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Top Internet Radio Apps for Android

Radio must exist forever. Especially with the current development of technology, when you can access any radio station using a simple smartphone. In this article we will talk about the best applications for listening to Internet radio on a device with the Android operating system.

Only a few decades ago, the number of Russian radio stations was minimal - there were enough fingers of two hands to count them. If we talk about the whole globe, then in this case the number of radio stations hardly exceeded a couple hundred. But now the world is ruled by the Internet, in connection with which the opportunity to open your radio appeared even among mere mortals. And now you can listen to the radio with a simple smartphone and tablet. But for this you need to download the application, endowed with a list of online radio stations. And here there are problems. There are a large number of non-working utilities of this kind. In this compilation we will try to mention the best online radio applications that function well and allow you to enjoy high sound quality.



A good program that contains a lot of links to both official and amateur radio stations. As a result, you can listen to "Beacon" and "Vesti FM" in order to learn the latest news, and then switch to some discography of your favorite artist. Here you can even find channels for lovers of meditation and yoga! And the application is able to please search audiobooks.

PCRADIO differs from its competitors in supporting even the lowest bitrate - up to 24 Kbps. This allows us to recommend its installation to people living in rural areas, where the mobile Internet makes its way with great difficulty.

The creators provide the opportunity to download their creation for free. But the maximum functionality of the application will open only in case of purchasing the PRO version. In particular, for the money the developers will provide you with the possibility of recording the air, choosing the quality of audio broadcast, setting the timer and many other functions. Also paid version pleases the lack of advertising.


  • Support for a very low bit rate;
  • A huge number of radio stations;
  • Availability of discographies;
  • Search audiobooks;
  • Record the air (in the paid version).


  • The maximum functionality is available only in the paid version;
  • They don’t even choose to choose the bitrate for free;
  • Sometimes there are problems with the developer server.

Rating: 6/10


This project was founded in 2010, when Android-based smartphones were just gaining popularity. The application was created by a German company. But this does not mean that the application is able to please only radio stations from Germany. No, there are also channels from other countries, including Ukraine and Russia. In total there are more than 15 thousand radio stations and podcasts.

The program should appeal to those who listen to online radio on a regular basis. The main utility page contains buttons for the most frequently heard radio stations. Other tabs contain other channels that can be filtered by genre, >

Registration application does not require. But if you want to receive personal recommendations, you will still have to master this process. As for the shortcomings of this service, they include the inability to choose the quality of the broadcast. Some owners of smartphones will not like the interface.


  • A large number of radio stations;
  • The ability to listen to podcasts;
  • Distributed free of charge;
  • Search by country and even city;
  • The presence of an alarm clock and off timer.


  • Unfriendly interface;
  • No choice of bitrate.

Rating: 8/10

Tunein radio

Developer: TuneIn Inc

Incredibly popular project. This application exists not only on Android, but also on the PlayStation game consoles! The secret of success lies in the fact that the service was launched back in 2002. In those days, it was the simplest web aggregator of Internet radio stations. Since then, the TuneIn Radio database has been replenished with about a hundred thousand radio stations and several million podcasts. If you want to access all this wealth, then nothing better than TuneIn Radio is not found.

The application allows you to sort the catalog by genre, >

This product is distributed free of charge, which allows us to say that this is the best radio for Android. But there is a paid version of the utility. She is able to boast the lack of advertising and the ability to record the broadcast.


  • Distributed free of charge;
  • Simple interface;
  • The ability to select the bitrate;
  • Existence of the timer of shutdown and alarm clock;
  • A huge number of radio stations;
  • The ability to listen to podcasts;
  • View the playlist of the radio station;
  • The ability to record broadcast (in the paid version).


  • The presence of advertising in the free version.

Rating: 9/10

Radio fm

Developer: RadioFM

You may think that this application is designed to listen to the radio through the built-in smartphone FM-tuner. But actually it is not. The name of this utility is decoded as Radio For Mobile. It contains links to thousands of Internet radio stations. In the presence of a sort by genre, so you can not be afraid to stumble on the radio, around the clock playing you hate rap.

Radio FM differs from its competitors by its simplicity. There is no licked interface, and the functionality is strictly limited. It remains to be glad that the creators have not forgotten about the sleep timer and the alarm clock. But to choose the bitrate they do not give - the default is provided with the highest quality sound.


  • Even a beginner is able to deal with the interface;
  • Distributed free of charge;
  • The presence of an alarm clock and off timer;
  • A large number of radio stations.


  • Lack of support for Russian->
  • The presence of annoying ads;
  • The inability to select the bitrate;
  • No recording function of the air.

Rating: 5/10


Another internet radio for Android with a classic interface. The program has a well-implemented filtering system of radio stations by genre and country. If in other utilities the number of selected radio stations seems endless, here it is indicated in large font. Also, the creators endowed their creation with an alarm clock and a sleep timer. But a much more interesting feature seems to be the equalizer! It is available in the overwhelming majority of music players, but for some reason the developers of utilities for listening to Internet radio forget about it.

Like the other programs discussed above, Radiocent allows you to add any channels to the Favorites folder. And if you decide to change your smartphone, then your list of radio stations will not go anywhere, as the application uses synchronization through your Google account. No less interesting feature is the "Random Station". After pressing this button, you can get a channel with the broadcast of a rock opera or a fairy tale for children. In a word, all fans of surprises will be delighted with this function.

The application is distributed free of charge. However, there is a paid version of the utility, which can be downloaded from the official website of developers. It is supplemented by the function of recording the air and devoid of advertising.


  • Distributed free of charge;
  • Nice and simple interface;
  • Efficient filtering of radio stations;
  • The ability to listen to podcasts;
  • Existence of the timer of shutdown and alarm clock;
  • The presence of an equalizer;
  • Record of the air (in the paid version);
  • Sync via Google account.


  • Advertising is sometimes annoying;
  • The inability to select the bitrate;
  • The catalog is not the richest.

Rating: 7/10


Sometimes a long life plays a positive role. If you want to download radio on Android, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with TuneIn Radio . This is a great option for those who do not want to pay money. On a paid basis, only the function of recording the air is provided here, which can be easily discarded. This product has existed for almost a decade and a half, for this period its catalog has been replenished with an unimaginable number of radio stations. But if for you the quantity is not the most important, then you can take a look at Radio.net . And owners of a slow Internet connection need to download PCRADIO .

And if you are looking for FM radio for Android, then we hurry to disappoint you. Third-party utilities either do not work with the FM tuner at all, or do not function properly. Therefore, it is better to continue using the standard application pre-installed by the manufacturer of your smartphone.

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