Top 2019 Augmented Reality Glasses: Snap, Vuzix, ODG, North, and more

The possibilities of augmented reality are approaching perfection, along with its development smart glasses become smarter. Today, this area of ​​electronics are interested in large companies and small startups. Thanks to their efforts, smart glasses have ceased to be a banal rim with a hole for the camera: a new generation of intelligent accessories combines the functions of AR, fitness tracking and mixed reality.

Complicated features such as first-person video filming, navigation, and face recognition are within their reach. Modern smart glasses are a truly smart and useful gadget that has every chance in the next five years to become part of our life.

The smart glasses market is rich. Let's get acquainted with the best deals.

Top AR-glasses

Vuzix Blade / Blade Edge

Price: 82 000 rubles

Vuzix Blade changed the way smart glasses can look. They became the first truly functional commercial product in its category.

At first glance, there is nothing futuristic about them. Vuzix Blade looks like a regular pair of eyeglasses, however, in terms of filling, they can be compared with the first generation of smart watches. Since this was the first step towards the use of advanced technologies for consumer purposes, it was not without flaws. But the company has already introduced the design of the next generation, which corrected many errors.

Ready-made applications for Vuzix Blade include a media player, camera, image viewer and several games. Some programs are still under development. Among them - Alexa voice assistant. Vuzix is ​​also working on the integration of streaming services, maps and search engine Yelp.

The display of points is distinguished by high definition and color reproduction. The gadget provides 8 MP camera and storage for 4 GB. Autonomy 3-4 hours.

Vuzix Blade can be called the best attempt to bring AR-glasses to mass use. The initial price of the gadget was $ 1,800 (about 117 thousand in ruble equivalent), then, according to the promises of the manufacturer, it was reduced to $ 1,000. The updated and cheaper model comes out under the name Vuzix Blade Commercial Edge.


North focals

Price: from 40 000 rubles

Canadian startup North focuses more on fashion than on AR functionality. If some famous manufacturer of accessories like Ray-Ban suddenly began to produce smart glasses, it would have turned out something like Focals - elegant and stylish.

You can order North Focals in one of the company's stores. One is in New York Brooklyn, the second in Toronto, Canada. Face-to-face visit is obligatory: in order to accurately measure the distance between the pupils and other parameters, specialists need to scan the user's face using the proprietary technology. If necessary, prescription lenses with diopters can be made for the client. There are two options for frames - classic and rounded in three colors.

The glasses are controlled with a small joystick ring. At first, it will be unusual to see additional information apart from the environment, but with regular use of smart glasses, the discomfort disappears. The display shows information about the weather, incoming messages, media player and maps. The gadget is compatible with Alexa voice assistant.

North Focals is an interesting accessory, but you can only buy it in the USA or Canada, and personally visit one of the two stores.



Price: 33 000 rubles

Solos Smart Sunglasses are the biker's best friend. They are equipped with a special display, which displays information about speed, cadence, heart rate and range of effective loads. The release was to be held in 2016, but due to the need to obtain an FCC certificate, it had to be postponed. At the moment, anyone who managed to reserve a gadget, receive the long-awaited package.

Solos Points have support for the popular sports applications Strava and MapMyRide. For pairing with other fitness gadgets, there are built-in Bluetooth and ANT + modules. It is worth noting that Solos glasses are approved by the US National Cyclists Team: athletes use them in competitions.


Everysight raptor

Price: 58 990 rubles

Experts from Everysight have many years of experience in the development of army head displays. Having tried their hand at creating AR-glasses, the company introduced a gadget that, like Solos, is designed for cycling enthusiasts.

The Raptor used mobile components. The device display was created using OLED technology using the BEAM projection system. It displays data on heart rate, maps and other information about the race. On the camera, you can shoot action video. Points support voice control.

The Raptor model went on sale last August. At the moment, the company is engaged in attracting developers to create applications for its platform.


ODG R7 AR / R8 / R9

Price: 332 693 rubles

Osterhout Design Group released its first AR-glasses in 2015. Model ODG R7 AR is focused on industrial use. It is equipped with lenses with 80% transparency. The resolution of the displayed image is 720 p. The glasses are capable of displaying video at 80 FPS with a viewing angle of up to 37 degrees. In addition to the 4 MP camera in the gadget, there is a voice recognition function, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a gyroscope, a magnetometer and an accelerometer. Also, this model has a reinforced version of the ODG R-7HL, which is designed for use in hazardous conditions.

