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6 of the most incredible phones with MWC 2019

Mobile World Congress is the exhibition at which the loudest announcements take place. This year, the event was remembered by the fact that Samsung and Huawei presented folding tablet phones, LG brought a smartphone with “reading” vascular pattern on the palm, and Nokia announced a gadget that would trigger a panic attack on any tripofoba (I mean Nokia 9 PureView).

But not only famous brands have distinguished themselves with interesting presentations. In addition to the expected flagships, the audience of the MWC 2019 presented a strange smartphone-power bank, a smart phone, a retro gadget with a QWERTY-keyboard and a lot of curious things.


Energizer Power Max P18K Pop: Fatty

What happens if you cross the phone and the battery at 18000 mAh? Energizer Power Max P18K Pop is the thickest and heaviest mobile phone in Android history. According to the manufacturer, in standby mode, he will last 50 days, while listening to audio for 100 hours, when watching movies for 50 hours, and with continuous conversation for 90 hours. Working for a week without recharging is not a problem at all. In Europe, Power Max P18K Pop will be available in the summer. Issue price - 599 euros (about 45 thousand rubles).

CloudMinds Xi: Star Trek tricorder

According to the Star Trek universe, in the future we will be able to analyze the chemical composition of media and organisms with the help of special hand-held devices - tricorders. These gadgets already exist, and they are incredibly cool. One of them - the world's first smartphone spectrometer Xi from CloudMinds. This is a laser scanner that accurately identifies the name of the chemical in just a few seconds. In addition to any scientific algorithms, Instagram and Fortnite applications are built into it (obviously, to help the owner relax after long laboratory experiments). Another CloudMinds BGD21 model is equipped with an ultrasound scanner. For physicians and scientists, this tool is of great value. And in everyday life they can, for example, test themselves for the presence of kidney stones.

Nomu T18: bulletproof radio

This should be in the arsenal of every survivalist. When the world plunges into darkness and anarchy (after all, everything goes to this, yes?), You will have to keep in touch with other survivors. But how to do that? Any fashionable Samsung and iPhones will be useless, so you need a special means of communication, and preferably more reliable. The Nomu T18 has everything a brave wrestler needs: IP68 waterproof, portable VHF / UHF radio, armored case, fingerprint, 3200 mAh removable battery and even a special fastener for carrying on the palm. With him, no apocalypse is not terrible.

HiSense A6: two in one

At first glance, HiSense A6 is no different from a regular smartphone. Why did he then get on this list? And because he has two displays - the main OLED and electronic ink back. The latter is ideal for reading books, but its possibilities are not limited to this. If you are annoyed with bright colors or the batteries have nothing left, bring the Android interface to it and work on your health. E-ink displays do not consume a charge when they are not updated, so they are very energy efficient. The release of the smartphone on the European market is scheduled for April. Cost - 499 euros (slightly more than 37 thousand rubles).

Nubia Alpha: Identity Crisis

Actually, this is not a smartphone. But if Nubia called it a smartphone, so be it. In appearance and characteristics, Nubia Alpha is a smart watch with partial smartphone functionality. The gadget has eSIM support and is able to receive calls. He has an elongated OLED display with bends, a built-in camera, gesture control, GPS and fit-tracking. Not to say that it looks gorgeous, but as regards how much Nubia technology has crammed into it, there are no complaints. In April, the gadget will appear in Chinese stores, in the second quarter of the year it will reach Europe. For the version with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the manufacturer asks for 450 euros (or 33.5 thousand rubles). Version with eSIM will be released in the third quarter of 2019 and will cost 550 euros (41 thousand).

F (x) tec Pro 1: ghost from the past

Remember sliders with a QWERTY keyboard? The British from F (x) tec also remember. In search of something new, they decided to turn to the forgotten form factor. The first product of the company was named Pro 1, and it is really worthy of attention. In addition to a full-fledged hardware keyboard, the smartphone has an OLED display, decent computational power, and everything that you may need for daily use. It will be appreciated both by writers and fans of all kinds of unusual pieces. The release will take place in July. Expected price in the region of 43 thousand rubles.

Source: www.androidauthority.com

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