Top Apps for Writers and Bloggers

Mobile devices are not the best way to create content - the keyboard takes up a good half of the screen, which is already small, the buttons are small and inconvenient for large fingers, T9 constantly threatens to correct the correct phrase with complete nonsense. In terms of working on the text, neither the tablet nor the smartphone will be able to fully replace the computer, but with the modern active pace of life it is impossible to carry a laptop with you everywhere. And the muse, as you know, “does not come on schedule”.

Fortunately, in both Google Play and the App Store there are applications that allow writers and bloggers to “catch” the idea in order to create a quality text based on it.


Apps for writers on iOS

Alas, you can’t find free text editors in the App Store. The writer who does not want to pay for the software remains to be content with the built-in " Notes " and endure the functional scarcity of this program.

Masters of the word who are willing to spend money in order to get a permanent assistant, you should pay attention to the following applications.


459 p +

Byword - the most functional application on iOS for creating texts. The program supports Markdown, a lightweight formatting >Markdown allows you to use tables, pictures and videos. Content created in Byword does not need to be improved on a computer - it can be immediately published on a blog in WordPress or Tumblr .

Does Byword have any other advantages?

  1. Asceticism . In a person accustomed to Word, the Byword interface will cause astonishment. Before the writer is actually a blank sheet of paper - no toolbar can be seen, the screen is not obscured by the keyboard half. There is also a minimum of settings: only the font style and letter size.
  2. Integration with "cloud" services . The document is easy to throw in Dropbox and iCloud . Thus, by starting to create content on the iPhone , you can finish it on Mac.
  3. A wide list of supported formats . Byword not only works with the standard. doc , rtf and. txt , but also with. pdf and. html files.

Acquisition Byword "fly into a pretty penny": the application costs 459 rubles. However, once spent on the purchase of this program, the user will hardly ever feel the need to change the text editor on the iPhone.


iA Writer is a utility created by domestic developers. The main advantage of this program is simplicity: there is not a single item on the screen or in the “Toolbar” that would have doubts about its usefulness. The minimalistic appearance of the application ensures the writer comfortable work on the text.

However, the benefits of iA Writer are not limited to a well-developed interface. The writer should also pay attention to the following points:

  1. iA Writer helps you create truly literate text . The program independently finds syntax errors and word repetitions and makes corrections. In addition, the application is able to advise which of the proposals should be rephrased so that the text is read as easily as possible.
  2. iA Writer ensures that documents are not missing . You can synchronize with iCloud and Dropbox cloud storages and edit recordings created on iPhone using a Mac or iPad .
  3. iA Writer keeps documents in order . It is extremely important for a writer who hosts several projects, a copywriter and especially a student to keep order in the records. Therefore, the ability to sort documents into folders in iA Writer usually comes in handy.

iA Writer costs only slightly less than Byword - 379 rubles, but from the functional point of view it seriously loses: in iA Writer , for example, there is no support for the Markdown formatting >, which means that the text from this program will be a “sheet” when published in a blog. .

Applications for writers on Android

The Google Play store, in contrast to the App Store, is full of free applications for writing notes and working on text.

JotterPad X: Writer

JotterPad is an Android notepad designed for creative personalities. From other applications for notes it is distinguished by the presence of several embedded text formats. If the user chooses, say, the “ Poem ” format, he will not have to figure out how to center the text and separate one line from another.

For what other reasons does the JotterPad e-notebook deserve attention?

  1. Laconic design - perhaps the key criterion when choosing a text editor. The developers left only the most necessary menu items and, moreover, hid them so that they did not distract the writer. All that the user sees in front of him is a clean sheet.
  2. Lots of innovative features. For example, JotterPad gives the user the opportunity to select one of the exclusive fonts from the company Hoefler Co, as well as upload their fonts. In addition, the application includes an English dictionary, online syntax estimation function, and night mode (white text on a black background).
  3. Synchronization with the "cloud". All created texts can be instantly saved to Dropbox .

The few complaints of users on JotterPad , as a rule, are associated with the absence of Markdown markup >JotterPad is already insolence: the functionality of the program is already too good for free software.


Developer: Quip, Inc.

The main feature of the text editor Quip is that it allows you to work on the same document to multiple users online. In this case, each of the users will be aware of the edits that make the rest.

Quip's entire work area is divided into 3 sections: Notes (Inbox) , Documents, and Chat . In the " Notes " section, the user creates the text, via the " Documents " connects one or several people to evaluate and make edits, and finally, in the " Chat " discusses corrections. You can edit an already finished document - import from Evernote , Google Drive and Dropbox is supported.

Thus, the Quip application is great for corporate use as well as for individual use or for writing books in collaboration. Its only drawback is the need for a stable Internet connection for collective editing, however, you can make edits yourself offline.

