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BQ smartphones

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BQ is a Russian smartphone brand, offering a wide range of models, mainly in the middle and low-end segments.

BQ introduced the flagship BQ-5517L Twin Pro

The Russian manufacturer BQ has expanded its line of devices with the model BQ-5517L Twin Pro. The novelty has become an improved version of the smartphone BQ-5516L Twin.

BQ-5515L Fast Review

How much, in your opinion, should a smartphone with a dual camera, a fingerprint scanner and an IPS-display, made using 2.5D technology cost? If you called a five-digit amount ...

BQ-5707G Next Music Review

BQ brand smartphones cannot be reproached with one thing for sure - in a quiet sound. It is better not to set alarms on BQ devices at full volume, since you can wake up your neighbors, and ...

BQ-5508L Next LTE Review

The Next series from BQ received an update that cannot be called long-awaited - after all, the first of the series’s smartphones does not even have a year. What is the difference between the new BQ-5508L and its predecessor ...

BQ-5700L Space X Review: Just Space!

The BQ company regularly pleases with new curious gadgets, but Space X fans of the brand waited with particular trepidation. No wonder - the device has a unique advantage: ...

BQ-5008L Brave Review

The main advantage of the model BQ Brave - a screen that can withstand a load of 30 kg and a fall from a considerable height.

Review BQ-6001L Jumbo

BQ Jumbo lineup got an update - yes what! The new Jumbo is significantly different from the previous one - and above all in terms of design.