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Best Internet Radio Applications for Android

Radio must exist forever. Especially with the current development of technology, when you can access any radio station using a simple smartphone. In this article, we will talk about the best applications designed to listen to Internet radio on a device with the Android operating system.

Just a few decades ago, the number of Russian radio stations was minimal - two fingers were enough to count them. If we talk about the whole globe, then in this case the number of radio stations barely exceeded a couple of hundred. Well, now the Internet rules the world, and therefore even mortals have the opportunity to open their own radio. And now you can listen to the radio using a simple smartphone and tablet. But for this you need to download the application, endowed with a list of online radio stations. And there are problems. There are a large number of idle utilities of this kind. In this collection, we will try to mention the best applications for online radio, which function properly and allow you to enjoy high quality sound.



A very high-rated free radio listening app on the Play Market. The program cannot boast of a huge set of stations, but this is offset by the fact that the developers carefully monitor the broadcasts to ensure high-quality and stable operation. Each radio station goes through filters to enhance sound. The program allows you to save traffic and can work in slow 2G / EDGE networks. Among the useful options - the choice of bitrate, adding stations to favorites, the "auto" mode for playback in the car, a timer, as well as the ability to add broadcast from the Internet - you only need a link.

The app has a track history - most radio stations remember the last 10 songs. By a long press on the name of the song, you can find it on popular music services to listen again or download to your smartphone.


  • Save traffic.
  • Optimized for work in slow networks.
  • Improving the sound quality.
  • There is a listening story.
  • You can find your favorite track on the net.
  • Bitrate setting.
  • Timer.
  • You can add third-party stations from the network.


  • A small number of radio stations.

Rating: 8/10

Radio garden

Free Price: Free

A radio with a minimum of functions, or rather, with their complete absence - a maximum here you can add a station to your favorites or send a link to a radio station in third-party applications. Nevertheless, the application is interesting and has good user feedback. The bottom line is that the Radio Garden program brings together stations around the globe. The interface is designed in such a way that the user sees the globe with green dots printed - each of them is a radio station. At any time, you can listen to the radio station of your favorite city, listen to something from the streets of London or plunge into the atmosphere of street music in the United States.

You can search for stations by rotating the globe or by entering the name of a locality or a specific station. Developers constantly check the program for operability - idle stations are deleted, and new ones appear. The description indicates that in the near future additional functionality will appear. The application is in English, but this does not stop them from using at all - everything is intuitively clear.


  • A huge number of stations.
  • Convenient search.
  • The ability to save your favorite stations.
  • The list of radio stations is constantly updated.
  • No ads.


  • The application is in English.
  • Minimum functionality - I would like to see at least a timer.

Rating: 8/10

Radio - Music and Radio Online

A fairly simple application with a nice interface and good functionality, which is quite enough for comfortable use. When you first turn on the program, you will be asked to indicate the country - this will determine the list of stations offered, there are a huge number of them for every taste. If, as you use it, you want to change the country and station, then this is done in the settings. All radio stations are presented in the form of tiles, they can be interchanged for your convenience. There is a search by name.

When playing the broadcast, a window appears with the ability to scroll through the tracks, their name, the ability to add a station to favorites or set a timer - from 1 to 60 minutes. In the settings there is an option to share the broadcast, put a dark theme and change the size of the radio station icons. An unpleasant fact is the presence of advertising, which is not only present in the form of a constant strip at the bottom of the application, but also pops up when the broadcast changes. You can remove ads for 129 rubles.


  • Nice interface.
  • A large number of radio stations.
  • Sort by country.
  • You can change the display list of stations.
  • The presence of a night theme.
  • The presence of a timer.


  • English menu.
  • The presence of intrusive advertising.

Rating: 7/10

Online Radio

A free application for listening to not only radio stations, but also thematic collections of music. In the main menu there is a division by radio stations, genres, geographical location. The program also allows you to listen to music on the recommendations - you can find a selection of autumn music, for sports, dance, the best of rock music, listen to humorous podcasts and other thematic compilations. The application has the ability to create your own track sheet and send it to friends.

An interesting option is the music news section, you can read what is happening in the world of show business. There are no bitrate or playback timer settings yet. The application has ads, but it is quite unobtrusive, however, the opportunity to purchase a subscription and disable it is not provided here.


  • A large number of thematic collections and radio stations.
  • You can make your own track sheet and share with friends.
  • Display news from the world of music.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Non-Disabled Ads.
  • Visually, the application is very mediocre.
  • There are no additional functions - timer, bitrate selection.

Rating: 6/10


Яндекс Developer: Yandex
Free Price: Free

A free application with the ability to issue a paid subscription, which makes using it more convenient. In fact, the application from Yandex is a huge database of music (more than 45 million tracks) that will be played based on user preferences. You can choose a genre, mood, occupation. The application has a timer, allows you to set a night or day theme. To start using, you need to log in - for this you can use your Yandex account (if there are almost or other services) or enter the application through social networks . Yandex.Radio is good in that it has an up-to-date music database - fresh tracks and albums immediately appear on the service and on the day of release you will definitely hear new music from your favorite artist. An interesting opportunity is the ability to like or dislike a song - in the future, the music will be selected more accurately based on preferences.

