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3 reasons to buy a budget smartphone

Buying a reliable and powerful smartphone can hit the budget a lot. That is why manufacturers offer several different lines.

  • Bonus for those who do not mind spending 50+ thousand for the latest mobile innovations;
  • Mid-budget for those who want to buy a quality product and save a little;
  • Ultra budget for the most economical and unpretentious users.

According to numerous polls, people acquire new smartphones every 1.5-2 years. Nobody forbids you to go with the same mobile phone and 5 years, but anyway, sooner or later the day will come when you think about buying a new one.

State employees - the most popular category. They occupy 2/3 of the store shelves. Most of them have the same characteristics, but among them there are instances with unique chips.

Buy a budget smartphone produced in 2018 is a good idea. There are at least 3 reasons for this.

1. A state employee is just what you need for little money.

If you are looking only at one specific characteristic, for example, good autonomy, in the budget segment there is exactly what to choose.

Some mid-sized smartphones are able to perform some of the premium functions — unlock on the owner’s face, record video in HD, and charge without a cable. Of course, such a mobile phone will not cost 5 or 10 thousand, but it will still be cheaper than the flagship. The bottom line is that for a small price you can get exactly as many features as you need.

2. A state employee is no longer a compromise between quality and price.

Manufacturers of cheap devices, for example, Xiaomi , have to comply with a high level, since the consumer can no longer be lured by cheap consumer goods.

Therefore, the segment of low-cost technology is actively developing. Five years ago, state employees represented a pitiful semblance of smartphones - they broke down after a month of use, their already dull screens burned out, the camera shot worse than ever. Today, in inexpensive mobile phones you can find top-end processors made from high-quality materials, moisture protection and durable glass. And in design and diagonal length, they are definitely not inferior to premium devices.

3. A state employee will help limit network hobbies

The simplest smartphone will easily fulfill all of its basic missions - to call, chat, search the Internet for information. If you feel that the time has come to limit yourself in games and surfing, whoever is not a state employee will help you out: with a small screen you will definitely not sit for hours in the browser, and the rollers in PUBG will no longer bring much joy. However, you will always stay in touch. And more is not needed.

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