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The best children's tablets of 2017

Choosing a tablet for a child is not easy; You need to find a gadget that will suit both in function and outwardly the baby will like it - and even the price will be moderate. Fortunately, such tablets are now on the market - we will tell about some of them.

The times when children were gathered to school with notebooks and a pencil case and sent to write essays to the library, apparently, "sank into oblivion" - now teachers are increasingly demanding that parents send their children to classes with tablets. The requirement is quite reasonable and rational: it’s much easier for a child to go to lessons with a universal gadget than to carry a heavy backpack. The tablet is able to become a first-class assistant in the study - it gives the kid access to the abyss of information from the World Wide Web.

Parents who consider the tablet to be unacceptably luxurious and expensive toys, obviously, simply do not know that in today's market there are a lot of gadgets designed specifically for children and, as a result, having a minimal price. You will get acquainted with the best of these devices by reading this article to the end.


TurboKids S4

  • Operating system : Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Screen : 7 inches, resolution 1024 × 600
  • Memory (RAM / integrated) : 512 MB / 8 GB
  • Cameras (rear / front) : 2 megapixels / 0.3 megapixels
  • 3G support : not supported

Price: from 4 366 rub.

TurboKids S4 - inexpensive tablet for children of preschool and primary school age; The product has a 4+ qualification.

The gadget is 100% compliant with the 2 key requirements that apply to any product for a child: it is impact resistant and very easy to use. The body of the tablet is made of organic plastic, which does not slip in the hands, and has rounded edges. You can choose one of 3 color options: green, orange or blue - here you need to start from the personal preferences of the baby.

The gadget is running Android, but the interface can not be said. On the screen, instead of traditional tile icons, like mobile Windows, it is believed that this format allows children to quickly navigate the menu and find the appropriate section. TurboKids has a variety of pre-installed developmental applications on the children's tablet that make it possible to comprehend the bases of mathematics, English and other sciences.

The disadvantages of the tablet for a child from TurboKids also exist - in particular, it cannot boast of outstanding performance and support for a SIM card. However, given the modest price of the device, it would be overly arrogant to expect more from it.


  • Bright shockproof housing.
  • Comfortable tiled interface.
  • Support Parental Control.
  • Capacious battery that provides up to 5 hours of battery life under load.


  • A small amount of RAM.
  • No 3G support.

Digma Optima Prime 3G

  • Operating system : Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Screen : 7 inches, resolution 1024 × 600
  • Memory (RAM / integrated) : 512 MB / 4 GB
  • Cameras (rear / front) : none / 0.3 Mpix
  • 3G support : present

Price: from 2 490 rub.

Digma is considered an age-old Russian brand, although it belongs to a company from London. Devices manufactured under this brand in Russia fly “like hot cakes” - but the popularity of devices is not at all due to the desire of users to support the domestic manufacturer, but by their extremely low price.

Digma Optima Prime 3G is probably the best tablet that parents can buy a child for school. Judge for yourself: firstly , the gadget supports a SIM card - therefore, the kid will not have to connect to the sickly school Wi-Fi to find information useful for studying; secondly , the tablet costs mere pennies - its acquisition will definitely not be a blow to the family budget; thirdly , the device looks rather dull and inconspicuous - the older guys hardly have a desire to take it away.

The user will probably be surprised a lot that, despite the modest technical parameters, the Digma gadget is very productive. For the fact that even the average resource-intensive games on the tablet do not “slow down”, users should thank the manufacturer who slyly optimized the operating system, forcing it to consume a minimum of “RAM”. But the developers couldn’t do anything with the camera: it has a low resolution and worse photographs.


  • Support 3
  • The minimum cost.
  • Relatively high performance.
  • From the tablet from Digma, you can call.


  • Low resolution front camera.
  • There is no rear camera at all.
  • Mediocre screen.

TurboPad 723

  • Operating system : Android 1
  • Screen : 7 inches, resolution 1024 × 600
  • Memory (RAM / integrated) : 1 GB / 8 GB
  • Cameras (rear / front) : 2 megapixels / 0.3 megapixels
  • 3G support : present

Price: from 3 990 rub.