Subscribing to Yandex.Radio completely removes ads (from time to time a commercial is played before switching the track) and removes restrictions on the number of songs that can be turned over. Yandex.Radio has tight integration with Yandex.Music - listening to the latter will affect the selection of artists in Radio. In addition, all the songs you like are collected on Yandex.Music in the “Like on Radio” playlist. If you liked which track, then a long click on it will open a submenu with the ability to share with friends, open an artist or album.


  • Huge music base.
  • Traffic optimization.
  • The presence of an equalizer.
  • Dark and light theme.
  • Timer.
  • Tight integration with Yandex.Music.
  • The correct selection of music.
  • The ability to find an album on the track or listen to other artist songs.
  • Nice and convenient interface.


  • Availability of advertising.
  • Without a subscription, there are restrictions on turning over tracks.

Rating: 9/10


Free Price: Free

A good program that contains a lot of links to both official radio stations and amateur ones. As a result, you can listen to Mayak and Vesti FM in order to get the latest news, and then switch to some discography of your favorite artist. Here you can even find channels for lovers of meditation and yoga! And the application is able to please the search for audio books.

PCRADIO differs from its competitors in supporting even the lowest bitrate - up to 24 Kbps. This allows you to recommend installing it to people living in rural areas, where the mobile Internet makes its way with great difficulty.

The creators provide the opportunity to download their creation for free. But the maximum functionality of the application will open only if you purchase the PRO version. In particular, for money, developers will provide you with the ability to record airtime, select the quality of audio broadcasting, set a timer, and many other functions. Also, the paid version pleases with the lack of advertising.


  • Support for a very low bit rate.
  • A huge number of radio stations.
  • Availability of discographies.
  • Search for audio books.
  • Air recording (in the paid version).


  • Maximum functionality is available only in the paid version.
  • Free do not even give you the choice of bitrate.
  • Sometimes there are problems with the developer server.

Rating: 6/10

This project was founded in 2010, when Android-based smartphones were just gaining popularity. The application was created by a German company. But this does not mean that the application is able to please only radio stations from Germany. No, there are also channels from other countries, including from Ukraine and Russia. In total there are more than 15 thousand radio stations and podcasts.

The program should appeal to those who listen to online radio on a regular basis. The utility main page contains buttons for the most frequently listened radio stations. Other tabs contain the remaining channels that can be filtered by genre, >

Registration application does not require. But if you want to receive personalized recommendations, then you still have to master this process. As for the shortcomings of this service, the impossibility of choosing the broadcast quality can be attributed to them. Some smartphone owners will not like the interface.


  • A large number of radio stations.
  • Ability to listen to podcasts.
  • Distributed for free.
  • Search by country and even city.
  • The presence of an alarm clock and a sleep timer.


  • Unfriendly interface.
  • Lack of bitrate choice.

Rating: 8/10

Tunein radio

TuneIn Inc Developer: TuneIn Inc
Free Price: Free

Incredibly popular project. This application exists not only on Android, but also on the PlayStation game consoles! The secret of success lies in the fact that the service was launched back in 2002. In those days, it was the simplest web aggregator of Internet radio stations. Since then, the TuneIn Radio database has replenished with approximately one hundred thousand radio stations and several million podcasts. If you want to access all this wealth, then nothing better than TuneIn Radio to not find.

The application allows you to sort the catalog by genre, >

This product is distributed free of charge, which allows us to say that this is the best radio for Android. But there is also a paid version of the utility. She is able to boast of the lack of advertising and the ability to record broadcasts.


  • Distributed for free.
  • Simple interface
  • The ability to select a bit rate.
  • The presence of a sleep timer and an alarm clock.
  • A huge number of radio stations.
  • Ability to listen to podcasts.
  • View a playlist of a radio station.
  • Ability to record air (in the paid version).


  • The presence of advertising in the free version.

Rating: 9/10

Radio fm

RadioFM Developer: RadioFM
Free Price: Free

It may seem to you that this application is designed to listen to the radio through the FM tuner built into the smartphone. But actually it is not. The name of this utility stands for Radio For Mobile. It contains links to thousands of Internet radio stations. There is sorting by genre, so you can not be afraid to stumble on a radio that plays rap hated by you around the clock.

Radio FM differs from its competitors in its simplicity. There is no licked interface, and the functionality is strictly limited. It remains to be glad that the creators did not forget about the sleep timer and alarm clock. But they do not give a choice of bitrate - by default, the highest sound quality is provided.


  • Even a novice can figure out the interface.
  • Distributed for free.
  • The presence of an alarm clock and a sleep timer.
  • A large number of radio stations.


  • Lack of support for Russian->
  • The presence of annoying ads.
  • Inability to choose a bitrate.
  • Lack of function of record of broadcast.

Rating: 5/10


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