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The online store "Eldorado" is inferior in popularity not only to Chinese portals, but also to its closest competitor - " M. Video ". Eldorado is the only major online store that has less than 20 million visitors per month. Let's talk about the common reasons for refusing network services.

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There is an opinion that the Eldorado online store - the main competitor of M.Video - has taken a significant step forward in recent years; especially as a customer service. Eldorado’s progress can be judged if only because in 2015 and 2016 the company became the winner of the Online Retail Russia Awards and was recognized by experts as the best online electronics store - M.Video did not even dream of it. What bribes experts to the Eldorado portal and why, with such regalia, is it still significantly inferior to M.Video in terms of profit and average check size?


Site design

The site is simple and tasteful. There is a moderate amount of elements for New Year's decoration (the review was carried out in the early days of 2017) - in the review of M.Video we noted that some online stores have overkill with this. There is only one advertising banner on the main page, which turns out to be covered by the catalog of goods if the user selects the appropriate menu tab.

Please note: in order to receive important information regarding the order, the site user does not have to go down to the “basement”. In the upper panel there are sections containing information about delivery, about addresses of stores in a certain city, about services that can be provided additionally , even about vacancies that are available on the network.

If the user scrolls down the main page, then he will be faced with a mass of information blocks: “ Sale ”, “ Zone brand ”, “ Bestsellers ”, “ New products ”, “ Product reviews ”. All this information is by no means obligatory for acquaintance, however it can help to decide on which smartphone to buy.

The “Sale” block will be useful to those who choose a Christmas gift, but do not want to spend too much - this section describes only those products for which the network offers a decent discount.

An interesting point, which emphasizes the high customer focus of the Eldorado website, is as follows: the buyer is always warned if the product he wants to purchase is a display case .

A display case of a product differs in a somewhat spoiled appearance : on such a sample there may not be a factory film, the screen is probably blurred (if we are talking about a touch device). Eldorado also states the possibility of lack of packaging and instructions, although this is already absurd. In general, the buyer is unlikely to be happy with the purchase of a display case, and the Eldorado online store is trying to prevent possible conflicts with customers by providing them with the most complete information.

Moderation is the best characteristic for the design of the Eldorado website. The buyer will not meet here any unexpected and original solutions, but will not encounter any inconvenience.

Assortment of goods and catalog

It would be too naive to expect Eldorado to sell tens of thousands of different models of gadgets - this network is by no means specialized in mobile electronics and more often sells, say, washing machines. Statistics show that the Eldorado online store sells more "little things": in 2015 there were approximately 900 thousand orders with an average check of 6,900 rubles . For comparison: the M.Video portal has an average check for the same year of 12,000 rubles, which is why when the number of orders is 200 thousand less, this store is ahead of Eldorado in terms of total profit. However, the low average check amount is again a consequence of Eldorado’s customer focus: they will not impose additional goods and insurance services as aggressively as in M. Video.

Establishing the exact number of mobile devices for sale in Eldorado turned out to be rather difficult - there were about 1200 models of gadgets. The assortment is wider than in M. Video (there are only 1000 models on sale), but still, this parameter lags behind the mobile networks ( Svyaznoy ) and Chinese online stores ( GearBest , AliExpress ). It is obvious that “home appliance” stores appear “in a different league”, however, “Eldorado” at least strives to enter the battle by expanding its lineup - the catalog of this store contains gadgets of such original brands as WileyFox , Ginzzu , Jinga .

Eldorado has a significant advantage over Svyaznoy and Euroset - Samsung gadgets are sold here.

Eldorado catalog cards seem to be informative. In each there are such tabs:

  • Overview - a brief description of the product.
  • Characteristics - list of parameters.
  • Reviews
  • Accessories - a list of accessories suitable for the gadget.
  • Services and a service is a section where you can buy smartphone settings packages.

In the cards of popular goods there is also a tab “Instruction”, where you can download the corresponding document in PDF format.

In fact, of the above sections, only the first two are useful . Reviews do not inspire confidence at all: if only because almost all of them are “five-star”, and there are no sharply negative ones at all.

In “ Accessories ” “stuffed” are not those devices that the owner of a particular smartphone may really need, but the most expensive ones. In the case of the iPhone 5S, there was not a single case or bumper in the list of recommended accessories, but there were 6 Bluetooth headsets - no logic.

For some reason, in the “ Services ” tab on the iPhone, you are offered to buy the Android settings package - moreover, the prices for the settings are such that the average buyer has “eyes on his forehead.” “ Optimal tuning ” costs already 1999 rubles (!) - in any MTS salon the same service will be provided for 199 rubles.

With all the described "horrors" at least pleased with the opportunity to look at the smartphone from different angles, as well as in 3D. However, this is only a “spoon of honey” with the general depressing picture: after visiting the Eldorado product catalog, the client should definitely have the feeling that they are holding him for a fool.

