Top bluetooth headsets for your phone

It's time to forget about wired headsets. It is much easier to use a wireless copy paired with a smartphone. We will tell about the best of them in today's collection.

For a long time, only a wired headset was connected to a mobile phone. But in the mid-2000s, Bluetooth technology gained significant development. Mobile phones with its support have learned to transmit sound through the air. This could not take advantage of the manufacturers of headsets. The first models were inserted into one ear, and their main task was to free the hands while driving. But with the further development of Bluetooth technology, the wireless headset has acquired a second ear and stereo support. Of course, there are still mono headsets, which you can see by reading today's material.


Headset selection

On the shelves you can find a huge number of headphones designed for mobile phones. Some of them have access to a microphone and the ability to connect wirelessly. This makes them a full-fledged Bluetooth-headset.

When choosing a particular model should focus on its purpose. If you want to free your hands in the car, then you are completely satisfied with the “one-ear” copy. Its main advantage is a longer autonomous operation. But lovers of listening to music should pay attention to the stereo headset, of which a lot has been released lately. It remains only to determine the form factor, because there are large overhead and miniature plug-in devices.

Read more about how to choose a wireless headset , you can read in our separate material. After that, you definitely will not have any questions.

Jabra talk

  • Headset format: mono
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 3.0

Price: from 1 399 rub.


  • High reliability;
  • Easy connection;
  • Compatible with any devices;
  • There is digital noise reduction;
  • Convenient clip;
  • There are two buttons to work with calls;
  • Support HD voice technology.


  • Not the longest work;
  • Your call melody;
  • Recharge only from the native charger;
  • No button lock.

Plantronics Marque 2 M165

  • Headset format: mono
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 3.0

Price: from 2 500 rub.

This mono headset may seem quite expensive. But it is very high quality. So much so that with some users the device remained in working condition even after being in the washing machine! Also, the gadget can boast with two microphones, thanks to which competent voice transmission, cleaned of third-party noise, is implemented here. As for battery life, its duration is approximately 7 hours of talk time. This is a typical figure for a mono headset, it is simply impossible to achieve something more while maintaining a mass of 7 grams.


  • The interlocutor hears a pure sound, without admixture of third-party noise;
  • High reliability;
  • Weight remained minimal;
  • Existence of the light indicator;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Compatible with any devices.


  • Not the lowest cost;
  • No protection against dust and moisture.

Jabra MINI

  • Headset format: mono
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 4.0

Price: from 1 699 rub.

The creators of this headset have relied on long-term autonomous work. To do this, they endowed their creation with the support of the energy efficient standard Bluetooth 4.0. They also slightly increased the capacity of the internal battery, which is why the weight of the device was nine grams instead of the usual seven. As a result, you can talk through this mono headset for nine hours.


  • Compatible with any smartphones and phones;
  • Convenient use;
  • LED indicator;
  • Present active noise cancellation system;
  • Relatively low price;
  • Long talk time;
  • High reliability.


  • There are defective copies;
  • The volume of voice alerts is not regulated at all.

Bang Olufsen BeoPlay H5

  • Headset format: stereo (gag)
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 4.2

Price: from 15 590 rub.

This device is a wireless headset, in which the cable is still present. They are combined two headphones - it allows you not to lose them during a run or just during storage. Here is one of the latest versions of Bluetooth. Its main difference lies in the support of technology AptX, significantly improves the sound quality of music. It should be noted that if you need a long-playing Bluetooth headset for your phone, then you definitely should not look in the direction of Bang Olufsen BeoPlay H5. The talk time of this device is only 5 hours.


  • Relatively low total weight (18 g);
  • Convenient plug-in design;
  • LED is present;
  • Use one of the most recent Bluetooth versions;
  • The presence of dust and moisture protection (but you can not dive under the water);
  • High reliability;
  • Quick connection to most smartphones.


  • Very high cost;
  • Not the longest running time;
  • Poor interaction with MacBooks;
  • Proprietary charger connector.

Defender FreeMotion B61

  • Headset format: stereo (gag)
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 4.0

Price: from 993 rub.

Typically, wireless headsets from Russian manufacturers after the purchase only annoying. But about Defender FreeMotion B615 this can not be said. Yes, the device turned out quite heavy - its weight reaches 108 grams. And if it were not for a very low cost, it would definitely not fall into our rating. Headphones here give an average sound quality, and battery life reaches only four to five hours of talk time. But here there is a convenient control panel located on the wire connecting the two headphones. Nothing better for the money you will not find!


  • Supports A2DP, AVRCP and some other technologies;
  • Good appearance;
  • Minimum price tag;
  • LED is present;
  • Comfortable design;
  • It can work with multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Decent weight;
  • Sound quality is not the best;
  • The battery life could be more.