If Digma is mistaken for a domestic trademark by mistake , then TurboPad is actually such - TurboPad products are brought to the market by the Russian company Russobit-Trade.

One of the newest models of the company is the TurboPad 723. This tablet compares favorably with the Digma gadget at once according to several criteria - and above all, the quality of the processor. TurboPad is equipped with Intel Atom chipsets, while Digma and other low-cost counterparts set Spreadtrum modest SoCs. In addition, the Russian tablet has a rear camera and a whole gigabyte of "RAM" - a rarity for devices with such a modest price.

You can “chide” the manufacturer only for a very peculiar proprietary firmware - however, the minus is insignificant, because the shell from Russobit, if desired, can be easily replaced with a Chinese one, simpler and more understandable.


  • Performance processor from Intel.
  • Decent picture quality on the screen.
  • An impressive amount of RAM for a budget tablet.
  • SIM card support.


  • Difficult to learn and unusual proprietary shell.
  • Very weak front camera.

Prestigio MultiPad PMT3508 4G

  • Operating system : Android 1
  • Screen : 8 inches, resolution 1280 × 800
  • Memory (RAM / integrated) : 1 GB / 16 GB
  • Cameras (rear / front) : 5 megapixel / 2 megapixel
  • 3G support : present

Price: from 5 990 rubles.

Prestigio Tablet - the only one in its price segment that supports LTE; thanks to this, the student will be able to search for information necessary for effective learning even faster. With other technical characteristics of the model MultiPad PMT3508 4G full order. The tablet is equipped with a modern processor from MediaTek (no Spreadtrum!) With a maximum frequency of 1.3 GHz - that the device will "pull" all the most productive applications and games, speech does not go, but for stable work on the Internet is more than enough. Prestigio MultiPad PMT3508 4G also boasts a clear 8-inch WXGA display and a capacious battery that allows the tablet to “stretch” in standby mode for 2 days.

It is recommended to give a Prestigio tablet to students of middle classes - children who are at that age when you already realize the value of things. Still, this gadget is not so cheap - it will be a pity if the kid breaks it at the first break.


  • 4G support.
  • Long battery life.
  • Display of decent quality.
  • The operating system as close as possible to the "pure" Android.


  • Mediocre cameras.
  • Weak speaker.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T355 16GB

  • Operating system : Android 0
  • Screen : 8 inches, resolution 1024 × 768
  • Memory (RAM / integrated) : 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Cameras (rear / front) : 5 megapixel / 2 megapixel
  • 3G support : present

Price: from 15 190 rub.

The device is characterized by high performance due to the processor from Qualcomm and a screen with a 4: 3 aspect ratio - this ratio is ideal for Internet surfing and reading electronic books. And reading a young Samsung tablet user will be like that: when you buy a gadget, you are given a whole month of free download of books through the Kiddle for Samsung app, plus a six-month subscription to The Economist magazine - a useful feature for those who are going to apply for an economics.


  • Attractive appearance.
  • Performance processor.
  • 4G support.
  • Famous brand.


  • Screen resolution is not the best - noticeable grain.
  • Plastic, from which the body is made, pretty brand.

Which tablet to choose for a child: brief recommendations

Parents should choose a tablet for their children, building on the following recommendations:

  • Consider age. If the simplest device is suitable for a child of 5 years, then a teenager needs a more modern and productive model. Buying a gadget for a student of middle or high school, it is better to ask him his opinion.
  • Look for models with a good display and a productive processor. The lack of brightness of the display may adversely affect the vision of the baby. With low productivity, the tablet will slow down, and the gameplay will be impossible - it will annoy the child.
  • Do not buy gadgets with metal cases. They are heavier than plastic counterparts and are more expensive.


Parents who want to pamper their child with a new tablet, you need to remember that technology is always an aid. No device, no matter how expensive it is, will not make a child of a genius without the assistance of a “live” mentor who can point the kid to his mistakes and interest you in an exciting scientific story. Therefore, giving the child a tablet, in no case should we forget about personal communication with him.

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