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Smartphones SAMSUNG

SAMSUNG is a South Korean conglomerate of companies. SAMSUNG is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality equipment, including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, however, the activity of the conglomerate is not limited to this - part of the divisions is engaged in construction, the provision of advertising and insurance services, and the defense industry. The company's activities are extremely important for South Korea, since SAMSUNG produces one fifth of the country's total exports.

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SAMSUNG smartphone rulers

Samsung smartphones are characterized by a large variation in prices and functionality, so the buyer first needs to decide on a budget, and only then look at which gadget the ruler can afford. SAMSUNG offers the following lines:

  • Galaxy S is top-class gadgets, the output of which is invariably preceded by a large-scale advertising campaign. Such devices from our catalog are characterized by high build quality and unique software and design solutions. The latest smartphone series for March 2016 is the Galaxy S 6 Edge + with a metal case and a screen with a diagonal of 5.7 inches. Galaxy S have a high cost, comparable to the price of Apple devices, especially in the first weeks of sales.
  • Galaxy Note - smartphones in the category of phablets or “tablet phones”. These gadgets are distinguished by their large dimensions (the screen size of the Note 5 screen is 5.7 inches), the presence of the S Pen electronic pen stylus and numerous built-in applications that make it convenient to work with graphics.
  • Galaxy A. A relatively new line, the first gadgets of which were released only in 2014 ( A 3 and A 5 ). Representatives of SAMSUNG say that these gadgets are made for young users, and therefore "sharpened" primarily for social networks and selfies.
  • Other rulers . Other ruler smartphones are designed to satisfy more specific needs. For example, Grand Duos is an affordable smartphone with two SIM cards, and XCover is a secure gadget for travelers.

Overview of the pros and cons of SAMSUNG smartphones

The advantages of smartphones include the ability to expand memory using an SD card and remove the battery. Such benefits seem simple, however, Apple and Sony gadgets do not allow this. A novice user can easily understand the SAMSUNG mobile phone, because the company uses the Android operating system, which is intuitive.

The main arguments for criticism are the presence of integrated useless software, which slows down the work of the gadget, and the use of plastic as the main material for devices. However, SAMSUNG is trying to get rid of the second drawback by releasing metal S 6 flagships.

Production Samsung Galaxy S9 costs $ 376

What components have become the most expensive when building a flagship? And where does the difference between the production and recommended price of the Galaxy S9 go?