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10 best products for motorists on GearBest

The GearBest catalog can please motorists with such accessories that you won't find “in the daytime with fire” in Russian retail!

It may seem absurd to someone to order accessories for a car on a Chinese trading platform. However, many of the automotive products that are offered by market places from the Middle Kingdom are either not represented in Russian stores or have clearly inflated prices.

Ordering a car accessory on GearBest is a reasonable risk. Moreover, the GearBest catalog contains not spare parts that directly affect the performance of the car, but devices for testing important components and devices that can help eliminate the consequences of an accident that has already occurred.

We will present the best products for motorists from the GearBest catalog in this selection.


FullHD mini camera

Quelima's tiny camera weighing only 20 grams is capable of recording FullHD video even at night - thanks to Night Vision and 6 LEDs. The device boasts wide viewing angles (120 °), as well as Motion Detection Motion Detection - recording will automatically start if the camera detects a moving object 5 meters from the car or closer.

Price : 733 rubles


Tire pressure monitoring system

The system includes a main device and 4 sensors, which are installed instead of caps on the nipple. Information on pressure is transmitted by caps to the main device, which is located in the cabin and is powered by the cigarette lighter. The caps themselves do not need to be fed - they are charged by the centrifugal force of the wheel.

Price : 4460 rubles


Dents removal kit

The Pops-A-Dent is cheap and easy to use, but, according to reviews, very effective. With a set for $ 6, you can do light body repair with your own hands, which in the showroom will cost at least $ 150.

Price : 446 rubles


OBDII scanner

A small device, made on the basis of the ELM327 microcontroller, is designed to read the vehicle error codes. Connects to the diagnostic connector. Included is a CD with software.

Price : 331 rubles


Car Wash Gun

The water gun for a car wash differs in flexibility of setup - the user can choose between 8 spray modes. In addition, the device is equipped with an integrated soap dispenser and a 3-phase foam flow control switch.

Price : 684 rubles


Smokeless ashtray

The smokeless ashtray from the seller AlKan is compact, but at the same time is capacious enough. The device has a LED backlight, so it looks very impressive in the car.

Price : 193 rubles


Solar Wheel Light

The installation of the wheel illumination is a wonderful and inexpensive way of tuning, by resorting to which you can make the car bright and memorable! The accessory is waterproof and does not require recharging - it receives the necessary energy from the sun.

Price : 657 rubles


Digital breathalyzer

The digital breathalyzer allows you to quickly and accurately determine whether you can get behind the wheel after a small party. The device is simple to use - just breathe on the device, and the LCD screen will show the number of ppm. A very useful device - especially if you consider how big the penalties are in Russia for drunk driving.

Price : 449 rubles


Car projector

ZIQIAO car projector displays navigation information as well as data on the condition of the car on a transparent HUD-display, which is located at the level of the motorist's eyes. This allows the driver not to be distracted by the dashboard - and thus helps reduce the risk of accidents.

Price : 1043 rubles


Spray gun to prevent car fogging

Chetaitai product prevents car windows from misting up in fog and at low temperatures (down to -25 °). One tube worth less than 250 rubles for a motorist is more than enough for 180 days.

Price : 236 rubles


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