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IOS apps

Mobile communication remains a priority function of the iPhone, however, if the owner uses the iPhone exclusively for calls, it can be argued that he was mistaken with the choice of gadget - it was worth buying a cheaper device. The high cost of the "apple" gadget is due to many factors and, above all, incredible functionality, which can be achieved by downloading and installing applications from the official AppStore.

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Why only AppStore?

Due to the fact that iOS applications are installed only from the AppStore, maximum security is provided for the operating system. All programs undergo strict control before they are in the store - the “apple” gadget will not become infected with viruses and “trojans”, and its user will not have to worry that confidential information will be in the hands of intruders.

The popularity of the iPhone among prominent entrepreneurs and politicians is due precisely to the reliability of the gadget, and not the desire to show off with the “bitten apple”.

How to find the best apps for iPhone and iPad?

According to Apple official information for 2015, the AppStore had 1.5 million applications in Russian and other >

As a criterion for choosing the best programs from the AppStore, you can use ratings and user reviews, however, this approach is not always effective - reviews are written on emotions, and negative ratings are often given because the program is not installed (which may be due to problems with the device itself). ). Therefore, the most objective source of information is the recommendations of experts on thematic portals. It is on our website that you can get acquainted with collections of high-quality iOS applications.

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