Best running watch with GPS and heart rate monitor

Did you just start running? Or are you getting ready to take part in your first marathon? In any case, a watch with a GPS and a heart rate monitor for running will help you get the most out of the class.

If you think that a sports watch is just a beautiful accessory, then you are mistaken. It is a powerful tool for tracking many aspects of your well-being during physical activity. This gadget is absolutely necessary for novice runners: it will help to control the level of loads, observe the optimal mode and analyze progress. Experienced athletes will achieve more from training, if all indicators of activity are at hand (or rather on the hand).

This material will introduce you to the best deals from the category of running hours. Here you will find both budgetary options for the amateur level, and advanced ones for serious-minded athletes. But before we move on to current offers, let's take a look at the sports running watch that will hit the market in the very near future.


Expected to be on sale: Garmin Forerunner 45/245 Music / 945

On the way a few hours to run with GPS from the American manufacturer Garmin. Pre-order on the official website is already open, soon new items will appear in other stores.

Forerunner 45 falls into the initial category. The watch is equipped with a heart rate sensor, GPS, sleep tracking function, Body Battery, and a set of profiles for training in the gym and outdoors. They have access to free Garmin Coach adaptive workout plans. A choice of four colors and two sizes - 39 and 42 mm.

Forerunner 245 Music is the successor to the popular Forerunner 235 model. New features include music options with the ability to listen to streaming audio from the Spotify and Deezer services, as well as download tracks to the internal storage. The watch is also equipped with heart rate sensors and Pulse Ox. The latter determines how well the body absorbs oxygen during exercise. In the next update the watch will get the function of tracking women's health.

Forerunner 945 is a top-level offer. The watch has a built-in media storage, a contactless payment system, an emergency call function and a huge set of various sport modes, adjusted for heat, acclimatization and individual human indicators.

Garmin Forerunner 935: the best watch with GPS and heart rate monitor for running

Price: 29 999 rubles

While the Forerunner 945 has not yet become widely available, the Forerunner 935 remains the best watch with a focus on running - light, precise and incredibly comfortable.

They are designed to track various types of running activity, including trailing. The Elevate's Heart Rate Sensor provides pulse tracking not only during class, but throughout the day. In addition to the pulse, speed, pace and distance, the watch collects information about the degree of oxygen absorption in the body, calculates individual performance indicators and the recommended rest time.

The optical sensor demonstrates high informational content at occupations of medium intensity, however, during heavy loads its accuracy drops. For the most accurate calculations together with the Forerunner 935, it is recommended to use the chest-type heart rate monitor ANT +. The watch can also work in conjunction with the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod running dynamics sensor, which defines six running modes, the duration of the foot's contact with the ground, the stride length, and many other indicators.

Forerunner 935 is a sports watch with GPS and heart rate monitor for a wide audience. They are suitable for those who are serious about training, and those who are engaged from time to time. Nonprofessional athletes can also look at more budget options like the Forerunner 235 or Forerunner 245, and for marathoners, Garmin Fenix ​​5 will seem an interesting model.

Garmin Forerunner 35: Best Cheap GPS Watch for Running

Price: 11 790 rubles

Many running hours have impressive functionality and are not cheap. But there are also options for those who want a good watch with GPS and a heart rate monitor without Olympic-level statistics. One of them - Garmin Forerunner 35, wearable gadget for collecting data on the pace, distance and heart rate.

Like other members of the Garmin line, the Forerunner 35 is equipped with Elevate heart rate technology. It gives a clear picture of the pulse at low and medium intensity loads. To obtain detailed information about the work of the heart under high loads, an ANT + chest pulse meter should be connected to the clock.

The design is simple and neat. The screen holds a lot of useful information. Due to its water resistance, 5 ATM watches can be used during rain and in the pool. For lovers of swimming, cycling and cardiovascular provided the appropriate modes.

At about the same price, the next generation sports watch, the Garmin Forerunner 45, will soon be available. In terms of design, they are distinguished by a round dial, and the range of functions is about the same.