Prices and affordable payment methods

To determine how expensive mobile equipment is in the Eldorado network, you should compare the prices of popular electronics in this online store with the prices of the same products on the Yulmart portal. We have already resorted to this technique in the review of M.Video and the review of Svyaznoy.

Prices at Eldorado were on average 1% higher than at Yulmart - this is a very good indicator. And progress is evident: in 2012, prices were higher than at Yulmart, by as much as 30%! However, “Eldorado”, unfortunately, does not reach the level of “M. Video”: in “M. Video” the prices for mobile equipment are lower than in “Yulmart”, and in general they are among the lowest in Russia.

The Eldorado online store has a special offer called “Low Price Guarantee”. If a buyer finds a cheaper product from a competitor, Eldorado will reduce the price and give another 10% of the difference from above. The list of competitors, however, is limited - Chinese portals are not considered as such.

There are several ways to pay at Eldorado:

  • Cash - both at pickup, and with courier delivery.
  • By bank card - for pickup, courier delivery, as well as online through the site.
  • On credit . The application is filled out online. It is stated on the website that Alfa-Bank , East Express Bank and Home Credit offer services, however, when it comes to processing, the buyer for some reason does not have a choice - his application automatically leaves for Home .
  • Bank transfer . This payment method is useful for legal entities.
  • Gift or bonus card. Bonuses can be paid through the site (if the card is tied to the Personal Account) and with pickup. A gift card can only be realized upon pickup.

The list of payment methods on Eldorado is scarce : the buyer will not be able to use, say, a Maestro card or electronic money. Another disadvantage for the buyer is the limited choice of a lender: Home Credit Bank is notorious - few of the "former" borrowers want to work with him again.

Delivery of goods

An unpleasant surprise is that Eldorado does not offer free courier delivery - unlike other domestic electronics sellers, such as M. Video, Svyaznoy , and Euroset .

Delivering a smartphone from Eldorado costs between 250 and 300 rubles, depending on the city where the service is provided.

The portal offers an express delivery service, which is much more expensive (700-800 rubles). At the same time, the site does not specify how long to wait for an urgent parcel. However, with standard delivery, the waiting time is short - the goods arrive the next day if the buyer has time to place an order before 18:00 . The buyer has the opportunity to choose in which half of the day he will be delivered the goods - the website states that if the courier is late, the buyer will not have to pay for delivery.

About the work of Eldorado couriers on the Internet, mostly positive reviews (punctual, courteous), but the fact that you have to pay for their services is a significant drawback. Buyers who do not want to give money for delivery are recommended to pick up from the nearest store.

Retail network

When you try to find information about the retail network, one more minus of the Eldorado website is revealed: it does not contain the traditional About Us section. Therefore, information has to be obtained bit by bit from other sources.

From the total number of Eldorado stores, it is clear that the company adheres to a different expansion policy than M.Video. “Eldorado” has almost twice as many points (600-odd against 379) in 200 cities of Russia (“M. Video” has 161). In addition, Eldorado stores can be found in the countries of the former CIS - in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Kazakhstan. "Eldorado" prefers to be affordable - perhaps this is where the average check is low, because the "provincials" cannot spend as much as the residents of two capitals and other large cities.

Statistics show that Eldorado stores are present in 100% of the cities of Russia and Ukraine with a population of over 500 thousand people.


After a careful examination of the pros and cons of the Eldorado portal, it becomes obvious why this home appliance store is on the sidelines. Eldorado has few advantages over other domestic sellers:

  • Quality website design . All the information the buyer has "at hand", the heading of the site unobtrusively recalls the past New Year's celebration.
  • The assortment is not so wide as diverse. In the catalog you can find quite rare models.
  • Low prices . Prices at Eldorado are kept at the Yulmart store level. This is a good indicator, but at M.Video it is still cheaper.

Now about the cons:

  • Paid delivery is a completely inexplicable network management solution. No matter how courteous and competent M.Video couriers are, the buyer will prefer not to pay for their services - especially since other sellers do not ask for delivery of money.
  • Awkward directory cards . Do iPhone offer Android settings package and 6 headsets? There is no mistake - you just got to the Eldorado website!
  • A small number of payment methods for goods . Like many other domestic sellers, Eldorado does not work with electronic money, but also this store does not accept Maestro cards, which is absolutely outrageous.

Behind the colorful and sensible website, Eldorado, alas, hides an outdated customer service system - apparently, the “experts” did not get “deep” enough to find numerous disadvantages. To offer paid delivery and limit the buyer in choosing a lender and methods of payment for the goods - not "in the spirit of the times." Eldorado online store is able to compete with M.Video and similar portals due to the wide representation of the network - residents of small towns simply do not have the opportunity to choose a competitor.


Have you ordered gadgets from Eldorado? Write about your experience with this company in the comments! We will be happy to hear from you!