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Is it possible to mine cryptocurrency using a smartphone?

In order to speed up the process of cryptocurrency mining, modern miners are ready to use even their smartphones. But is it worth it?

In 2017, the real hysteria associated with the extraction of cryptocurrency began. It seems there are no indifferent to bitcoins - everyone either tried it or is still trying to get the coveted coin. The reason for the growing popularity of cryptocurrency was, of course, the rapid increase in its value relative to the usual, “real” currencies.

Every miner is well aware of the main rule of extraction of a “crypt”: the more computing clusters you use, the higher your chances of achieving success . And if earlier only ordinary central processing units (CPUs) were involved in the business, over time, the “getters” started using video cards (GPUs) and even smartphones. It is about how to mine cryptocurrency on a smartphone, which programs will help in this and how much mobile mining is generally advisable, we will tell.


Applications for mining on Android OS

Mine Bitcoins through a smartphone without a special application will not work. The following programs will be useful to the cryptocurrency miner.

MinerGate Mobile Miner

MinerGate - “classics of the genre”, the most famous mobile mining application. The program miners into pools and "parallelizes" the calculations between them to achieve maximum production efficiency. Due to this, each earner is “in proportion”.

The main advantage of the application is simplicity. To start mining, just enter the email, select the currency in the list and click the "Start" button. The disadvantage is that Bitcoin (like Monero) will not work for free. The program offers to buy cloud mining for BTC.

We strongly recommend not to set a high mining speed ("high"). The phone will start to hang, it will be impossible to use it for the main purpose.

ARM Miner

ARM Miner is an even simpler, even primitive tool for mining a "crypt." No registration is needed, there is only one button - “ Start ” (aka “ Stop ”). Despite this, you should not underestimate the application - it is considered the oldest program for mining Bitcoins.

The obvious disadvantage of the ARM Miner application is intrusive advertising that appears on the screen at an approximate frequency of every 2 minutes. About the availability of advertising developer honestly warns in the Play Market. You can get rid of advertising by purchasing the Pro version of the program, which costs 69 rubles.

Bitcoin Miner - Earn Free BTC

Bitcoin Miner is a rather unusual application with good grades. A feature of this program is that you can start mining only after entering the referral code. Where to get this code? Enough to climb on the reviews in the Play Market - just find a few options.

Bitcoin Miner is also very simple: there is no need to press any buttons here - the mining starts automatically. The user is offered several tariff plans at once: one free (speed - 128 Mh / s) and two paid ones with increased speeds.


The HashFlare program is already a tool for advanced miners, newcomers are hardly suitable. The user of the application will have to purchase at least one hash rate - only after that he will be able to distribute the power between the pools of the miners.

Note: pools miner has the right to choose their own!

Before starting mining, the user must complete a full registration with entering e-mail, setting a password and a PIN code, adding a personal BTC wallet in the profile. It is possible to withdraw the extracted and bank transfer, but for this you have to accumulate on the account the amount of $ 500. What taking into account the speed of mobile mining is very difficult to do.

HashFlare is chosen by those miners who want to be sure that they will not be "at the bottom of the trough." Heshfleer is a large company registered in Estonia, its contacts can be easily found on the official website hashflare.io and on specialized forums. Employees of the company regularly take part in various conferences and forums devoted to cryptocurrency. Miner, using the service, can withdraw funds at least every day. So cheating in collaboration with Hashflare is excluded.

Mining on Apple's smartphone: is it possible?

There are also applications for mining on Apple gadgets, but they are fewer, because the manufacturer does not approve of the long-running programs on their smartphones and tablets in the background. It should be noted that only the latest Apple devices with modern processors, whose performance is quite high, and with the OS of one of the latest versions (preferably from 11.0) are suitable for mining cryptocurrencies.

The launch of mining on the iPhone of the 4th or 5th modifications will almost certainly “paralyze” the mobile device.