LG HBS-500

  • Headset format: stereo (gag)
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 4.1

Price: from 3 390 rub.

Externally, this gadget is very different from many other wireless headsets. South Koreans supplied their creation with the occipital arch. This made the device more reliable. It also unleashed the engineers hands, allowing them to add capacious batteries. With a 29-gram weight, this headset can work in a talk mode up to nine hours. You can regret here only about the lack of support for serious sound enhancement technologies. But the cost of the device is not cosmic, which allows you to buy a bluetooth headset without any special budget implications.


  • Decent battery life;
  • Comfortable design;
  • Not very big weight;
  • This headset is hard to lose;
  • LED presence;
  • The presence of a vibration motor;
  • The music sounds relatively good.


  • When a telephone conversation can periodically "gurgle";
  • Companion application does not work well;
  • Very thin wires;
  • It is not always possible to connect to a laptop.

LG HBS-910

  • Headset format: stereo (gag)
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 4.1

Price: from 7 990 rub.

The flagship model of a wireless headset from the company LG Electronics. Engineers have tried to provide their creation with support for a variety of technologies, including A2DP and AVRCP. The headphones themselves are located on the occipital arch. There are two advantages to this: the device is difficult to lose and there is a capacious battery on it. Talk time here reaches 16 hours. When listening to music, the duration of operation decreases to 10 hours, but this is also quite good! The best bluetooth headsets should work for a long time, and it’s impossible to find fault with the LG HBS-910 in this regard.


  • Comfortable design;
  • Support for some modern technologies;
  • Long working time;
  • Charges for the traditional two hours;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Quick connection to the smartphone;
  • Perfectly implemented noise reduction;
  • The music sounds very good.


  • Not everyone can afford;
  • Sometimes there is a "gurgling sound" (during a conversation).

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

  • Headset format: stereo (earbuds)
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 3.0

Price: from 6 499 rub.

Our top could not do without a sports model. It may seem that this headset is outdated, since it uses far from the latest version of Bluetooth. But in fact, this is not so, because the creators did not prevent anything from introducing support for AVRCP and A2DP technologies here. On the run or on the way to work you will enjoy high-quality sound. In this case, you will notice the approach of the car in time, as the earbuds, which do not hide the external noise very much, are used as headphones. Fear that they will fall out of the ears, should not be. To exclude such a scenario, the attachments are intended. You can complain only to the time of work, which is only six hours in the talk mode.


  • It looks beautiful;
  • Keeps well on the head while running;
  • It weighs only 24 grams;
  • LED is present;
  • Support for some modern technologies;
  • Partial protection against dust and moisture;
  • High-quality sound.


  • Not very long working time;
  • Inflated price tag;
  • Not suitable for people with small ears.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

  • Headset Format: Stereo (overhead cups)
  • Version of the wireless module: no data

Price: from 10 690 rub.

A headset for a smartphone does not have to be made in the form of "droplets" or inserts. It may well be the same as the Marshall Major II Bluetooth. In fact, this overhead headphones, which in combination can also transmit the voice of the user. It is one of the most advanced devices on the market, ideal for a music lover. AptX support makes the sounding sound clear and deep - both the bass and treble are felt well. But the main feature is the running time. You can listen to music for thirty hours! And when the charge is over, it is allowed to connect the cable and continue listening in wire mode. Some people may be confused by the price. But in fact, it is quite acceptable for dynamic headphones with a variety of supported technologies.


  • Support AptX, AVRCP and A2DP;
  • Wireless and wired operation modes;
  • Quality ear cushions and headband;
  • LED indicates on and off;
  • Good microphone;
  • Very long battery life;
  • Competently implemented management;
  • Great sound.


  • Some may put pressure on their ears;
  • No hard case included.

Sony MDR-ZX770BN

  • Headset format: stereo (full-size cups)
  • Wireless Module Version: Bluetooth 3.0

Price: from 8 499 rub.

If you regularly have to travel in the subway and visit other noisy places, then you should be careful when choosing a headset . The ideal choice would be gags, saving from external noise. But if you do not like them, you will have to spend money on the Sony MDR-ZX770BN. These are large overhead headphones that use a multi-microphone system to implement active noise cancellation. As a result, you will not hear external sounds, even if nothing sounds in the headphones now. Also, this model is able to boast a long time and quality sound of music. An ideal copy for those who like to use full-size headphones, even on the street.


  • Supports AVRCP, A2DP and AptX;
  • 19 hours of talk time;
  • Reliable headband;
  • There is an active noise reduction;
  • There is an NFC that simplifies pairing with a smartphone;
  • There is a light indicator;
  • Ability to use in wired mode;
  • Very good sound.


  • Big sizes;
  • There is no hard case included.

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