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Fire OS - an operating system from Amazon

Amazon has managed to develop one of the most successful and distinctive forks of Android.

If you need to give an example of total dominance, you can turn to the situation that has developed in the market of mobile operating systems. Statistics say that by 2019, Android occupies over 86% of the market - 6 times more than that of the closest pursuer, iOS. According to these statistics, only 1% is allocated to the column “Others” - although in reality this percentage could also be credited to the share of Android. Why? It’s just that for the most part, the OS is mainly assigned forks (or modifications) of the “green robot”.

Fork Fire OS - development of the company Amazon, "OSes", devoid of flaws that the company from Seattle is critical. First of all, Amazon specialists solved the problem of insufficient autonomy of devices with a green robot, and this is what they succeeded in - Google is definitely worth sending your technicians to Jeff Bezos for an internship.


What is Fire OS?

Fire OS is an operating system developed by Amazon based on Android for tablets and phones of its own production. The most famous version is Fire OS 3.0 Mojito, released back in 2013 and "made up" of Android 4.2. However, the “roots” of Android are difficult to detect in it, since not only the interface, but even the menu navigation format itself was subjected to major changes - the Firewall method was used in Fire OS.

The all-knowing Wikipedia claims that the latest version of Fire OS is version, released in April 2017, but this is a misconception. There is also the 6th version of the "OS" from Amazon, based on Android Nougat, but in Runet there is almost no information about it.

Features and main functions of Fire OS

One of the key features of Fire OS is independence from Google services. In particular, if you want to download a game or application, you have to go not to Google Play, but to Amazon Appstore. Google Maps is not here, but instead is a mapping service from Amazon. The second important point is your own launcher, not a bit like the traditional Android launcher. The screen displays large icons that the user has to swipe left and right with swipes.

The operating system has other, less important distinguishing features, which, however, also cannot be ignored:

  • Firefly - this is what Samsung developers served as part of the Bixby sauce “innovation” in 2017. This is a technology that recognizes objects falling into the camera lens and offers to buy them. True, if you try to recognize processed cheese "Friendship", fail - the technology works only with foreign goods.
  • The Mayday button is a call button for a tech support specialist. You press this button, and within 15 seconds a specialist will contact you, who can, if necessary, get remote control over the device. At the same time, the user does not have to worry about the safety of personal data - the specialist will not get to them, since they will be stored exclusively in encrypted form. Mayday Button is a great idea, but again not for Russians; because Amazon’s support doesn’t say “great and mighty”.
  • Second Screen - a function that allows you to relay video and photos from a small screen of a tablet or smartphone to a large TV screen. Works with Samsung TVs.
  • Reading mode, when activated, energy consumption is minimized. In this mode, the device can operate continuously for 17 hours. A similar function is a real must-have for any OS.

What devices can I find Fire OS on?

Amazon's smartphone market, after a single unsuccessful attempt at an invasion, decided to leave alone. Fire Phone, which worked on the proprietary Fire OS, in 2014 failed miserably, although as a concept it looked interesting.

With tablets and electronic "readers" it turned out better. Kindle series tablets with Fire OS at one time “over the hill” were quite popular, but since 2013 they began to lose their share due to increased competition. In 2019, Amazon e-books are more common, but they do not have a proprietary operating system. But this operating system is equipped with a television set-top box Amazon Fire TV.

Here are the devices on which you can meet Fire OS:

  • Kindle Fire.
  • Kindle Fire HD.
  • Kindle Fire HDX.
  • Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 inches.
  • Fire Phone.
  • Amazon Fire TV (3 generations).

To summarize

The chances of an ordinary Russian user to get acquainted with Fire OS and the gadgets running on it are extremely low, since only e-books are widely sold from Amazon devices in Russia. And the Seattle company itself is now delighting the public with new mobile devices “on big holidays” - apparently, this segment is less and less interested in it.

However, there is nothing to be surprised - Amazon has a complete order of affairs. According to eMarketer, the company's share of the online trading market in the USA in 2018 amounted to almost 50%! Next is eBay , which owns only 6%, which just looks a pity. With such indicators, Amazon has every right to rest on its laurels and postpone plans for further diversification for an indefinite time.

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