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Information for copyright holders

Site yanqex.com is publicly available to all users and operates in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

In addition to posting author articles for site editors, yanqex.com provides users with the opportunity to post various information on the Site. The administration of yanqex.com assumes that by publishing this or that content on the Site, the user acts lawfully, without violating anyone's rights and legitimate interests. The Administration of the Site does not perform the moderation of information published by users, which corresponds to the generally accepted international practice of placing information on the Internet.

yanqex.com also supports the viewing of photo content and video content of other Internet sites on the Website. Due to the fact that such video content is hosted on third-party resources and not related to yanqex.com, yanqex.com does not have the ability to perform any actions in relation to such content and is not responsible for it.

The administration of yanqex.com respects the intellectual property of others and immediately responds to legitimate complaints about infringements of copyright and other rights and removes content illegally posted on yanqex.com.

Therefore, if you are the copyright holder of exclusive property rights to information (product), including:

- exclusive reproduction right;
- exclusive right to distribute;
- exclusive right to public display;
- the exclusive right to bring to the public, and you unlawfully found on the Site in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation posted work, the rights to use of which belong to you or a person whose representative you are, send a notice of this to e-mail: admin @ setphone .ru , specifying:

  • The address of the yanqex.com website page that contains the information (product) that violates the rights.
  • description of the essence of the violation
  • data of the right holder and confirmation of his authorship.

After receiving the letter, we will try to consider your complaint as soon as possible and take appropriate action.