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AnTuTu published the top 10 most popular smartphones in early 2018

Which smartphones have received the most positive reviews among Android devices and iPhones?

Antutu prepared a list in which he showed the most favorite smartphones according to users' estimates for the first two months of the current year. The assessment took place on the system of "five stars", and took into account at least 1000 real reviews for each model.

Popular Android smartphones

Most of all sympathies this year collected, oddly enough - OnePlus 3, and behind it in the second position OnePlus 5 . The manufacturer provides excellent support for their smartphones, all received an update of Android 8.0 . Therefore, the relevance of the leader is beyond doubt. Next in third place is the Meizu Pro 6 Plus, and the fourth in the OnePlus 3T.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + got the fifth and sixth lines of the anttu rating. And the last four places again in Chinese smartphones are Xiaomi Mi 6, the low-priced 360 N4S model (sold in huge quantities), Huawei Mate 8 and the Xiaomi Mi Max phablet.

Some smartphones of past years are still relevant, and users are in no hurry to change them to new ones. It should be noted that the majority of respondents who participated in this survey are users from China. But this does not affect the objectivity of the assessment, which is based on reliable data AnTuTu Benchmark.

Popular iPhone

In the iPhone antitu first place in the most affordable model of the manufacturer - iPhone SE. The second and third positions went to iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 8 . Continuing the list, see above in the screenshot.

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