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The best quadcopters that can be controlled from a smartphone

Quadrocopters are becoming more and more popular. They use a smartphone to control them. Let's get acquainted with the best of them.

Usually, the drones have to be controlled using a massive console, which takes a lot of space in the backpack. This accessory also requires a large number of batteries, which are not always at hand. And if you want to buy a compact product? In this case, it is recommended to look in the direction of quadcopters that support control via a smartphone. It is about such drones that will be discussed in this article.


How exactly is the management implemented?

If the kopter supports interaction with the smartphone, then this means that the two devices will exchange the signal via Wi-Fi. In order to start managing the drone, you should perform the following actions:

Step 1. Activate the Wi-Fi module on your smartphone.

Step 2. Turn on the quadcopter.

Step 3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network that the drone distributes. Usually, this does not even require a password.

Step 4. Run the application developed by the manufacturer of the copter. The QR code for downloading it is most often located on the box with the product and in the instruction manual.

Step 5. Next you should proceed to the usual actions - starting the engine and flying.

Manage drone to be using virtual sticks. If the device is equipped with a camera, the picture can also be displayed on the screen of the smartphone. This allows you to fly with a first-person view. However, the FPV function is not supported by all copters, in some models the video is only written to the memory card without being transmitted over the air.

Top quadcopter with premium Wi-Fi support

DJI Mavic Pro

  • Flight range: 80 m (Wi-Fi)
  • Flight time: 27 min
  • Camera: 12.4 megapixel, shooting video at 2160p

Price: from 73 000 rub.

This quadcopter, despite its compact size, can be called professional. If you pick up the remote, the device can be sent to fly a four-kilometer distance! But buy this device and ordinary people who receive a very good salary. Such users often do not even pay attention to the remote, preferring to control the drone from a smartphone. For this purpose, a special application developed by DJI is used. In the program, you can see what exactly falls into the frame of the camera, which is able, by the way, to shoot 4K video. Also, through the application, you can control the copter, changing the direction of movement, altitude and speed.

It should be noted that the Wi-Fi control is not as responsive as the radio channel. However, this problem is practically not noticed, since automatic flight modes are most often used, in which the quadcopter acts independently. In particular, the drone can fly around the object, move behind it, or even soar high into the air (the camera continues to “look” at the object). Automatic panorama shooting is also available here, when the device rises higher to take several pictures of the surrounding area, then combining them into a multi-megapixel frame.

DJI Spark

  • Flight range: 80-100 m (Wi-Fi)
  • Flight time: 16 min
  • Camera: 12 MP, shooting video in 1080p

Price: from 36 000 rub.

This miniature drone with control from a smartphone fits easily in your pocket, if you pre-add the rays with the propellers into special compartments. At the same time, the product can stay in the air for up to 16 minutes, than budget competitors cannot boast. The first quadcopter was created for shooting selfies. In a special application, you can control the device and enable automatic modes.

Lower cost compared to Mavic Pro is due not only to reduced flight time, but also to a simplified camera. Shooting video here is only in the resolution of Full HD. Nevertheless, there are no complaints about the image quality - in this regard, Spark does not lag behind the flagship smartphones. There is also a two-axis suspension, thanks to which the picture is perfectly stabilized. By the way, if you buy a remote, you can send the drone to a 500-meter distance. Not bad for such a kid!

Best budget quadrocopters with Wi-Fi control

Syma X5UW

  • Flight range: 70 m (Wi-Fi)
  • Flight time: 7 minutes
  • Camera: 1 MP

Price: from 2 700 rub.

The simplest quadcopter, which can be controlled using the remote or through a special application on the smartphone. The device can only fly quite close by, as it leaves much to be desired and the time spent in the air. It is better to make the first flights indoors, all you need to do is not to forget to put on protective arcs that will save the screws when they collide with walls and furniture.

Included with the drone comes a modest Wi-Fi camera, which is very simply attached to the bottom of the copter. Camera resolution is 1 megapixel, so the picture is suitable only for FPV-flight.

Hubsan X4 Star Pro H507A

  • Flight range: 300 m (Wi-Fi)
  • Flight time: 9 min
  • Camera: built-in, 720p video

Price: from 7 990 rub.

One of the most inexpensive quadcopters among those equipped with a GPS chip. When a signal is lost, the product does not fall, but returns home. The device comes without a remote control, so you only have to manage it with a smartphone. The manufacturer claims that in ideal conditions, the drone is able to fly a 300-meter distance. However, the flight with the broadcast on the smartphone lasts only 80-100 meters, then the picture disappears.

Beginners should buy a copter from Hubsan at least because of the navigation chip present here, thanks to which the chance of losing the device is significantly reduced.

JXD 507W

  • Flight range: 60-70 m (Wi-Fi)
  • Flight time: 12 min
  • Camera: 2 MP, 720p video shooting

Price: from 5 490 rub.

A relatively inexpensive quadcopter, which is managed by a smartphone. However, the buyer will find in the box with the drone and the remote, which will allow you to fly a little further distance. A distinctive feature of the device is the flight time - in the budget segment of 12 minutes in the air offer units, more often, everything is limited to half the duration of work.

Sometimes you can forget that this is a copter with a camera and broadcast to a smartphone. The fact is that without an additional accessory the drone becomes more playful. Connecting the camera here is very simple. The resolution of the sensor used in the camera is 2 Mp. The picture is transmitted to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. Frequency - the same that comes from the remote, because of what problems may arise in the management. However, this problem is with all quadcopters that can be controlled from a smartphone - even with DJI products.


Buy a flying drone is now possible everywhere. It is possible that in the city of every Setphone visitor there are at least a few shops selling such products. You can buy a quadcopter controlled via Wi-Fi, both for your children and yourself. After all, as a child, many of us did not have radio-controlled toys. So why not catch up right now?

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