Samsung Galaxy S11 will receive a 108-megapixel camera with 10x optical zoom

The first rumors about the future flagship Samsung Galaxy S11 appeared on the web. The device should not wait until the spring of 2020, but now rumors are telling him a fresh and decent camera.

According to new data, the top-end Galaxy S11 will be equipped with a new module of 108 megapixels produced by Xiaomi and Samsung . This will allow the flagship to take pictures in a resolution of 12,032 by 9024 pixels. There will also be a 4-in-1 technology, thanks to which pixels are added up to four in one and an incredible quality image is obtained, but with a resolution of 27 megapixels and with a double optical zoom. At the same time, the main module of the Samsung Galaxy S11 will receive 10x optical zoom. How many total cameras will be in the main camera of the future flagship is not yet known, but hardly less than three.

And the first smartphone with the same camera with 108 megapixels should be Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Its presentation is expected until the end of autumn.