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Smartphones OnePlus

The OnePlus company is one of the youngest Chinese manufacturers of smartphones, the brainchild of the former vice-president of the Oppo firm P. Lau. OnePlus was formed at the end of 2013, but in the spring of 2014 introduced the first smartphone, which immediately gained fame as the “flagship killer” due to its rich functionality, reasonable price, as well as long-term warranty support for customers.

The firm is building its reputation as an uncompromising fighter for the fair value of smartphones - even its slogan reads “Never Settle!”.

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Why are OnePlus smartphones unique?

The originality of the VanPlus smartphones from our catalog is manifested in the following:

  • Packaging . It is curious that a separate box is provided for a branded charger for the company's smartphones. The design of both packages is minimalist, but they look very attractive and unusual.
  • Screen TOL technology is used, that is, the matrix, the Gorilla Glass protective screen and the capacitive panel are tightly glued, there are no air gaps between them. Due to this, the colors remain saturated, the images are perfectly visible in the sun. There is a drawback to this technology - the repair of such a design will definitely fly into a pretty penny.
  • Ceramic smartphone . The company OnePlus released a limited edition mobile phones OnePlus X Ceramic Edition . The strength of the analogs of this smartphone is not: the case is made of anodized metal, the front and rear devices are protected by special inserts, whose hardness on the Mohs scale is 8.5H. This means that you can only scratch the device with copper. The uniqueness of the material affects the cost of the gadget - compared to a simple OnePlus X, ceramic costs $ 100 more.

Overview of the pros and cons of OnePlus smartphones

For their value, smartphones are equipped with outstanding features. For example, the OnePlus X and OnePlus ONE models have a 3 GB RAM, which allows you to completely forget about the “brakes”, and a 13 megapixel camera with phase autofocus and the ability to shoot in 4K format.

However, there are also disadvantages. Say, OnePlus ONE does not have a flash card slot and does not remove the battery. The same gadget was criticized for the insufficient number of accessories on sale and for the unfortunate design - the frames around the screen are too large, which is why the gadget seems too huge.

Oneplus: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Who does not like stories about outsiders and losers, who took and broke into the lead? The stakes are always against the outsider, so success is especially sweet for them.

Review OnePlus 5T

The best smartphone without the best camera. The device with point improvements in performance and a slight increase in cost compared to OnePlus 5 released six months ago.

Announced OnePlus 5T

Frameless 6-inch screen, high-quality camera, attractive price and other advantages.

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The best and most controversial smartphone of this Chinese manufacturer. Since the company does not issue other models, all bets are placed on it. Was this approach justified?