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How to make an iPhone from Android?

Everyone knows that the iPhone has its own operating system, which can only be found in portable Apple products. Its interface is quite different from Android. However, if you really want to make an iPhone from Android, you can still. Of course, the appearance of the device itself will not change from this - an apple on its back panel will not appear, but the design of the operating system will begin to resemble iOS, and this is a lot.


Using Launchers

The global difference between iOS and Android lies in the menu of the operating system. Apple devices and other manufacturers display different numbers of icons. Yes, and the programs themselves have a seemingly different label. If you decide to make Android look like an iPhone, then this is what you need to fix first.

The easiest way is to change the appearance of the operating system using the launcher. Google Play has a large number of such applications. Basically, they offer a unique menu style, unlike anything in appearance. But there are also such launchers that copy Apple’s achievements.

Attention: the copyright holder regularly complains about such creations of third-party developers. Therefore, they do not last long on Google Play.

We have already talked about some of these launchers on the pages of our site. For example, a kind of long-liver is iLauncher - OS 9 . The creators of this application regularly update it as soon as a new version of iOS is released. The program is able to work on smartphones with the operating system Android 4.1 and higher.

The launcher does not make any major changes, and therefore he does not require special resources. It just changes the icons of standard utilities. Shortcuts to third-party applications are placed in bright colored squares with rounded corners. The launcher also eliminates the menu - from now on, all the icons are located on the desktops.

Something similar, but already in an expanded form, offers OS9 Launcher HD , also called smart and simple by its developers. This launcher also changes the appearance of all standard and some additional applications. But along the way, some other useful innovations borrowed from iOS are also being introduced. For example, if there is any news in a particular program, their number will be displayed on the label. And here is an analogue of 3D Touch! But this function is called not by pressing intensely (there is no pressure sensor in Android smartphones), but by a double tap on the icon of any of the standard applications.

Only the presence of advertising spoils the impression of the launcher. It is located in a separate desktop, where theoretically you can not even look. Here, the developers sent a Google search string.

You can also recommend CleanUI launcher for installation. Its main difference is that the icons are larger. As a result, the screen does not display the largest number of them. The application not only eliminates the menu, but also changes the notification panel, while the two previous launchers did not really know how to do this. The rest of the functionality repeats the two solutions discussed above - here you can also block the display of any icons. But there is no analogue of 3D Touch here. But you should not regret it, because this function is applicable only to standard applications, and even then not to all.

Interestingly, CleanUI also has a separate desktop. But there is no advertising on it - there is only a search bar. It helps to search for contacts, Internet pages in the "History" and other information.

Lock Screen Replacement

Launchers only partially help make Android an iPhone. Their problem is that they are not able to change the lock screen. This is done by individual applications - such as OS8 Lock Screen . When you run this utility, you are in the settings window. The interface is used in English, but even without special knowledge, many points do not raise any questions. For example, it’s immediately clear that the application allows you to put any image on the lock screen, set a password, and also enter some text.

As for the appearance of the lock screen, in this regard it looks like its counterpart from iOS 8. It works very quickly, you can unlock the device if you wish, almost in a split second. You can also go to the Camera application without any unlocking. In a word, the application doesn’t provide anything unusual, it just makes the smartphone a little more similar to the iPhone.

Notification bar

Not all launchers are able to correctly replace the notification panel. Therefore, you should definitely install iNoty Style OS 9 (the link has been deleted, because there have been complaints of malicious content). As you might guess, it brings to the system the traditional status bar present in iOS 9. After installing the utility, you will be taken to a relatively small menu. Here you need to enable iNoty, after which you can enjoy a full status bar.

This is not to say that the solution turned out to be functional. But it makes you think that you are using an Apple product. There are differences from the original status bar, but they are minimal.

And in the application menu, you can enable the function panel. It will stretch if you click on the small blue bar located at the bottom of the screen. In this panel, there are buttons that open the camera and calculator, as well as buttons to turn off the device and use the flashlight. And here there are buttons for wireless interfaces and a slider for the brightness level. Unfortunately, the same blue bar spoils everything - this element is displayed both in the menu and in many applications. Fast enough, the strip begins to annoy.

If you don’t like such an implementation of a control point, then you can try separately installing the Control Panel application - Smart Toggle .

Change the keyboard and camera

Gradually, we changed the main interface of the operating system. There was a real trifle - a keyboard. With its help, we constantly type text in a browser, messenger and other programs. Therefore, it is logical that this element should also be replaced. You can do this by installing the Apple Keyboard . This is a virtual keyboard, very similar to the one used in recent versions of iOS.

Unfortunately, the keyboard is devoid of the Russian >GEAK Camera . By tradition, this utility can not only take pictures, but also apply various filters to the pictures.

But this is not the only option. If you want to get acquainted with other similar applications, then read our material under the title " Cameras for Android with an interface, like an iPhone . "


Having completed all the steps indicated in this manual, you can get a device whose interface is very similar to the one that is present in iPhones. But you need to understand that you will not get real iOS. Yes, and all this will not work very quickly - after all, all installed utilities abundantly consume processor power and a certain amount of RAM. Therefore, be sure that quickly enough you will be disappointed in your venture, returning to the usual interface of the Android operating system. After all, it works much more stable, and in terms of functionality, it pleases more.