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A mobile application is a program designed specifically for a smartphone, communicator or tablet. Applications are created for a specific operating system (for example, iOS or Android) to perform any task. Such tasks can be solving a life problem, business assistance, or just user entertainment.

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Where can I download applications?

The most important mobile apps are always installed in gadgets by default. In particular, the first applications are considered to be the contact book and the service for sending SMS messages. With the development of cellular communication and programming technology, mobile software has gone far ahead, and gadgets have evolved from communication tools to multifunctional tools.

You can install the application on iPhone only through the official AppStore - a similar restriction serves for security and virus protection. The best applications on Android are placed on Google Play - this store can boast a greater number of free programs in Russian than the AppStore. Third-party programs (including personally developed ones) are installed on Android - there is no restriction on downloading from Google Play only . Owners of smartphones with Windows Mobile should contact the Microsoft Store , but there are still few applications, because the store has just entered the stage of active development.

Do I have to pay for applications?

In the app stores are available both paid and free programs. Most of the programs are distributed according to the freemium model, which assumes that the user can install an application for free with limited functionality, but will have to pay for the full functionality. Afraid that the spending will be impressive, it is not worth it - many programs have more than a liberal price that does not exceed 100 rubles.

The theme of mobile applications is completely diverse. About what applications occupy a leading position in their niches, you can learn from the collections of our site.

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