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Top 360-degree cameras

The first panoramic cameras with a 360-degree viewing angle were useless - there are few application scenarios, and the picture quality is mediocre. Now that the technology has matured, practical benefits have emerged.

The latest generation of 360 cameras is equipped with high resolution sensors and video stabilization. The materials captured on a panoramic 360-degree camera look good, they are not ashamed to be used in blogs, portfolios and for various creative purposes.


What are the advantages of a 360-degree camera?

The 360-degree camera has a very compact size. She is able to shoot both 4K video and high-quality static photos, but at the same time allows to achieve effects that ordinary shooting equipment is not capable of. To do this, the camera 360 has two wide-angle lenses - one at the front and one at the back. After shooting, the material from both sensors is combined, and the user gets a 360-degree panorama at the exit.

Since the camera 360 and so has the maximum possible viewing angle, you do not need to rotate it, removing the space around. Many models do not have a display for previewing material, but this feature is often available in a mobile application, if the camera supports connecting to a smartphone.

Insta360 One X

Price: 35 000 rubles

There are several reasons why Insta360 One X is one of the most popular cameras 360 degrees. The model is the receiver of the Insta360 One, and in almost all respects it surpasses its predecessor. One X can shoot video in 5.7K resolution at 30 FPS or 4K at 50 FPS (PAL standard), as well as photos in 18 MP resolution.

One X has HDR mode and excellent video stabilization, so many use it as an action camera. Capturing LOG video and RAW photos helps maximize image potential.

All settings are changed in the accompanying mobile application. There are also tools for processing and exporting video, converting a spherical panorama into a regular 2D movie, stabilization, deceleration, etc.

But Insta360 One X has one major drawback: a full battery charge lasts just 40 minutes of work. The rest is an impressive camera set with a great smartphone app at a reasonable price.

Insta360 EVO

Price: 35 000 rubles

The Insta360 EVO is a 360 degree camera with a unique hinge design. It can shoot 180-degree rollers in stereoscopic 3D or full-fledged 360-degree in 2D. Features Insta360 EVO are very similar to One X: 5.7K video is supported at a speed of 30 FPS, 4K at 50 FPS and 18 MP static photos.

Stabilization works as smoothly as in One X. There is support for RAW and LOG. But if One X is more of an action camera, then EVO is a tool for creating video and then watching it in VR. One X is more suitable if you are going to share the footage in standard formats. If you expect to use video for viewing in VR, then the choice should be in favor of the EVO model and its 3D capabilities.

Rico theta z1

Price: 75 000 rubles

Ricoh Theta Z1 is a professional-grade camera and costs twice as much as the Insta360 One X. Its unique feature is the sensor. It has the largest size in the entire segment of 360-degree cameras - one inch. In combination with high-end optics, it provides the best image quality in the category of professional devices.

A large-sized sensor has advantages when shooting in low light and at night: the color rendition remains natural, the loss of detail in shadows and highlights is minimal. Also, the matrix Ricoh Theta Z1 has a higher dynamic range compared to the standard 1 / 2.3 inch sensors. In simple terms, videos and photos captured on the Ricoh Theta Z1 look much better than shots from most ordinary action cameras.

But despite the high image quality, the Ricoh Theta Z1 produces 4K video at a speed of just 30 FPS. Capture 2K occurs at the same frame rate. Photographing is conducted in the resolution of 23 MP.

Theta + mobile application offers convenient tools for processing files and then exporting to the network.

GoPro Fusion

Price: 35 000 rubles

GoPro is a well-known and respected manufacturer of amateur cameras. Its first 360-degree camera is called Fusion. Its main features are 5.8K / 24 FPS, 5.2K / 30 FPS and 3K / 60 FPS.

The size of the sensor is small, but the camera is equipped with a decent set of lenses. Like the GoPro Hero, Fusion uses impressive stabilization technology, which in many cases eliminates the need for post-processing.

The size of the static image - 18 MP. The device is enclosed in a waterproof case, has a support for GoPro brand mounting. If you have a GoPro camera, you can add Fusion to the main system.

The GoPro Fusion desktop application is often criticized for slow processing of the footage. Nevertheless, the camera itself is an attractive choice for many purposes, including for underwater photography.

Rylo 360

Price: 45 000 rubles

Rylo 360 belongs to the class of action cameras, so the work of all its functions is debugged to the ideal. Technical capabilities are similar to the previous device: 5.8K / 24 FPS, 4K / 30 FPS plus stabilization of the cinematic level.

The accompanying application has an intuitive interface, you can use it to create creative videos: reformat the material, play at the playback speed, perform color correction.

One small drawback: the application can not view the footage in real time. But there is a tool to convert a 360-degree OverCapture video into a flat movie.


Garmin VIRB 360

Price: 65 000 rubles

Garmin's robust 360-degree action camera has a waterproof design with interchangeable lenses. This is a great choice for hiking and practicing extreme sports. It shoots 5.7K video at 30 frames per second, panoramic sound and 4K spherical stabilization are available.

This is one of the most expensive camera sets in the category of 360 cameras. According to many buyers and surveyors, software is its weak point. But the strength of the Garmin VIRB 360 is the abundance of sensors that allow you to capture not only photo / video, but also a lot of additional information: the camera has a built-in barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS module. Due to this, you can create the most informative video with overlays, for example, display geolocation or speed of movement over the image.

What are 360-degree cameras for?

If you believe the promotional video, then the camera 360 is chosen by fans of extreme sports and dangerous entertainment. In fact, it is not. To unlock the potential of the camera 360, it’s not necessary to jump from a skyscraper.

Panoramic camera 360 will be your reliable travel companion, it will help to capture the most vivid and unusual moments in fantastic panoramas that you want to return again and again. Also, such devices are popular among photographers who like to experiment with different ways of shooting.

Source: www.makeuseof.com