Garmin Forerunner 235: the best cheap running watch №2

Price: 17 290 rubles

Now this is one of the best deals: the clock is already 4 years old, and after the announcement of the Forerunner 245 the price for them has dropped even lower. This is the first model, which was developed taking into account thin wrists, so it is recommended primarily for women.

This running watch uses an optical heart rate monitor from Elevate (it also stands in the Garmin Forerunner 935, which are priced at twice the price). From the premium level devices, the Forerunner 235 has acquired the technology of changing the level of oxygen in the blood. In addition, it provides a complete set of basic functions, including tracking sleep, the number of steps, etc. In the Garmin line of sports gadgets there are not too many cheap hours to run with such a set of functions.

Garmin Fenix ​​5S Plus: the best women's running watch

Price: 61 450 rubles

This wearable gadget looks like a normal smart watch. It is aimed at serious athletes and athletes with thin wrists. At 42 mm case weight is 69 g.

5S Plus - a reduced version of the Fenix ​​5 Plus without compromising the technical capabilities. It has a Google Pay contactless payment system, heart rate monitor, built-in storage, color cards, access to Garmin Connect IQ, and an incredible set of statistics collection tools.

There are modes for both popular and specific sports - running, cycling, swimming, golf, kayaking, rowing, etc. The accessory works with the GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems. With a permanently on GPS, it will work up to 11 hours. In normal mode, autonomy is about a week.

Polar Vantage M: the best women's running watch №2

Price: 19 990 rubles

Stylish Polar Vantage V (presented below) will not be affordable for everyone. Its closest alternative from the same manufacturer is Vantage M.

Model M has almost all the functions of its dear fellow, different convenient design, the presence of interchangeable straps and decent autonomy (about 30 hours in active mode).

Smart sports watches not only collect statistics on physical activity, but also analyze it to help optimize workloads and allocate enough time to recover between sessions. This is an accessory for those who understand that high sporting achievements depend not only on exhausting workouts, but also on proper rest.

Polar Vantage V: the best watches for interval training

Price: 34 990 rubles

The Polar Vantage V has replaced the Polar V800 of 2014. Thanks to an expanded set of statistical tools, the gadget has become one of the professional-grade sports accessories.

In addition to monitoring heart rate, Vantage V tracks the power of running without the use of additional accessories. The power of running is the force applied by an athlete to push off from the ground and keep running at current speed. In a sense, it is a more accurate measure of efficiency than the pulse. With proper use of data on the power of running help wisely use the body's reserves and save energy over long distances.

This is not all. Polar Vantage V is a watch with GPS and a heart rate monitor for running, which helps its owner to optimize rest intervals. 40 hours of battery life - a clear advantage over the Polar V800, as well as design, and a set of training modes.

Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus: the best watch for lovers of running to music

Price: 61 450 rubles

Amateur athlete may seem that Fenix ​​5 Plus is oversaturated with settings. However, thanks to a recent update, this running watch has acquired a curious feature that will interest a wide audience.

Fenix ​​5 Plus is one of the best watches with an emphasis on running, there is no doubt about that. For all types of outdoor activities, they offer specialized modes. There is an option for regular running, running on natural terrain (trail running), hiking, SUP surfing and even parachuting.

Blood oxygen saturation, recovery time of the body, the expected effectiveness of training and much more is able to measure the built-in optical sensor. Such abundant statistics of running activity in the entire line of Garmin except Fenix ​​5 Plus offers only Forerunner 935.

For those who do not get hung up on a single route, the watch offers a set of color maps with the ability to load custom routes in GPX format. This is their main difference from the basic model Fenix ​​5.

The latest update brought the ability to offline play tracks from Spotify. Add to this the support of the Garmin Pay payment system, and you will get some of the best multifunctional sports watches.

Suunto 9: the best running watch with a large battery

Price: 33 990 rubles

In addition to running, they offer a huge amount of other activities, but the manufacturer paid most attention to autonomy. In the hardest power saving mode with GPS enabled, the gadget will last 120 hours.

