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IPhone X screen experiencing problems in cold weather

Users report a lack of response when operating at low temperatures. Apple is working on a software update.

New smartphones often suffer from technical problems that force their manufacturers to release updates. For example, Google recently experienced this on its own thanks to the Pixel 2 XL screen. Apple with iPhone X found its own malfunctions. As it turned out, in the cold, the device does not work as perfectly as in warmth.

Some users complain about this on the Reddit social network . In cold air, the screen becomes unresponsive. One of the owners of the iPhone X claims that just 2 seconds after it went out into the air, the screen stopped responding to clicks. Naturally, for Russia in November this problem can be very relevant.

Some manufacturers warn that using the device at low and high temperatures can lead to problems such as reduced battery life or sudden reboots, but the lack of screen reaction is not so common. Apple acknowledged the problem and claims that it is temporary, and the solution will come in an upcoming software update.

In addition, the iOS update is distributed, which solves the problem with the automatic change of the letter i after the combination of characters A [?].