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Tablet on Chrome or tablet on Android?

Everyone who is going to buy a tablet, first of all thinks about the device on Android. However, a green robot that is well known to many smartphone owners is not the only OS on the tablet market. In addition, there is Windows, iOS and Chrome.

In recent years, Google has been working on adding support for Android applications on Chrome OS. As a result, the stores are replenished with laptops, transformers and tablet computers based on Chrome OS with support for Android APKs from the Play Market.

Google claims that their proprietary Linux-based operating system is much more than just a lightweight OS for cheap laptops and tablets. Its capabilities make it a serious competitor for Android.


Benefits of Chrome OS

The main practical advantage of Chrome OSes is that it offers a full desktop version of the browser. Android tablets use a mobile version of the browser with limited settings and without the possibility of adding plug-ins. In Chrome, on the contrary, you can connect all the necessary extensions, including adblockers, and work on the Internet with the same comfort as on a computer.

Another advantage over Android is frequent system updates (every 6 weeks) and at least frequent security updates (every 2-3 weeks). All devices on Chrome OS are guaranteed support for 5 years from the moment of release of the model. Updates do not distract from work: they are downloaded and installed in the background. Reboot is required only in rare cases.

Android benefits

The Android system would not be so popular if it did not have the merits.

Android tablets enjoy unlimited access to the application library. Not all APKs from Google Play are supported by Chrome OS. In addition, applications designed for Android will work faster and more stable, of course, in their native environment. However, most of the popular APKs ported to Chrome work quite well there. The difference in performance becomes noticeable only when launching heavy 3D games.

Another advantage of Android tablets is that there are incomparably more of them on the market, they appear almost every month. Devices based on Chrome OS are lost among the variety of android lines. Acer Chromebook Tab 10, HP Chromebook x2 and Google's new Pixel Slate - that’s probably all. The rest is Chromebooks and transformers with support for a physical keyboard. They have more features than tablets, but they are heavier and thicker.

Maybe it's better to buy a tablet on Android?

Over the seven years of its existence, Chrome OS has evolved into a powerful system. Thanks to the support of applications from the Play Market, a tablet based on this operating system easily becomes part of the Android ecosystem.

But if you need not a kind of laptop, but a tablet, thin, light and convenient, among the androids it will be easier to find an option that suits you both in terms of performance and price. In the future, Chrome OS will probably regain more space on the tablet market, but so far the alignment is not in its favor.

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