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How on Android to put music on video

Using a smartphone, you can not only shoot video, but also edit finished videos with the help of special editing applications.

If you want to share the video with friends or post it on Instagram or on Youtube , then you need to prepare it before downloading. For example, to make color correction, to cut off the beginning or end, to replace the audio track. Next, we will describe how to put music on a video on an android and which applications will be needed for this.


Applications for music overlay on video


InShot is a full-fledged video editor for photos and videos on Android . The application is free and supports almost all popular file formats. With InShot, you can replace the audio track, add special effects to the video, text, stickers, and even crop the video. The application supports HD- resolution and functions for quickly exporting video to social networks.


Developer: zeoxy

AndroVid is a multifunctional video editor with many built-in tools. Using the application, you can create slide shows on your smartphone, trim and glue videos, add text, music and other effects. AndroVid supports functions for fast compression, as well as conversion of finished video files to MP3 tracks.


Developer: Lomotif Pte Ltd

Lomotif is a free video editor for simple editing. With the application, you can quickly impose music on the video. To do this, Lomotif has a library with 30-second excerpts of songs from iTunes . Other features include tools for automatically creating clips from videos stored in the gallery, as well as a library with filters, animations and other effects.

How to put music on video

With the help of the applications described above, you can easily replace the audio track and put music on the already captured video. In this manual, we will explain how to do this with the InShot application, but you can use any other video editor. Instruction:

Step 1 . Launch InShot and on the main screen click on “Create a new video” . After that, select the desired video from the gallery.

Step 2 . The application will prompt you to trim the video. Do this or refuse to go directly to the full editor.

Step 3 . Click on the “Music” button to add a new audio track to the video. And in the list that opens, switch between the sections “Recommended” (use the library with tracks) and “My music” (use audio from the device).

Step 4 . Select the desired track and click "Use" . If necessary, you can preview it right during editing.

Step 5 . After that you can move the audio track through the video, adjust the volume, add additional tracks, change other parameters. To go into audio editing mode, simply click on the desired track.

Step 6 . If necessary, you can impose on the video additional effects, filters. Click on the "Save" button in the upper right corner, and then select the quality to save the edited version of the video in the device's memory.

This completes the process of replacing the audio track. The resulting video can be directly through the application to share with friends or publish on social networks.