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When asking for advice from the consultants of the cellular salon, do not count on an objective presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of this or that model - the consultants are motivated to sell goods that are not in stock, and therefore their advice will hardly be useful.

With the choice of a gadget, reviews of the Setphone site’s smartphones will help you - there is no room for bias. Reviews of the best smartphones and new products in the industry are carried out only by experts in the field of mobile technology and only with the device in hand - the information is not taken "from the ceiling". Reviews are accompanied by images and videos, so you can evaluate not only the hardware, but also the design of the device, before you go for an expensive purchase.

Cubot King Kong 3 Review

The company, which is already accustomed to disappoint, this time managed to construct something worthwhile.

Vernee V2 Pro Review

Vernee introduced a new smartphone for travelers, factory workers and lovers just to break everything.

BQ-5515L Fast Review

How much, in your opinion, should a smartphone with a dual camera, a fingerprint scanner and an IPS-display, made using 2.5D technology cost? If you called a five-digit amount ...

BQ-5707G Next Music Review

BQ brand smartphones cannot be reproached with one thing for sure - in a quiet sound. It is better not to set alarms on BQ devices at full volume, since you can wake up your neighbors, and ...

BQ-5508L Next LTE Review

The Next series from BQ received an update that cannot be called long-awaited - after all, the first of the series’s smartphones does not even have a year. What is the difference between the new BQ-5508L and its predecessor ...

BQ-5700L Space X Review: Just Space!

The BQ company regularly pleases with new curious gadgets, but Space X fans of the brand waited with particular trepidation. No wonder - the device has a unique advantage: ...

BQ-5008L Brave Review

The main advantage of the model BQ Brave - a screen that can withstand a load of 30 kg and a fall from a considerable height.

BQ-5206L Balance Overview

BQ Balance impresses with its autonomy - this gadget can live 3-4 days without recharging.

Review BQ-6001L Jumbo

BQ Jumbo lineup got an update - yes what! The new Jumbo is significantly different from the previous one - and above all in terms of design.

Vernee M6 Review: Stylish Workhorse

Apparently, the Vernee M-lineup claims to be the most stylish of the budget lines. Model M6 has turned out even more attractive than the thin M5.