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First impressions of Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact

Sony has introduced a replacement last year's flagship smartphones Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact.

You are reading the translation of the review from the portal PhoneArena.com , the original material was published on August 31, 2017.



On Thursday in Berlin at the IFA 2017 electronics exhibition was a busy day. Among others, the high activity rules of the Japanese company Sony . In place of last year's Xperia XZ and Xperia X smartphones, she plans to release the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact models. This does not quite coincide with last year’s names, but the main thing here is not in names. Greater importance is the quality of smartphones and it turned out to be quite high. Having relied on its strengths, Sony has released two flagships with many of the advantages of modern models and an excellent camera, at least on paper. Let's take a closer look.


The Xperia XZ1 has IP68 protection against water and dust (although Sony does not recommend using it under water) and is made in an aluminum case. The IPS LCD screen has a diagonal of 5.2 inches. The edges of the case are curved, while the top and bottom are flat, which coincides with the appearance of past models. Sony has yet to add a fingerprint scanner while a second speaker is in its place. Located behind the camera sensor with a resolution of 19 megapixels, which protrudes slightly beyond the body, there is also a flash and NFC . The Xperia XZ1 is available in black, silver, blue and pink.

Compact is offered in the same color options. Its screen has a size of 4.6 inches, this did not prevent him from having the same protection IP68. One gets the feeling that it is almost twice as thick as the XZ1, the appearance has slightly changed, but there are many similarities. As in the model Xperia Z5 Compact, the back surface is made of fiberglass, the top and bottom are metal, the front parts are closed Gorilla Glass 5.


The screen resolution of the Xperia XZ1 is 1080 x 1920. Sony has borrowed HDR support from its televisions, so the screen can display a wider CMYK color range and produce an excellent level of brightness. The company worked with Netflix and YouTube streaming services to provide automatic support for HDR content. XZ1 Compact HDR does not support, the screen resolution is 720p.

Interface and performance

Traditionally for Sony, we see here the latest version of Android, that is, Android 8.0 Oreo. This gives hope for a quick and convenient interface. Both smartphones work on the flagship Snapdragon 835 processor , 4 GB of memory, battery capacity 2700 mAh. This should provide performance at the level of other modern flagships and a full day of battery life. In the older device the amount of flash memory is 64 GB, the compact model is satisfied with half the value.


Based on the Xperia XZ Premium smartphone, Sony has provided cameras for its new smartphones with electronic stabilization of the Steady Shot, and Sony G quality lenses provide enhanced sensitivity and accelerated image processing. Technology Motion Eye is also borrowed from the Xperia XZ Premium, allowing you to slow-motion shooting at speeds up to 960 frames per second. Sony is a popular manufacturer of camera modules, which is what they use in their smartphones.

Three-dimensional scanning will provide an opportunity to shoot images in high resolution in less than 60 seconds. After the recording, it will be possible to increase, compress and process the result directly on the smartphone. There are four modes: scanning the face, head, food and free form. Each option simplifies scanning, sharing and printing three-dimensional models of certain objects. Also, Sony is trying to improve the pre-existing uses of its camera, such as the effects of augmented reality, the creation of wallpaper and work in social networks. The company works with game makers so that Xperia smartphones owners can put their 3D models into popular games like NBA 2K, FIFA and Grand Theft Auto.

The second addition to the camera is Predictive Capture. Photos are taken 2 seconds before you press the button so that you do not miss the right moment. Thanks to fast image processing, the camera is able to shoot multiple photos at the same time, with autofocus applied to each frame separately. At 19 megapixel resolution you can take 10 photos per second. You will not only remove all the necessary moments, but also make it clearly.


Both smartphones have two speakers, in which the sound pressure has increased by 50% compared to its predecessors. The developers have tried to provide access to audio of maximum resolution and better software. This includes the Sony LDAC format for transmitting high-quality audio via Bluetooth, which the company helped with the introduction of Android. DCHX optimizes compressed audio, there is also support for surround sound.


Sony is ready for the next round of battle in the flagship smartphone market. If the new devices will be no worse than Xperia XZ Premium, their appearance on sale should be expected with impatience.

Source: www.phonearena.com

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