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Best wireless lavalier microphones

A lavalier microphone (colloquially colloquially) is familiar to everyone: this is a small device that TV anchors, commentators, and bloggers wear on the collar of a shirt or lapels of a jacket. Close proximity to the speaker’s mouth provides high-quality recording regardless of where the person is looking and where the camera is.

Lavalier microphone is almost invisible on clothes, its presence does not distract from the main activity and allows you to have an easy conversation. If the radio system is also wireless, then on top of that, it does not limit the speaker to move. In many situations, this is the only way to make a live report without compromising sound quality. We offer you a few offers from this category for any budget.


1. Fifine Wireless K037B

Price: 2 600 rubles

Alas, for the sound quality the wireless gadget from Fifine does not receive the highest rating. However, in the opinion of buyers for its price entry is quite acceptable. So this is an option for those who have the money issue in the first place.

The kit includes everything you need to record: a microphone with a headset, a transmitter and a signal receiver. Working distance - up to 20 meters. Not much, but for such a price you shouldn’t expect more. The build quality, according to some owners, also leaves much to be desired.

The receiver and transmitter operate on 1.5 V batteries. The microphone has a 6.35 mm jack and an adapter for a 3.5 mm mini-jack is attached to it.


2. ViewFlex Comica CVM-WM100

Price: from 10 000 rubles

The system consists of a transmitter, receiver, lavalier microphone, windscreen and connecting cables. The working distance is about 100 meters, provided that there are no obstacles between the subject and the receiver. In order to save battery, signal level can be reduced.

The system offers 48 independent channels. A successful synchronization of the receiver and transmitter is reported by a green LED. For easy setup, both the receiver and transmitter have LCD displays. Headphone output allows you to monitor sound in real time.

Most Comica CVM-WM100 owners agree that the system is easy to use, and the recording quality is very decent.


3. Pixel WM10 Wireless

Price: 28 000 rubles

We are approaching the premium class. Between the budget buttonholes and top-level devices is the Pixel WM10 wireless system. The kit includes a receiver, two microphones and two transmitters, that is, everything you need to work with two objects at once.

50 channels available. The range is 100 meters, but in the presence of obstacles will be less. The noise filter will save the recording from extraneous sounds. Each element of the system is enclosed in a solid all-metal case (this even in the premium class is infrequent). Headphone output allows you to control the sound through the headset. The system is powered by AA batteries or via USB.


4. Shure BLX14 / CVL

Price: from 25 000 rubles

Shure is one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic equipment. Products of this company meet high standards, but cost a lot of money. BLX14 / CVL is no exception.

The system includes a BLX4 signal receiver, a BLX1 transmitter, a CVL-H10 lavalier microphone, a power supply and a clip for mounting. The receiver requires an electrical connection, so the system is more suitable for studio interviews, talk shows and indoor performances than for dynamic outdoor work.

The range is about 100 meters with direct line of sight. The QuickScan built-in feature will help determine the best frequency. The included CVL-H10 condenser microphone is an excellent choice for voice recording, but it can be replaced with another one, since the receiver is equipped with a universal XLR microphone output.


5. Sony UWP-D11

Price: from 38 000 rubles

Sony UWP-D11 - the choice of professional workers with sound. The system consists of a transmitter, receiver, omnidirectional microphone, windscreen and a set of mounts. The microphone has a spherical radiation pattern. Unlike cardioids, it is suitable for conferences, group events and similar activities.

The best channel to record is determined by the Clear Channel Scan function. The transmitter and receiver are synchronized via infrared. With optimal settings from the system, it will turn out to squeeze the range to 100 meters. To increase battery life, the signal power can be reduced.

The receiver can be mounted on video equipment using a cold shoe adapter. Monitor the sound quality will help headphones (connect through 3.5 connector). Power supply comes from USB or AA batteries, in the latter case the battery life is about 6 hours.


6. Sennheiser EW100

Price: from 49 000 rubles

For sound engineers and musicians, the Senheiser brand is strongly associated with reliability and quality. The EW100 is an uncompromising solution for those who want to get the perfect sound.

Part of the system is the ME 2-II omnidirectional microphone, which has a wide spherical pattern. It is used for interviews and voice acting. Like the Sony and Shure products presented above, the EW100 has a feature for finding the best recording frequency at which noise and sound loss will be minimal.

The working distance of the system is 100 meters. The receiver can be attached to the top of the camcorder or DSLR-apparatus through the "cold shoe". For headphones there is a 3.5 mm jack. Sennheiser offers an XLR adapter for connecting a handheld microphone to this system.


Why you should not save on a wireless lavalier microphone?

The video can be corrected in the editor - to stabilize, apply a filter, replace particularly unsuccessful scenes with B-roll. But with an unsuccessful voice acting, almost nothing can be done. Audio should be of high quality from the very beginning, so you should choose the most decent radio system from all that the budget allows for recording.

Source: www.makeuseof.com