R8 and R9 are preparing to release. R9 can already be reserved on the company's website. Both models are controlled by a Snapdragon 835 processor , have an increased viewing angle (40 degrees for R8 and 50 for R9), a positional tracking function and a display resolution of 1080 p.

ODG R8 have an elegant design and light weight. They are suitable for domestic purposes. According to the manufacturer, their dual 1080p camera is capable of capturing 3D video. ODG tried to reduce the final cost of this model, but the gadget still did not come from cheap.


Vuzix M300

Price: 166 450 rubles

Following the successful model Vuzix M100, the company released the M300 - a durable, handy gadget for use in industrial environments.

The model works on the Intel Atom processor running Android. The glasses have 2 GB of operational and 16 GB of permanent memory, 13 MP camera, double noise-canceling microphone, head tracking and Wi-Fi.


Epson Moverio BT-300

Price: 60 700 rubles

Smart glasses BT-300 turned out easier and more elegant than its predecessor. Unlike the Moverio BT-200, they don’t look like a geeky toy.

The device uses a clearer OLED display with a HD resolution and a 5 MP camera. It all works on the Intel Atom quad-core running Android Lollipop.

Epson smart glasses have always been focused on business users, but the BT-300 is designed for a wider audience. Fans of aircraft will surely be interested in a special version of Epson Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition: it can be used to control DJI drone.


Price: 40 000 rubles

This gadget is supplied only as a developer kit. Points work in conjunction with a smartphone. The resolution of the lenses is 2.5K, the viewing angle is 90 degrees. There is an RGB-camera with a resolution of 1080 r, as well as a gesture control function. Points are compatible with applications created using the Unity engine.

DreamGlass are relatively inexpensive. They will be useful both to ordinary users in everyday life and to developers in creating and debugging their own products.


Smart glasses are not only AR

Snap Spectacles 2

Price: 8 500 rubles

The second generation of Snap Spectacles - the choice of progressive youth. The gadget is waterproof, bright and inexpensive. On the issue of confidentiality, he has a special approach: you will immediately realize that the owner of the headset is shooting you, since the LED on the frame lights up when taking photos and filming.

The captured files can be shared via Snapchat. Points are charged in a compact case. Frame design is available in two versions - Veronica and Nico. In general, Snap Spectacles 2 is a cool youth accessory, nothing more. Features have improved compared to the first generation, however, these glasses will fit only for fun, but not for serious purposes.


Lowdown focus

Price: 14 685 rubles

Smart glasses Lowdown Focus developed by Canadian company InterAxon, working in the field of wearable technology, in collaboration with the manufacturer of frames Italian Safilo Group and Smith Optics. This device has nothing to do with augmented reality, it is remarkable for others. Glasses are equipped with a set of sensors to track brain activity. Their functionality will be useful primarily for athletes and those who are engaged in complex mental work.

The stylish accessory is equipped with special sensors that track brain waves, eye movements, facial expressions, and more. They have a built-in three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and pressure sensors. The set of applications includes special programs for meditation, training the cognitive abilities of the brain, concentration, etc.



Price: 16 500 rubles

Prescription glasses and a smart accessory Vue appeared largely due to the campaign on Kickstarter, the purpose of which was to collect $ 2 million and to adjust the supply of goods by July 2017. However, due to technical difficulties, the release of the points was postponed to June 2018, and then to 2019. Now they are available for pre-order on the official website of the company.

These are also not AR glasses, but they are interesting in that they use bone conduction technology. This accessory can be used instead of headphones. To control the media player and voice calls, a touch interface is provided. Also, Vue glasses can intercept notifications from a paired mobile phone and track the user's physical activity.

The lenses are available in three versions - prescription with diopters, zero and sunscreen.


VSP Level

Price: 21 500 rubles

Of all the presented smart glasses VSP Level - not the most intelligent device. It is rather an analogue of a fitness tracker: it can count the number of steps taken, the distance, count the calories burned and record the duration of the workouts. The gadget is cute and stylish; major specialists from the field of medicine and wearable electronics took part in its development.

The uniqueness of these points is that they help to take care not only of your health, but also of other people’s health: for achieving fitness goals, the application earns points for the user with which they can pay for eye care services for the homeless, children, veterans or the elderly.



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