To the miners using the iPhone, you can pay attention to the following applications:

  • Mobile Cryptocurrency Miner is a simple and concise program, demanding for "OSes" (iOS version is not lower than 11.1).
  • Coinface is an application for cloud mining of cryptocurrencies, which allows you to display earned time in 24 hours and suitable for communication with other miners. Works on devices with iOS version above 9.0.
  • MobileMiner - a program created by Elias Limneos (jailbreak developer), alas, is not represented in the AppStore. You will have to build the program yourself using a developer account. The MobileMiner application is suitable for use on devices with A11 processors - that is, on 8th generation iPhones and model X.

Is it worth trying?

Having tested some of the mining programs on smartphones running Android, we collected the results in a table:


Maximum hashrate



10 H / s

Approximately 1 ruble per day

ARM Miner

1.742 Kh / s

About 1 cent in 3 hours

Bitcoin miner

128 Mh / s

About 1 cent per hour

That is, if you force the smartphone through the Bitcoin Miner program (which seemed to be the brightest) to get the currency the whole day, it will “run” around 14-15 rubles. The popular MinerGate does allow the user to get only 1-2 rubles a day. Without a doubt, the effectiveness of mobile mining depends on the performance of the processor (we used MediaTek MT6737), however, we have to admit: even if you use a smartphone with the most modern CPU for mining, you will not get rich . At best, it will be possible to earn money on the way home from work.

Users who believe that “the game is worth the candle” still need to remember about the negative aspects of mobile mining:

  • During mining, the gadget heats up noticeably - this can lead to an early deterioration of the battery.
  • Smartphone processors are not designed for long-term continuous loads - CPU wear will be rapid.
  • When mining, the smartphone hangs - it is simply inconvenient to use it.
  • The battery charge is literally "on the eyes" - the miner needs to understand that, receiving revenues from production, he also bears the cost of electricity.


Mining cryptocurrency on a smartphone is a completely inexpedient thing. For the sake of "kopecks", a mobile miner threatens his gadget, runs the risk of disabling his battery and processor and facing the need to send the device for expensive repairs. In this case, the income is very small: if the user tries to calculate how much money he takes to pay for electricity to recharge the device, he will most likely find that he has no profit at all .

The user, who still decides to try to turn his smartphone into a mini-farm for mining, should take a closer look at the choice of the mobile application and give preference to the proven option. Many of these programs are labeled antivirus as unreliable, and this is an alarming signal. Stumbling on scammers, you will lose even those crumbs of profits that cryptocurrency can bring on a smartphone.

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  • Kick-ass, of course, but I would choose the mining of the elektronum, at least it is mined through the androyd there you need to download the Electroneum application of the play-market, and register and start mining right in the application. There, you can still get 1% on top of what you want for all the time, there you have to press the "more" button in the application menu below, then click "referral program", then click "enter code" and enter this crap - 47585E. You will also have your own invite code. Crap at first glance, but the more coins the better)

    • What is needed for mining on a smartphone:

      - in advance, cryptocurrency developers provide for a mining mechanism on such a device as a smartphone, but only in their own production and / or in cooperation with any manufacturer;
      - at the final stage of production, pre-installed specially developed software;
      - the production process is configured, tested, the optimal configuration is selected;
      - initially it is possible to get a coin only on this developed device, and more, on any other. This is the minimum for expediency and successful mining on a smartphone. And I will surprise you, even the supernatural characteristics of the device are not necessary!

      SWAT token is being distributed, details: vk.com/pocketminer.store. The coin will be mine on the Pocket Miner smartphone.

  • You can perfectly save yourself the payment for the Internet and telephone)))
    Turned on and forgot.
    Of course, mobile mining has far less power than a farm.
    Regarding electricity, mda .. seriously? Playing the game on the phone or watching a movie, you need to charge the phone much more often, every 3 - 4 hours.
    You just need to choose a program that does not heal all the power of your phone and set the mining mode, which will not interfere with the operation of your phone, and accordingly spoil your device.
    For example, "department nepalevnoy ...)))" BatMiner. By the way, BatMiner can be used both on computers and on smarms (Android users)