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YotaPhone News

Yota Devices has serious financial problems

After the company Yota Devices was bought by China Baoli, the situation in it was critical. This was reported by the investors themselves Chinese company.

China Baoli investors are worried about the fact that the price of Yota Devices assets is constantly falling, and the managers of a Chinese company are guilty of this. The fact is that Yota Devices, under the supervision of China Baoli, has not yet released to the mobile electronics market any of the multitude of innovative gadgets that the Chinese have announced. Users have already stopped to consider Yota as a manufacturer of technology.

Investors require a clear strategy from management. First of all, the management should inform investors when the YotaPhone 3 smartphone will finally be released. Initially, it was assumed that it will appear on the shop windows in 2016, then the release date was postponed to the summer of 2017 - however, at the moment the production of the gadget is not even started. Also, investors consider it necessary to appoint another head of Yota Devices - an experienced and with a name able to accomplish the task of restoring the brand to the world.

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