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10 signs that the smartphone you are going to buy is trash

Even in a weak, boring gadget there is at least one interesting feature that you want to talk about. That is why the most seemingly unremarkable things can cause sincere delight among techno-fans. If we talk about people, each of us is good at something and bad at something. With smartphones everything is the same: there are good devices, there are bad ones. But the truth is that there are few really bad smartphones.

What is to hide, sometimes such miracle devices, which cannot be called slag, leave the factory assembly line. You walk with one of them for a couple of days and you begin to understand that its purpose in this world is to annoy and enrage everyone who touches it.

Unfortunately, the shortcomings do not always appear from the first minute. Nevertheless, it is possible to calculate the black sheep. Get detective hats, it's time to expose!

1. Old Android version

Be sure to check before buying how relevant the smartphone software is, because the main sign of a bad gadget is an outdated version of Android.

If this piece of iron is stuck on Android 7.0, then there are two options: either it is very old, or the manufacturer scored for support. Yes, there are still smartphones in the stores that came off the assembly line a year or two and a half ago, on which the seventh or eighth android stands, respectively, but that is another matter. When outdated software is installed on a new smartphone, this is a bad sign.

Holo UI was not bad, but his time was forever gone.

Such a phone does not have the latest system features, and without fresh security patches from Google, it may be vulnerable to hacker actions. Do not waste time on it, pass by.

2. Slow loading and lags

We really hope that before you decide to take it or not, you will be able to hold the smartphone in your hands and communicate with its interface. Note the following: how smoothly do screens scroll? How fast is the scrolling of long pages in the browser? How long does it take to launch an application?

The device on a good hardware with high-quality optimization instantly cope with any of these tasks. Weak will freeze for 1-2 seconds with each action.

Of course, not all require the highest performance from a smartphone. However, even an inexpensive phone should work fine with the stock launcher. This is his basic function, and he is obliged to perform it flawlessly.

The smartphone is not bought for a couple of months. If he is slowing down now, when his memory is not full of gigabytes of applications and files, how will he behave later? In general, at the time of purchase, you should have confidence that, at least in a year, the performance of the gadget will remain at a more or less decent level.

Axon M: a smart concept without decent software.

3. Not enough basic features.

Low price does not make the phone bad. Some buyers do not need cool chips, and they consciously choose the simpler technique. Even with one camera and without the wireless charging feature , the smartphone can be cool. Nokia and Honor make such devices - without unnecessary bells and whistles and at an affordable price.

But nevertheless some functions should not be cut. For example, a gyroscope. It is necessary for the correct operation of many applications, it is even placed in budget gadgets. But here in the Honor 7s it was not.

In the furnace of it.

Honor 7s is a perfect example of a slagphone. He plays music through a speaker, but in fact there is no lattice. This is the case when the manufacturer so cheapened the phone that it became worse nowhere. Honor 7s is frankly weak, you don’t need to test it even in benchmarks: just try running some YouTube video on it and you’ll understand right away.

Fingerprint scanner - attribute optional, but extremely useful. Before you give it up, you should think ten times. A display with a resolution of less than 1080 p and a microUSB port is nonsense in 2019. However, for some people these parameters may not be important.

Think very well before you buy a phone with 16 GB of memory: you will not have time to blink with your eye how they will end. A flash drive will expand the memory, but it will not get rid of all the problems.

In general, think for what you give money. If the phone is clearly not the best, then it should have a corresponding price.

4. Unknown brand

Buying goods from a little-known brand is a risky business. Although, on the other hand, new companies somehow need to break through in the market. And not all of them produce low-quality equipment.

Similarly: not every phone from a famous OEM will be good. Of course, if you are not in the tooth with your foot in all sorts of characteristics, it is wise to stick to the familiar logos. So at least more likely that the purchase will be successful. You know that if you go to some famous institution like Starbucks, you are guaranteed to get a certain level of service there. So with the phones. Large companies value their reputation, in which case they are ready to pay damages.

5. Bad localization

Another alarm bell is a clumsy >

GPD: localization is disgusting, but the technique is excellent. Rare exception to the rule.

