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What kind of smartphone is "more musical" than others? Are there powerful and worth the money products among miniature devices? Is it possible to find a device in the clamshell form factor now? All these and many other questions will be answered by the ratings of smartphones published on our website.

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Our collections are different in that they are regularly updated. In them you can easily find out which phones are the best as of 2017. Especially for you, we broke all the tops into completely different categories. So you can get acquainted with the folding smartphones that still exist, although they are difficult to see on store shelves. You will also learn about the thinnest devices. We also mentioned push-button smartphones, which are still of interest to many people. Not forgotten by us and ordinary mobile phones, not having in its composition of any operating system.

Any top 10 is designed to provide you with information on the best devices in its class. After reading the rating, it is much easier to make a purchase. You do not need to get acquainted with the reviews on this or that model, as the ratings of the best smartphones in detail acquaint with all the positive and negative sides.

In the future, our section will be replenished with other devices directly related to mobile technology. For example, now you can read about wireless headsets that are gaining popularity year after year. But the greatest emphasis we do is still on smartphones, which recently have become very different. Some people are pleased with their front camera, others have a very capacious battery, others sound very good ... In a word, there is always a topic for another collection, which makes us and our regular visitors happy.

Top Onda Tablets

Choosing a tablet, we are increasingly looking towards China, because only there you can find very good options with a good ratio of price, performance and quality.

Best Asus Tablets

The Taiwanese company Asus confidently feels on the electronics market - laptops, smartphones, tablets. Everything turns out quality and dignified. Despite fame in everything ...

The most powerful tablets of 2019

In 2019, the requirements for the characteristics of the tablet will grow - users want to get a stylish compact body with a powerful filling and an inexpensive price tag.

Best Xiaomi Tablets

Almost the entire model range of the company, except for the very first gadget, got into the list of the best Xiaomi tablets due to irrelevant characteristics for 2019. Market downturn ...

Best ZTE smartphones

Smartphones under the ZTE brand are pleased with a balanced filling, high-quality assembly and affordable prices. Let's look at the best of them.

The best Philips smartphones

Dutch brand Philips is known to all. Let's get acquainted with the best smartphones that are distributed under this brand.

Top Samsung Laptops

If you are looking for a new portable computer, a well-known South Korean manufacturer is ready to present you many good suggestions. Samsung has become famous for the whole ...

Top Chuwi Tablets

When the budget is limited, but I want a good tablet with a high-quality screen and modern speed - turn your eyes towards this manufacturer.

Top 8-core smartphones

Even with an 8-core processor, the smartphone can be quite slow. But what is the use of a large number of nuclei? This article tells.

The best smartphones SENSEIT

SENSEIT smartphones are designed for users who lead an active lifestyle. The main features are protection against water, dust and shock, excellent autonomy and affordable prices.

Sony's best smartphones

Sony is one of the most famous manufacturers of smartphones. Let's find out which devices under this brand are the best.

The best smartphones UMIDIGI

Only 2-3 years ago, only a few knew about UMIDIGI in China and only a few. Now more and more people whose smartphones are the brainchild of this brand. The reason for the rapid growth ...

The best teXet smartphones

When choosing a cheap smartphone or telephone, the user may wonder about the quality of such devices. But speaking of teXet, no doubt, since the brand is verified ...

Top Jinga Phones

There are quite a lot of cheap smartphones on the Russian market, among which Jinga is not the last because of one of the most competitive prices.

Best 10-core smartphones

A smartphone does not need to have 10 cores in order to show decent performance - but with a multi-core chipset it is easier for it to save energy. Which of the 10 nuclear ...