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All features of Android O

Google is going to release a new version of its mobile operating system. While it is known as Android O. Let's consider its main features.

The first new OSes will continue the line of Google Pixel . These smartphones will run Android O right out of the box. Also, this operating system should receive the first Pixel and Pixel XL . As for devices from the Nexus series, their update is a big question. Be that as it may, but gradually an increasing number of new smartphones with this OS will appear on store shelves. Therefore, it makes sense to get acquainted with the functions that first appear in it.


What will be Android O?

At the moment, it is not known exactly how Android 8.0 will be called. It is only known that the name will begin with the letter “O”. In April-June 2017, it was assumed that the OS will be called Android Oreo , as the famous chocolate chip cookie. Later, there were suggestions that Google will stop at Oatmeal Cookie , which translates into Russian as "oatmeal cookies." The corresponding reference was found in the source code of the beta version of the operating system.

Anyway, the exact name will be known only shortly before the official release of the custom version of Android 8.0.

When will the release take place?

A version of Android O for developers can be downloaded now. But it is teeming with all sorts of bugs, and the installation of this version is associated with a huge number of difficulties. In short, we do not recommend installing it on your main smartphone.

The custom version of Android 8.0 should be released simultaneously with new smartphones from the Pixel series. And when exactly this will happen is a big question. Google calls the third quarter of 2017 (July-September) as the date. It is at this time worth waiting for the release of smartphones and the operating system itself.

But it is possible that the development will be delayed, then you have to wait for October or even November.

Which smartphones will get Android O?

Unfortunately, very few devices will receive a new OS. The owners of Pixel , Pixel XL and Pixel C should get it first. Someday, then (most likely, at the beginning of next year), Android 8.0 will be sent to Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X . As for third-party smartphones, everything is covered in the darkness of secrecy. Some manufacturers claim that they will update their devices as soon as possible. Others do not even think about the eighth version of the “green robot”. Practice shows that, in any case, the update will take a very long time - until 2018, owners of smartphones who do not belong to the Nexus and Pixel lines should not dream of “oatmeal cookies”.

By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , which is coming out in the fall, will function under the control of Android 7.0. Even the South Korean monster failed to quickly adapt the new version of the operating system to fit its needs.

What new features will Android 8.0 get?

Google is constantly working to optimize power consumption. Each new version of Android provides more options in this regard. In the "eight" will be implemented a new principle of the application in the background. Third-party programs will receive a number of additional restrictions, due to which they will spend less energy. Of course, this is most true for applications from bad developers who are actively “eating” a charge in the background.

Android O implements a certain multi-channel notification. That is, now they will be divided into different types, each of which can be disabled. This is especially true for applications that send ads to the notification bar. From now on, it can be disabled through the capabilities of the system itself.

Even in the "eight" you can postpone the notice. In this case, it is removed from the corresponding curtain, but only for a specified time. This is useful to those who are actively watching YouTube, but at the same time do not want to use the section "Watch Later". Also, a message comes to mind from the wife about buying any products - it can also be put off exactly until such time as you go to the supermarket.

From now on, “picture in picture” becomes a standard feature of the operating system. For a long time, some players have learned to show video in a small window - for example, in the corner of the screen. Initially, it seemed convenient only on tablets. But with the growth of the diagonal of the screen of modern smartphones, this function has also attracted their owners. Now any player, including YouTube, can show the video like this.

Another innovation concerns the possibilities of working with additional displays. However, its essence remains unclear. It seems that Google wants to introduce an analogue of the technology Microsoft Continuum or Samsung DeX, making something like a computer out of smartphones.

Another change is for launcher developers. Now all icons will be adaptive. This will allow them to adjust their form to a specific topic.

Release Android 8.0 waiting even some musicians. The fact is that the new operating system will support the AAudio API set. This will make it easier for music applications to output and record sound, as well as improve its quality.

There will be many other innovations in the operating system, which makes no sense to speak in detail. Google has announced that it intends to develop VR, introduce a more reliable protection system, increase speed and expand the color gamut. There will also be added support for the new Bluetooth codec under the name LDAC, developed by Sony and having a very high sound quality. A fingerprint scanner will learn to recognize different types of touches - both swipes and tapas. However, gestures are already determined by the fingerprint sensor in Pixel and Pixel XL.

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