Although there are exceptions. Take, for example, GPD (GamePad Digital). This is a Chinese electronics manufacturer, he writes documentation in terrible English, and the gadgets themselves are surprisingly good.

But in general, the translation curve is, of course, very, very sad.

6. Bad camera

Modern state employees are capable of much of what expensive smartphones can do. Among them are a lot of devices with a huge display, 4-6 GB of RAM, the latest version of Android and unlock function on the face. But with a camera from state employees everything is not so smooth.

Redmi Note 5 Pro: in India, known as the beast-cameraphone, in fact, very mediocre.

When testing your smartphone, be sure to start the camera and take a few pictures. Do not look at the number of MPs and lenses. The quality of the photo depends largely on the software and less obvious characteristics, such as pixel size. This means that the quality of shooting can be checked only in practice.

7. A lot of "fat" software

Even the largest OEMs (yes, Samsung , and you too) are sinning because they sell mobile phones with functionally redundant programs before selling. This is a clear sign that client comfort is not in the first place in the company's priorities.

A good smartphone out of the box should have only the main programs, plus a few additional ones to access the unique functions of this particular model. Duplicates of each Google application, optimizers, task killers, flashlights - this is already superfluous (and you will most likely not be able to remove this superfluous).

The most dangerous thing is if a smartphone overloaded with software slag is offered by an unknown brand: who knows what threats lie in the code of any incomprehensible software.

Most of all suffer from "fat" software devices on a weak gland with a limited amount of memory. To be guaranteed not to deal with bloatware, select gadgets from the Android One program.

8. Horrible design

Each person has their own idea of ​​good and bad design. Not everyone wants to have a super premium glass gadget. Some people like to hold a metal or plastic case in their hands. In general, the material and design - a matter of taste. It's hard to say anything here.

But do not lose vigilance. If the smartphone has just been taken out of the box, and there are already scratches on the case, it is suspiciously light, or you just do not like its appearance, it is likely that the reason lies in cheap materials. It is unlikely that he will be able to bear the burden of everyday life for a long time.

Fortunately or not, today a smartphone is also a fashion accessory. When choosing it, it is important to think about whether you will be happy to carry it with you every day, get it out of your pocket, and show it to your friends. The price has nothing to do with it: among the state employees you can find very nice cute models.

In the meantime, you look closely, pay attention to any problems related to the quality of materials: yellow spots on the display, gaps between the screen and the body, broken pixels. Be careful, not all of these shortcomings can be noticed immediately.

9. Weak characteristics

If you do not plan to run heavy games or other demanding applications on your smartphone, then you need to look at the actual performance, not the numbers in the description.

Nokia 1: performance is not very good, but you can forgive it for a good design and a pleasant price.

However, if the smartphone has only 2 GB of RAM or a weak processor, your possibilities with it will be seriously limited. In this sense, the purchase of a used flagship or smartphone, which a couple of years ago was one of the top ones, is fully justified: by today's standards, its speed will be not so hot, but acceptable.

State employees like Nokia 1 - a separate topic. These are well-designed, well-balanced, well-designed devices with no complaints about the flagship performance. When evaluating a smartphone, try to perceive it as a whole, rather than each parameter separately. Even if the gadget loses in one aspect, it can show itself perfectly in another. But if you got into the hands of the device, which meets several criteria from this article, feel free to send it back to the store shelf in the trash .

10. Bad reviews

And finally (it may sound slightly biased from the site that publishes reviews) - look at the ratings. All reviewers are wrong, sometimes the review is based on personal preferences, but nevertheless it is a very effective way to find out if the vending gadget is worth your time and money.

Go to any site you trust, and look for reviews on the desired model. If they are mostly negative, consider properly whether you are ready to purchase a thing of dubious quality. And to be sure, read the information from other sources.


Let's summarize. A smartphone with which you should not connect your life:

  • Works on the old Android.
  • Lags and slowly loaded.
  • Not able to perform basic functions.
  • It was made by an unknown brand.
  • Comes with crookedly translated documentation.
  • Poor photographs.
  • Overloaded with useless programs.
  • Unpresentable looks.
  • It has weak characteristics.
  • Received poor review reviewers.

Source: www.androidauthority.com

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