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Even experienced users of smartphones sometimes face difficulties in managing one or another function of the gadget - which is to say about the people who take the smartphone in their hands for the first time. It became unprofitable for a wallet to ask for help from consultants in the salons - all settings have recently been paid, and only when buying a gadget you can count on a brief briefing. Where to look for help?

Both beginners and advanced users will benefit from yanqex.com website guides on using gadgets. On our site you can detailed and illustrated instructions for smartphones with the most common operating systems.

Work with documents on the iPhone

Editing Office documents is a procedure that people have to perform daily; It would be strange if Apple gadgets would not allow this. Correct ...

Passwords on iPhone: how to install, restore, reset

If one of the passwords set on the iPhone is forgotten, the situation is not hopeless. In 99% of cases, iPhone passwords can be reset by installing new ones. How to do this, you will learn ...

Why is the iPhone hot?

Overheating of the iPhone can be caused by both a factory defect and inattentive actions of the user himself. It is difficult for a non-professional to identify the cause for 100% precisely - therefore ...

How to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone?

The flash of the rear camera of the iPhone can be used not only for its intended purpose - it can also fulfill the role of a flashlight. Turn on and off the flashlight on the "apple" ...

What kind of sim card is needed for the iPhone?

With easy submission of Apple, SIM cards entered into 3 different formations at once. We will help you figure out which SIM is put on the iPhone or Aypad of one or another generation.

How to disable screen lock on Android?

Some people think that the lock screen on modern smartphones is not needed at all. If you think so too, then get acquainted with the material, which describes the process ...

How to delete history on iPhone?

Accumulated cache, cookies, massive call histories and browsing pages on the Internet - all this hinders the iPhone. Users prefer to put up with the inconvenience, although ...

How to close an application on Android?

The Android operating system is easy to learn. But some newbies still face problems - they cannot understand how to close the application here.