Before starting the workout, the watch will notify the user how much charge remains. Switch to energy saving mode can be right in the process of training.

Hours give out surprisingly accurate speed indicators. The function FusedSpeed ​​is responsible for this: it compares satellite geodata with information obtained from the acceleration sensor. This is especially necessary when running over rough terrain, during interval training, and also in cases where the GPS signal is lost due to tall buildings, trees, or other obstructions.

Despite all the interesting features, some users are unhappy with the Suunto 9 interface and the poor mobile app. So if convenience and sporting functionality are more autonomous for you, pay attention to the Garmin sports running watch line.

Apple Watch Series 4: the best smart watch with running monitoring

Price: from 26 600 rubles

The first Apple Watch was not sharpened either for running or for other sports activities. Since then, much has changed: now watchOS 5 offers everything you need for work and for active pastime.

The built-in GPS module catches satellites almost instantly. Watches can be synchronized with playlists at Apple Music, and they can also be paid for in stores that have Apple Pay terminals. The watch has a modification with LTE-module, in this case streaming music playback and mobile communication are supported.

WatchOS 5 is available not only for the fourth, but also for the third and second generation Apple Watch. It contains many new features that will be useful for runners. In the application "Training" added a sliding pace (an indicator of how long you have crossed the last kilometer), the average cadence, as well as the automatic detection of running.

Apple services are a pretty good ecosystem for runners, but many still prefer specialized applications designed for sporting needs. After Apple opened access to geodata for third-party applications, the watch became fully compatible with many popular platforms like Strava. The statistics are not the most voluminous - limited by the pace, the duration of the race, the distance and the heart rate. The pulsometer in the Apple Watch 4 does not have medical precision, but it is excellent for the consumer class: with high-intensity workouts, it lies no more than a sports watch from Garmin and Suunto.

Fitbit Ionic: the best Fitbit watch for running

Price: from 15 000 rubles

Ionic is the only Fitbit watch with integrated GPS. Like Apple Watch, they offer a sufficient set of tools to track fitness activity at the amateur level. Key features - measurement of pace, distance traveled, calories expended. There are not so many additional parameters, therefore this gadget can be recommended only to those who run infrequently and for entertainment, and not for the sake of serious achievements.

Autonomy is decent - about 10 hours with active use with GPS and 4 days in standby mode.

Amazfit Stratos: Budget GPS Running Watch

Price: 10 990 rubles

The Amazfit brand, which is not too popular in the sports environment and is owned by the Chinese company Huami, largely copies Garmin. It turns out not bad.

Amazfit Stratos monitors running activity, elliptical trainers, cycling, swimming, triathlon, mountaineering, trail running, tennis, football and downhill skiing. There is support for GPS and GLONASS, synchronization with Strava, you can upload music and your own routes in GPX format to the gadget.

Amazfit has its own FirstBeat analysis system, which offers advanced statistics similar to Garmin. Included are data on oxygen consumption. The optical heart rate sensor can not boast of high accuracy, but this is offset by the fact that Amazfit Stratos is able to work in conjunction with chest pulse meters.

He has a lot of functions, but it’s not worth waiting for something like Garmin, although in general this is not the worst gadget from the category of running hours.

Coros Apex: Budget Running Watch GPS # 2

Price: 29 990 rubles

Coros specializes in making smart bicycle helmets. The company's first attempt to enter the market of sports watches took place in early 2018, when the Coros Pace model was announced. Soon followed by Coros Apex.

Coros Apex is available in two sizes - 42 and 46 mm. In technical terms, there are no differences: both versions of the sports watch offer GPS and GLONASS support, heart rate monitoring, an AI load analyzer and a rest mode. With geolocation enabled, autonomy is 25 hours for a 42 mm model and 35 hours for a larger one.

The accompanying application is stable and highly informative. It is possible to send data to Strava and TrainingPeaks. If the Garmin and Polar lines are not affordable for you, have a look at Coros Apex. These watches may not have won millions of fans, but they are definitely worth the attention.