The shops is an online store with which every second Russian is familiar. He has long been one of the leaders in the online market - but does he deserve it?

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In 2016, the online store celebrated its coming of age - and made a gift to himself by opening a new section "Food". In 1998, the founders of hardly expected that the largest Russian online hypermarket, which receives 10 thousand orders a day and has an audience of 1 million 200 thousand people, will grow out of a small online bookstore (which was conceived as a tool for part-time work). .

But why is so popular? Is it really just that the store has a very high-quality service - as claimed by both experts and ordinary consumers? We will try to give answers to these questions in the review.


Site design

It is difficult to find another online store whose website would be as successful as The main page of the resource is as follows:

Here are just some of the reasons why we liked the look of the site:

  • In the corporate design only “calm” shades are used - blue, blue. Screaming and bright colors at least - even red is more like a carrot. A similar design option is designed to linger on the pages of the catalog longer.
  • The main banner ad is of moderate size - it seems as if that is how it should ideally be. Unfortunately, many online stores suffer from the fact that they do not know the measures in advertising and fill the entire screen space with a banner.
  • The site has a useful blog - if you scroll down the main page, you can find the section " New articles on the OZON Guide ". The information in this section is really relevant and interesting - for example, after the writer Kajio Isiguro received the Nobel Prize, a selection of his books instantly appeared on the blog.
  • The catalog is fantastically convenient and intuitive. When you click on the “ Product Catalog ” tab, a first-level menu appears. Then you point to a category and you see subcategories.

It is noteworthy that the user does not need to go down to the “basement” in order to receive information about delivery and bonus programs. This information is placed pretty close to the header of the site.

Finally, another important plus is the ease of registration; it will have to spend no more than 15-20 seconds, entering only the most necessary data. Email verification is not necessary.

It can be stated that the OZON.RU website is “excellent” - even the most fastidious buyer will hardly find something to cling to.

Assortment of goods

The catalog has more than 4 million (!) Positions - from this point of view, the online store is clearly among the leaders of the Russian online market. However, we are interested in the number of items related to the mobile technology market - primarily mobile gadget models.

We don’t have to bother with independent calculations - the site itself determines how many positions in a particular section. The system, in particular, clarifies that the catalog contains 575 smartphone models.

Tablets were found in the " Computers " section in the amount of 97 models. In total, 672 positions are obtained - and this is not counting smart watches , DECT-telephony devices, accessories.

Thus, the myth of a small assortment of mobile equipment on is debunked . Yes, the store does not focus on selling exclusively digital goods (and does not even put them a priority), but at the same time there are more smartphone models in its catalog than, say, in the Euroset catalog - a clearly more highly specialized store.

Ozone Prices

Pricing policy is considered one of the few shortcomings of - it is believed that prices in this store are higher than most competitors in the online market. Whether this opinion is correct, we will try to find out by comparing the prices of popular gadgets on, from another market leader, Svyaznoy, and Yandex.Market (we will take the average price).

» The Messenger

"Yandex Market"

7 Plus 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB

51 490



Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8



45 677

Redmi Note 4 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

12 590


11 100

SE iPhone SE




P10 Lite Huawei P10 Lite

15 989


14 590

According to the results of the price analysis, it becomes clear that in Svyaznoy and on smartphones cost about the same. Some gadgets (for example, manufactured by Xiaomi ) are even more profitable to purchase on Ozone. Average prices for Yandex.Market are lower than those of large retailers, but this is quite a standard situation.

Thus, another myth about is debunked - not at all expensive here ! Say, the new marketplace from M. Video adheres to a less customer- oriented pricing policy. You can certainly buy gadgets cheaper - but in such online stores, which are still incredibly far from the reputation and authority of Ozone. Collaboration with such sellers is a risk.

Available payment methods

The bloggers of the resource counted on as many as 20 possible payment methods. The order from the store will be able to pay:

  • In cash - to the courier or at the pick-up point.
  • By credit card - also upon receipt or online at registration.
  • Via Apple Pay - the current option for iPhone owners.
  • Electronic money - cooperates with the payment systems WebMoney, Qiwi and Yandex.Money.
  • Through the PayPal service (a rarity for Russian online stores).
  • Bank transfer is strange if someone still uses this method, because the bank takes a commission.
  • On credit - Tinkoff acts as a lender.

Do not forget that takes part in the mass of bonus programs. You can partially pay for a purchase, say, with “Thank you from Sberbank” bonuses.

Goods delivery

Delivery cost directly depends on the cost of the order. If the product has a price above 3,500 rubles, the courier will bring it to anywhere in Moscow for free. A buyer from the province will have to collect goods worth more than 10,000 rubles so that the package will be delivered free of charge. In the regions, the most reasonable option is pickup from the distribution point - in this case, you will pay "at a minimum", only 169 rubles.

Shipment at own expense is also beneficial in Moscow - if the price of the ordered goods does not reach 3,500 rubles. The client can pick up the parcel at one of the official Ozon distribution points (in the capital there are more than 500), at the partner point, at the Russian Post office, or from PickPoint. offers a “fast” delivery service. If you order the goods until 12 noon, you will be able to receive it on the same day. Expedited shipping costs 499 rubles, but with an order amount exceeding 3,500 rubles, in Moscow this service can be used free of charge.


In the reviews, the majority of customers noted one (obviously, the main) drawback of the store - the seller does not give buyers the opportunity to receive inexpensive goods for free . Customers rightly indignant, not understanding what they have to pay for pickup. On forums, opinions are regularly expressed that the cost of delivery with is very high and that it clearly does not correspond to the quality of the work of couriers.

Here is a typical tip taken from

It is worth noting that the buyer is satisfied with the cooperation with the seller as a whole , however, due to the fact that he had to spend heavily on delivery, he estimates the store not by 5 stars, but only by 4.

There are more positive reviews about at and at Yandex.Market than about any other online store. Buyers who are expressed in a negative way are usually dissatisfied with subjective things - for example, that they think that the seller without any particular rush and haste makes a refund. However, if a store is happy to distribute money from the cash desk, it is not clear why it exists at all.


The list of advantages of includes the following:

  • Convenient and informative site.
  • A huge number of ways to pay for goods - the store works with electronic money , and therefore is in an unconditional “favor” with those who do not want to withdraw WMR from the WebMoney wallet, while paying a harsh commission.
  • Participation in many bonus programs.
  • A fairly wide range of mobile equipment - especially when you consider that books are a priority item for a seller.

Now let's talk about the disadvantages of

  • The limit on the amount of the order for free delivery is quite high. If a resident of the capital is enough to take goods for 3,500 rubles to use the services of couriers free of charge, then the provincials have to order as much as 10 thousand rubles.
  • Prices cannot be called low; they are above average at Yandex.Market - albeit not by much.

According to the results of the check, it became clear how he manages to stay among the leaders of the online market for so long. Compared to other domestic online stores, this one looks like an expensive boutique next to basement purchases and flea markets. Turning to, customers can be sure that they will be provided with services of exceptionally high quality - and they are ready to overpay for such confidence. And who will say that this is unfair?

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