protective glass on the phone in Svyaznoy, I could not buy it on this phone anywhere, they promised it for this model, I believed it, ordered it and paid for it, but the wrong one came, it was much smaller. So also the seller assures that it is that one. Very dissatisfied with this attitude. So before you buy something in the Connected, think.

  • Gavnosalon. I wanted to take an installment plan, I urgently needed a phone. The price was about 7,000. So this installment plan cost me 18,000 if I took it. I prepared it.

  • Whatever way the client chooses, he will not have to wait long. All this was false. It was won in the previous drawing of 10,000 rubles and the order was made of the oven. The order was made on November 13. And now, on December 22. And the order has not yet been fulfilled. moved to December 29. so all this is just a divorce