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5G smartphones: all known models and release dates

We heard a lot about what a 5G network would be of itself - higher speeds and lower latency. A new network standard will appear this year, so there is no lack of information. However, we have not heard much about the phones that will support this network.

The situation with models with 5G is beginning to change, since in 2019 more specific information will appear on plans to launch the new standard. All four major telecom operators in the United States plan to open access to the network this year, at least in several cities. Also, some phone manufacturers are planning to release devices in the first half of the year, which will be able to support the next generation technology.

All this means the release of a phone with a 5G modem inside, and this is exactly what the new platform Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm offers. In addition to improved performance and energy efficiency, many of the promised benefits of the Snapdragon 855 include the X50 5G modem. (Snapdragon 855 is also equipped with an X24 LTE modem, for those cases when 5G is not available).

It should be said that not every phone with Snapdragon 855 support boasts the ability to connect to 5G. However, manufacturers who still decided to implement a modem in their devices will be the first to offer options that support the network.

And in this article we will talk about which firms are rumored to be planning to introduce 5G and when we can expect the first phones to appear with its support.



In this model, access to the new network protocol will be only through the specified operators.

This is not the only 5G phone we can expect from Samsung in 2019. AT T also announced a merger with a Korean company to launch another model in the second half of the year, stating that it will have access to the 6 GHz sub-band system, in addition to mmWave for wider 5G coverage.

What else we heard: Samsung did not reveal many details about the appearance of the 5G smartphone. But given the timing and the fact that on February 20, the company is holding a press event to present the new products, it is increasingly likely that the new flagship Galaxy S10 will support 5G.

It is possible that this will be a separate version of S10. According to rumors, the Korean company will work on several models of the smartphone. The high-performance version with the ability to connect to 5G, among other functions, will emphasize its excellence. It is expected that the release will take place after the release of the usual versions.

S10 is not the only phone in the nearest Samsung line that boasts a 5G connection. The foldable Galaxy F is also in development and is expected to debut in 2019. Perhaps immediately after the upcoming press event on February 20. At least one message claims that the Galaxy F will support the new network. This version may initially appear only on the South Korean market, and then will be released on others.


What we know: Like Samsung, LG is also preparing to offer its first 5G phone: they will work with Sprint, which last August announced that in the first half of 2019 it will release the phone together with the Koreans.

LG also made it clear when to expect the first review on the phone. February 24, the company will hold a press conference in Barcelona, ​​the day before the Mobile World Congress (MWC), and promised to show the device on the same day.

The manufacturer also confirmed that the phone will have a Snapdragon 855 processor and a 4000 mAh battery. In addition, Koreans promise technology Vapor Chamber, thanks to which the smartphone does not overheat even when using high-performance applications.

What else we heard: there is no information about how the new 5G phone will be called in LG. Previous rumors about the company's plans for the release of smartphones suggested that the upcoming LG G8 will not support this network, unlike the next phone in a series called the LG V. At least that is what the rumors say. If they are true, it will mean that the LG V50 ThinQ will debut just a few months after the appearance of the V40.


What we know: Technically, Motorola already has a phone that can connect to 5G. However, for the network to work, you need to install an as yet unreleased add-on.

Moto Z3, released last year as an exclusive Verizon, will be able to support Moto Mod, which includes a 5G connection. Like other Moto Mods, this add-on is attached to the back of the phone. Verizon currently offers broadband services in five cities.

We are still waiting for pricing and availability information for the 5G Moto Mod. We only know that the addition will appear at the beginning of this year. We managed to see a demonstration of the device at the end of last year, and although this preview did not show the promised 5G speeds, it is worth remembering that an improvised network was used there. This did not prevent the download of a 1GB file on Moto Z3 in just 17 seconds.


What we know: when in December, Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon 855, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau appeared at the release event, announcing that his company is going to develop a 5G network phone using a new processor. British mobile operator EE has already offered OnePlus to create a phone that could be the first of its kind in Europe this year.

Like other manufacturers, OnePlus plans to release its smartphone in the first half of 2019. According to Lau's expectations, the device will be ready by the end of May.

What else we heard: note that the 5G model does not call the OnePlus 7. The company indicated that its new generation smartphone will not be part of the standard OnePlus line. This may be due to the fact that the cost of using a high-speed network may lead to an increase in prices that OnePlus usually charges for its smartphones.

In an interview, Lau said that this smartphone can be 200-300 dollars more expensive than conventional OnePlus devices. At the same time, he added that the companies intend to meet the price below $ 1,000.


What we know: Huawei said it was going to present a device that supports 5G at the Mobile World Congress, which will be held in late February.

The connection will be made through the new Balong 5000 modem, which is combined with the existing Huawei Kirin 980 chipset. Recall that, unlike the vast majority of leading manufacturers of Android-based phones, which turn to Qualcomm for mobile processing components, Huawei creates its own.

The company also announced that its device will have a folding screen, combining the two big trends of smartphones in 2019 in one device.

The remaining manufacturers

Many other companies that plan to implement the 5G network belong to the same class as Huawei. These are Chinese phone manufacturers who are going to release devices with the support of the new standard in early 2019, but their devices will not go on sale in the United States.

This year, Xiaomi also promises a version of its Mi Mix phone with 5G and Snapdragon 855. Most likely, it will be available only in Europe and China. In September last year, Honor pledged to release its smartphone in 2019. Given that the recently announced Honor View 20 is unlikely to reach US markets, we will not argue that a device with the support of a new network standard will break this trend.

What about Apple?

Apple never reveals plans for its smartphones until they are fully prepared. However, a wave of rumors overtakes any company, and they are already saying that Apple is thinking about future devices. All signs indicate that Apple will break into the 5G market as early as 2019.

Late last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple will not release an iPhone with 5G support until 2020. Apple’s strategy this time may depend on continuing disagreements with Qualcomm. Reportedly, Intel modems will not be able to be embedded in smartphones until 2020. But for future iPhones with 5G, Apple can use its own.

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