Blog platforms for Android and iOS

Text created using one of the above programs, a blogger can be published directly from a mobile device. Famous blogging platforms are available on Google Play and the AppStore as applications.


Developer: Automattic

The cross-platform Word Press application makes it possible to “look after” several blogs at once, regardless of whether they are hosted on or hosted by a blogger.

What specifically does a Word Press application allow a blogger to do?

  1. Correct all sorts of errors in already published content.
  2. Moderate comments and give readers answers.
  3. Post new notes created literally "on the go."
  4. Analyze visitor statistics to always be aware of where readers come from most often.

On thematic forums and in the reviews you can find enough complaints about the mobile Word Press , but this is not a reason to refuse to use the program. First , the best blogging application is still not found, and secondly , with each update, the mobile version takes giant steps forward. Basic functions are regularly improved and new ones appear - say, the latest version of Word Press allows you to publish pictures directly from the gadget camera. An obvious advantage of the program is that it can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Live journal

Developer: Rambler Co

The platform, which is used by a significant number of domestic bloggers, unfortunately, does not yet have a decent mobile version. The LiveJournal app is on both Google Play and the AppStore — in the store for Apple gadgets, it is presented in as many as 3 variations: for iPhone , for iPad, and universal . However, each version has a rather low average rating of users who are not lazy to write extensive angry comments.

Among the positive aspects of the Live Journal application, users note:

  1. Attractive design.
  2. A unique opportunity to open several user accounts at once - other applications for maintaining LJ cannot.
  3. Integration with social networks. Liked articles easily put on a page on Facebook or Twitter .
  4. The ability to publish photos directly from the camera.

However, Word Press can do all this, which is devoid of the many flaws of the Live Journal . The main complaints of users to the application are regular “departures” and the lack of access to the top publications. Minor inconveniences are also noted: many users express themselves critically about the fact that the application makes it necessary to write each word with a capital letter.

Owners of Android smartphones are at least not as offensive as iPhone and iPad users: the application is available on Google Play for free, and it is downloaded from the AppStore for money (regardless of the version). Universal application costs 459 rubles - this amount seems sufficient to rely on quality.


Developer: Google LLC

Another blogging application whose rainbow description on Google Play contrasts sharply with the content of negative comments. It should be immediately noted that Blogger is not a cross-platform application - it is not in the AppStore . However, iPhone and iPad owners have access to their Blogger posts - they can edit content on this platform through the BlogGo mobile client.

Blogger on Android provides the user with all the necessary functions - the writer can:

  • Post new notes and edit existing ones.
  • Switch between multiple blogs.
  • Embed illustrations from the gallery and pictures directly from the camera.

An unpleasant surprise is the instability of the application. According to user feedback, the program constantly crashes - no matter how many updates come out, the problem remains relevant.

In addition, writers point out that uploading photos to a Blogger post is a real torture. For example, changing photos in places is impossible - you have to delete pictures and upload again.

From the above we conclude that the Blogger program has something to improve. However, even with the existing flaws, the rating of this application on Google Play is higher than that of Live Journal .


Developer: Tumblr, Inc.

Tumblr is not just another blogging tool (like Blogger ), but a whole social network of fans to keep electronic diaries. The user is not limited only by his blog - he can read and comment on other people's posts, which the application will recommend, taking into account his personal interests. Unfortunately, Tumblr is not yet very popular among Russian-speaking users.

What does a Tumblr mobile app do for a blogger?

  1. Perform reblog . Reblog is a unique Tumblr feature that allows you to post other people's posts on your blog (of course, without violating intellectual property rights), as well as add comments to these posts.
  2. Change the design of your own blog . In terms of design, the user is limited only by the imagination and technical means of the smartphone. The application itself does not recognize limits: you can change fonts, colors, add pictures, notes, quotes. Tumblr works with GIF-animation: “gif” is placed even as the main image.
  3. Chat with other bloggers directly . If the reader leaves a comment on the post, it is not known whether the blogger will notice him and will consider it necessary to answer it. Therefore, Tumblr allows you to send private messages to the authors of blogs to which the user is subscribed - such letters will not be left without attention!

The Tumblr app is available for download on Google Play and on the AppStore for free.


Unfortunately, Russians do not have the opportunity to fully use some high-quality and useful applications for writing books due to the fact that these programs are not Russified. For example, the Character Story Planner application, which allows you to develop images of literary characters, is truly priceless for a writer.

Domestic bloggers are also forced to experience inconvenience when using mobile devices to create entries. WordPress is the only well-designed blogging application . Those who blog on Blogger or Live Journal are less fortunate - on Google Play both programs have very low marks. In the AppStore, however, Blogger is not at all, and for LiveJournal they are asking for a sum that is clearly not in line with the quality of the program.

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