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Android manuals

The Android operating system is now not inferior to Windows in popularity - 90% of all mobile devices meet the user with a picture of a green robot. The Android interface is often called the intuitive and most user-friendly - it is believed that this is the key to the growing popularity of the OS.

It is enough to learn how to use Android once - then you can safely switch from one smartphone to another. The “assistants” in studying this OS will be the Setphone site manuals - after reading the instructions for Android, you definitely won't have any questions for consultants.

How to disable screen lock on Android?

Some people think that the lock screen on modern smartphones is not needed at all. If you think so too, then get acquainted with the material, which describes the process ...

How to close an application on Android?

The Android operating system is easy to learn. But some newbies still face problems - they cannot understand how to close the application here.

Why is the phone warm on Android?

Modern smartphones can heat up to excessively high temperatures. Why is this happening and is it possible to deal with it?

How to set up speed dial on Android?

Modern smartphones allow you to dial a number in a matter of moments. To do this, you just need to know how to use the corresponding function.

How to disable Talkback on Android?

If you suddenly had activated the Talkback function (voice guidance), be sure to read our article - it tells about the method of its disconnection.

How to disable Android overlay?

In the newer versions of the Android operating system, “Overlap Detected” errors occur. If you are already tired of such messages, then read the article you have opened ...