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Endoscope for smartphone

Any person was faced with the need to consider a breakdown in an inaccessible place or to get a small object that rolled under the furniture. For these purposes, you have to resort to all kinds of tricks in order to highlight this place and find what you are looking for. An excellent assistant in this situation will be an endoscope for a smartphone.

Quite often the word “endoscope” evokes strong associations with medical procedures, but today this simple device has entered the life of ordinary people and helps for a variety of purposes. An endoscope is a USB camera for a smartphone, which will allow you to examine places where you can’t just look into it, for example, in a car engine, draining a sink, split system or under a cabinet. For these purposes, the device has everything you need - a flexible hose, backlight and moisture protection. Many models are equipped with nozzles, which, if necessary, will allow you to pick up a lost item and get it.

What you need to know about choosing

Buying an endoscope for a smartphone with Aliexpress is very simple today. However, not every model is suitable for user tasks. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, it is worth considering a number of points:

  • Connection type - there are models with connection via USB connector (the smartphone must support OTG function) or via Wi-Fi.
  • Resolution - if the camera is needed to inspect the mechanisms for damage, then a quality picture is a must. Today you can buy inexpensive devices with a resolution of 640 * 480, but as practice shows, there is little real benefit from them. Recommended resolution - at least 1280 * 720.
  • The viewing angle - the higher it is, the more space the camera can capture, which means it will be easier to use.
  • Length - options with a length of one meter or more are on sale. Choosing the optimal length depends on your needs.
  • Diameter of the camera - when choosing, you should be guided by what exactly you have to examine with its help and whether it can penetrate into the smallest openings.
  • Adjusting the brightness of the backlight is a prerequisite for a flexible camera to have a backlight, but it will not be superfluous if its brightness can be adjusted.
  • Availability of moisture protection - if the device is planned to be used for inspection of sewer drains and similar places, then the housing must be protected from water.
  • Compatibility - modern USB cameras can work not only with Android devices, but also connect to Windows or iOS. When choosing, it is worth clarifying what operating systems an endoscope can work with.
  • Options - the presence of a magnetic head or hook will not only allow you to see where the lost item has rolled, but also to extract it.

How to connect

A camera endoscope for a smartphone is a fairly simple device. It is a flexible hose with a camera on one end and a USB plug on the other. Some models come with a microUSB or Type-C adapter immediately, which simplifies the connection with a smartphone.

To connect the camera, do the following:

  1. Insert the camera plug into the USB connector of a smartphone or laptop. Use an OTG adapter if necessary.
  2. Install the camera app. The instructions usually have a QR code or a download link.

Wi-Fi cameras are connected even easier - on the control unit you need to turn on the network, after which it will be displayed in the application for working with the camera on a smartphone. As a rule, a password for connection is not provided here - just make a pairing.

The best wired endoscopes

Fuers AN98A

  • Chamber Diameter: 5.5mm, 7mm
  • Resolution: 640 * 480
  • Focus: from 4 cm
  • Viewing angle: 66 degrees
  • Waterproof: IP67

Price: from 300 rub.

Despite the inexpensive price tag, this smartphone endoscope is very popular among users. It plugs into a microUSB connector, is compatible with a large number of Android models (there are also limitations - it is worth checking before buying) and is able to work with laptops on Windows. To work, you need to install a proprietary application. The device provides for backlight control, cable length - from 1 to 2 meters. The kit includes a hook, a spiral and a mirror nozzle.


3 in 1 USB Endoscope Camera

  • Chamber Diameter: 8mm
  • Resolution: 640 * 480, 1280 * 720, 1280 * 960
  • Focus: 3-5 cm
  • Viewing angle: 60 degrees
  • Waterproof: IP67

Price: from 1 050 rub.

Inexpensive USB camera comes with an adapter from USB to microUSB and Type-C, which allows you to connect it to any Android smartphones and laptops with Windows or MacOS. The device is sold with a cable length of 1 to 10 meters, has a good picture quality and does not cause difficulties when connecting. The model has a bright backlight with 8 LEDs and has a brightness adjustment. The kit includes a hook, a magnet and a mirror for side view, which compensates for the small viewing angle.


Best Wi-Fi Endoscopes

DDCAMERA Dual Lens Wireless Inspection Camera

  • Chamber Diameter: 8mm
  • Resolution: 640 * 480, 1280 * 720
  • Focus: 3-8 cm
  • Viewing angle: 90 degrees
  • Waterproof: IP67

Price: from 2 300 rub.

This wireless model received two cameras at once. One is located on the tip, and the second on the side - this provides greater image capture. Both modules received backlight with adjustable brightness. The device is connected via Wi-Fi and is compatible with the operating systems iOS, Android, Windows. There are options for sale with cable lengths from 1 to 5 meters. Battery life - 1.5 hours. Range of connection - no more than 15 meters. Three nozzles are included: magnet, hook, mirror for side view.



  • Chamber Diameter: 5.5mm, 8mm
  • Resolution: 1920 * 1080
  • Focus: from 5 cm
  • Viewing angle: 70 degrees
  • Waterproof: IP67

Price: from 1 900 rub.

The best endoscope in the ranking is a model with a wireless connection, which allows you to synchronize it with devices on Android, iOS and Windows. It is characterized by high image quality, it connects without difficulty - users note that there are no problems with any system. The camera is available in cable options from 3.5 to 10 meters. Battery life is 90 minutes. Includes protective cap, hook, magnet and mirror for side view.